Next Level

Fantasy Cruncher has built the tools to give you everything you need to advance to the next level.

Research & Learn

Gain full access to Lineup Study, our new platform to research and learn about your opponents. Analyze how the top players are building their lineups to take your game to the next level.

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It all started with an idea from Manny Lora who understood that in order to beat the best, you need to know what the best are doing. From that idea and a ton of hard work we have developed what we feel is the best platform for analyzing and disecting all of the latest trends and strategies top pros are using. You will be able to see exactly how pros are constructing their lineups so you can implement similar strategies in your own DFS lineups.

This is version 2.0 of the Lineup Study platform and it has come along way from excel spreadsheets. This platform will continue to evolve with feedback from all of our users and will support Draftkings initially with plans to add the other major DFS sites as well. There really is no equal product on the market today, so stop guessing and start learning.

Be more efficient

Use FC PRO only additions to get the maximum return on your time.

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We want to make you as efficient as humanly possible, and will be releasing additional features that previosuly were not available to the public as well as new addons as they are developed. These features are really geared towards the high volume players who depend on FC and want to squeeze the maximum functionality from the platform.

New addons will include the ability to auto create groups based on rules templates so you can make and test groups with ease. No longer will you need to click 1000 times to back test if 4 player NFL stacks out perform 3 player stacks.

Exclusively to FC PRO, we will be adding in the capability to see exactly how your lineups would have performed in a selected contest in Lineup Rewind, including, how much money they would have won. No more sorting, counting cashing lineups, and guessing the total ROI.

Account for projection deviations

Use Advanced randomness for players fantasy point projections to simulate real world performance.

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Adding randomness to players projections in Lineup Cruncher is a great way to diversify outcomes, however, we realized that the current way this is applied could be greatly improved upon. Working closely with some of our closest math wiz friends, we developed new ways to handle these variations in player performance using the players standard deviations and normal or log normal distribution to adjust projections.

These projections have proven to be more consistent with actual results while still producing diverse lineups. We will be adding advanced randomness into our team stacks functions in the future and will realease that for FC PRO users as soon as its complete.

Fantasy Cruncher can be added onto an existing Premium Membership from your user profile LETS GO