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Looking to make a better nba fanduel lineup? Look no further. We offer the best optimization software in the industry. Fantasy Cruncher takes into account the salary cap, player positions, projected points, and creates the highest scoring lineup on the information available. Fantasy Cruncher was made by daily fantasy sports players, for daily fantasy sports players.

Why Use Fantasy Cruncher?

  • Save Time

    Fantasy Cruncher doesn’t remove the fun of creating your lineup, it speeds up the process to create the most optimal lineup. How many lineups could you create in ten minutes? One? Five? Ten? Fantasy Cruncher can create 50 totally unique lineups in under one minute. Create more lineups, save more time.

  • Expert Projections

    For our optimizer to work, you need projections. Luckily we supply those for you in the form of our expert daily fantasy projections, created by our very own pool of professional players. Each sport (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB) has player projections created by one of our experts. This gives you an excellent base to create your lineups from.

Here's what some of our users have to say

What are daily fantasy sports, and how are they different from regular fantasy sports?

If you haven’t yet tried out daily fantasy sports (maybe you don’t know how it works or aren’t sure about it), let us explain the differences between daily fantasy sports (DFS) and regular fantasy sports / leagues.

In regular fantasy sports you’ll have a draft that usually requires rounding up your friends, a set draft position you may not be happy with, and lots of research. These games are still lots of fun, but I think anyone would agree that it stinks when your star quarterback gets hurt or your top picks end up being busts, leaving you left with a very long - and very painful - season.

In daily fantasy sports each player is given a salary price, and you are given a salary cap you must stay under. Your goal is to create the best team possible that fits under the salary cap. You can draft anyone you want, there is no draft order or waiting for other people to make picks. Players can be on anyones team, or everyones team, your lineup is whatever you want it to be and not dependant on other people’s lineups. Daily fantasy sports takes the most fun part of fantasy sports - the draft - and lets you do it every day. Chances are if you like fantasy sports, you’ll like daily fantasy sports. Give it a try!

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