DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCS) – January 14, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCS) – January 14, 2022

100 Thieves (100) v.s. Team SoloMid Academy (TSM) (5:30 PM EST) (-525 100)

The strongest team in last season’s championship in 100 now face off with a TSM team playing a lock-in game. 100 was able to finish more efficiently across the majority of the categories (compared to the main TSM squad) last season except for the first-blood rate and lane control.  Therefore, TSM Academy will have a lot to do to prove their worth. Takeover is the most efficient slayer for TSM and finished last season with a 3.48 KDA. However, it will be a tough task for Takeover with Abbedagge of 100 being one of the higher kill-participators for 100. Therefore, TSM may find themselves struggling against a 100 team that was the most efficient team slaying wise last season.

Cloud9 (C9) v.s. Golden Guardians (GG) (6:30 PM EST) (-488 C9)

C9 came up just short last season as the second-best team and will face off with a team in GG that was winless last championship. GG also had the worst middle-lane rating in the league with a -38 rating. This bodes well for Fudge who performed well at the top position last season but is now playing the mid-lane and coming off a 4.8 KDA season. GG unfortunately, did not finish the season strong slaying-wise and their most efficient slayer was Ablazeolive in the mid-lane position so they could be in some trouble. In other words, if Fudge is able to have his way things can get ugly early for GG.

FlyQuest (FLY) v.s. Team SoloMid Academy (TSM) (7:30 PM EST) (-155 FLY)

TSM’s chances of success becomes more attainable in a lesser skilled FLY squad this matchup However, their addition of toucouille at the mid-lane position will make things difficult for Takeover once again. Toucouille is a stronger slayer at the mid-lane position than Takeover’s previous matchup with a 4.11 KDA last season. This should be TSM’s main priority if they want a chance at winning. However, the battles (slaying-wise) should not be as difficult as 100T’s.

100 Thieves (100) v.s. Golden Guardians (GG) (8:30 PM EST) (-600 100)

100T may have gotten the best two matchups they could get on the slate against a lock-in team and the

worst team from last season in GG. GG’s lane control is the only thing in range of 100T’s (48.6% to 49.2%) but that middle-lane finish from last season will continue to be a problem. Although, 100T were not the best in that regard Abbedagge has the best chance of thriving at this position on the slate since he is Abbedagge’s second highest kill-participator. Since GG’s top slayer is at the same position from last season it may be difficult for them to pull off the upset.

Cloud9 (C9) v.s. FlyQuest (FLY) (9:30 PM EST) (-256 C9)

C9 may have a good chance of slowing down FLY’s momentum (if they end up defeating the TSM lock-in squad as they should). C9 also has multiple players that can slay at the capacity toucouille potentially can in this matchup. Blaber and Fudge have KDA’s north of 4 which will help to counter toucoille. C9 also finished as the strongest mid-lane team with an 18.0 rating which was FLY’s best chance of giving C9 competition. Therefore, if toucouille ends up getting shut down FLY’s more than likely going to get dominated.

(11.4k / 33.075)
(6.6k / 20.80)
(7.2k / 22.73)
(7.6k / 22.05)
(7.8k / 24.31)
(5.6k / 16.85)
100 Thieves
(5.4k / 20.39)
(11.1k / 29.940)
(7k / 27.41)
(7.4k / 19.96)
(6.8k / 21.19)
(6.2k / 12.34)
(6.8k / 14.81)
(7.4k / 29.06)
(5.4k / 10.74)
(5k / 16.88)

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