DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (Worlds) – October 16, 2021

DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (Worlds) – October 16, 2021

Detonation FocusMe (DFM) v.s. EDward Gaming (EDG) (7:00 AM EST) (-763 EDG)

DFM have been going through a rough patch and are trying to overcome a three-game losing streak. Unfortunately, they now face the most efficient team in slaying in EDG (team overall 2.78 K/D). DFM has become the least efficient team in slaying which can cause a problem for them going forward. This gives Viper the perfect opportunity to dominate as the main bot-laner and 32 KDA. With EDG having the lane control advantage (51.4% versus 48.4%) there’s a good chance for EDG to start the slate off strong and continue their winning streak.

100 Thieves (100T) v.s. T1 Esports (T1) (7:55 AM EST) (8:00 AM EST) (-318 T1)

100T is also another team that’s been struggling in the slaying category and are at a disadvantage with a team overall 0.65 K/D against a T1 squad that’s currently at a 2.05 team overall K/D. What should be scary for 100T is that T1’s main support player in Keria is the most involved in kills at 69.8%. In addition, Gumyasi will complement him as the next most efficient slayer with a 9.5 KDA. With T1 having a 67% first-blood rate compared to 100T’s 33% there’s more than likely going to be a result of 100T getting dominated.

T1 Esports (T1) v.s. EDward Gaming (8:50 AM EST) (-145 EDG)

Both teams may enter this matchup with a win to start the slate and the EDG slaying advantage and objective may be too much for T1 to continue their potential win-sreak. Having one of the strongest middle lanes in the game at 41.8 compared to T1’s -6.1 should also help carry EDG to victory. This would setup Scout to perform well as the main mid-laner for EDG and second highest kill-contributor at 72%. Canna does have the highest cspm for T1 at 9.3 which would help his team killing the minions/monsters but even then it might not be enough for Canna and his T1 squad to win objectively.

Detonation FocusMe (DFM) v.s. 100 Thieves (100T) (9:45 AM EST) (-265 100T)

This may end up being one of the more balanced games this slate as both teams may be looking to recover after losses. DFM also has one of the worst middle lane ratings in the game at -27.6 which would be an advantage for 100T finally although theirs isn’t that great at -8.1. However, Abbedagge is slightly more efficient in slaying with a 1.8 KDA as the mid-laner for 100T compared to the mid-laner of DFM, Aria (1.7 KDA) which should give 100T enough edge to win in that lane specifically. The early-game rating for 100T also should allow them to get the early lead (41.5) versus DFM’s 27.6 unless DFM somehow fixes their biggest flaw which is their middle-lane at the moment.

Detonation FocusMe (DFM) v.s. T1 Esports (T1) (10:45 AM EST) (-600 T1)

DFM may end up not getting any luckier in this matchup from their previous since T1 is a better team than 100T at the moment. With DFM already struggling slaying wise at the bottom of the standings with a 0.30 and now have to face T1 who has a 2.05 team overall K/D. Another potential match for Gumayusi/Keria to thrive at the bot-lane and support roles since they are both the most efficient slaying at the moment. However, Keria may end up doing the most damage since he has the highest kill-participation at 69.8% which should lead to him causing the most havoc against DFM. DFM hasn’t performed the same since play-ins and may end up struggling this whole slate.

Edward Gaming (EDG) v.s. 100 Thieves (100T) (11:35 AM EST) (-315 EDG)

EDG is arguably the most dominant team on this slate and the fact that Flandre has the highest 9.4 cspm (minions/monsters killed) should make getting the objective even easier for EDG. EDG’s 80% dragon rate compared to 100T’s 40% shows the possibility of that happening. The jungle rating has a drastic gap in favor of EDG as well with a 62.3% rate versus 100T’s 47.3% which goes hand in hand with the minons/monsters getting killed for Flandre. That being said 100T may end up having a difficult time countering EDG’s slaying while trying to fulfill the objective.

(11.7k / 113.940)
(6.6k / 56.07)
(7.2k / 64.16)
(7.6k / 74.00)
(7.8k / 75.96)
(5.6k / 54.36)
EDward Gaming
(5.2k / 51.06)
(11.4k / 111.000)
(6.4k / 56.93)
(5.4k / 51.30)
(5k / 54.54)
(6.8k / 61.61)
(7.4k / 76.80)
(7k / 42.84)

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