Daily MLB DFS Stacking Strategies for FanDuel & DraftKings – October 3, 2021 (10/3/21)

MLB DFS: Breaking down the top daily fantasy baseball hitters and team stacks on FanDuel & DraftKings for October 3, 2021

Digging into today’s MLB DFS slate to highlight your best bats to stack.

This article will cover two to three teams that we think are the most stackable for MLB contests. If you are newer to DFS or MLB or want a general refresher on the impact of stacking in MLB, check out our research done this off-season, where we analyzed over 2,000,000 lineups to determine how many times a team of four or five hitters stacked from the same team won contests. In brief, 80.3% of winning lineups across 71 Main Slate tournaments (from 2020) had a stack of at least four players. 71.9% of that 80.3% had a stack of five players. Stacking is the main strategy to focus on when it comes to MLB. Therefore we will be approaching our hitter’s content from a stacking perspective.

Cardinals (vs. Cubs)

It’s the end of the regular season for MLB, and we have a 15 game slate on Draftkings and Fanduel; note: the slate locks at 3:05 pm EST this afternoon. The Cardinals take on the Cubs in a matchup vs. Alec Mills. Over his last five starts, Mills has allowed 23 hits, 7 earned runs, and seven home runs with a 7.82 ERA across 25.1 innings pitched. Mills is in the bottom 10th  percentile in K%, the bottom 25th percentile in xSLG, the bottom 7th percentile in Fast Ball Velocity, and the bottom 25th percentile in xERA. The Cards are relatively expensive on Draftkings, and a full-stack should be somewhat contrarian and a good move for tournaments.

Cardinals vs. Alec Mills

Tommy Edman
(5.4k / 11.83)
(3.2k / 15.42)
Nolan Arenado
(5.5k / 12.79)
(3.8k / 16.68)
Tyler O'Neill
(5.9k / 12.93)
(3.5k / 16.86)
Alec Mills
(6.3k / 7.90)
(6.6k / 14.08)
Yadier Molina
(3.2k / 6.08)
(2.4k / 7.93)
Paul Goldschmidt
(4.8k / 12.24)
(4.1k / 15.96)
Edmundo Sosa
(3.4k / 5.54)
(2.7k / 7.22)
Dylan Carlson
(4.1k / 9.16)
(3.3k / 11.94)
Harrison Bader
(3.1k / 5.11)
(3.2k / 6.67)

Reds (@ Pirates)

The Reds are on the road in a matchup vs. the Pirates and Mitch Keller. Over his last five starts, Keller has allowed 36 hits, 14 runs with a 4.91 ERA across 25.2 innings pitched. Keller is in the bottom 21st percentile in K%, the bottom 2nd percentile in Hard Hit%, the bottom 10th percentile in Whiff%, and the bottom 7th percentile in xWOBA. On the season, Keller has a 1.37 HR/9, 32.7% FB%, and a 16.7 HR/FB rate vs. RHB.

Reds vs. Mitch Keller

Joey Votto
(5.3k / 14.41)
(4.3k / 18.78)
Jonathan India
(5.3k / 13.66)
(3.8k / 17.81)
Nick Castellanos
(5.3k / 14.56)
(4.4k / 18.98)
Mitch Keller
(6.4k / 8.64)
(7.2k / 15.40)
Tucker Barnhart
(3.3k / 0.65)
(2.2k / 0.85)
Eugenio Suarez
(3.9k / 9.72)
(3.3k / 12.68)
Max Schrock
(2.6k / 7.20)
(2.2k / 9.39)
Jose Barrero
(2.1k / 4.06)
(2k / 5.29)
TJ Friedl
(2.1k / 3.72)
(2.1k / 4.85)

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By Dustin Shook

Dustin is an experienced DFS player who has had success across multiple sports and platforms. Dustin is a GPP specialist focusing on game theory and data analytics. When he's not grinding daily fantasy sports contests, Dustin enjoys R programming and hanging out with his son. He can be found on twitter @dshook420