DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (EUM) – September 07, 2021

DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (EUM) – September 07, 2021

Misfits Premier (MSFP) v.s. UCAM Esports Club (UCAM) (10:30 AM EST) (-248 MSRP)

MSFP is the only undefeated team left in the event and now face the second-best team in their group in UCAM. The opportunity is here for UCAM to take advantage with their team overall K/D being 2.4 while MSFP’s is at 2. However, the gold-differential (+323) is heavily in favor of MSFP compared to +71 by UCAM which should make the match close. Agressivoo was the main factor of slaying and gold acquired in the previous matchup that MSFP won 1-0, but sadly for UCAM Agressivoo is currently the second most efficient player at the top-position which could be trouble for them. Dreedy also averages less damage at the position which puts more pressure on UCAM if they’re unable to control the top lane.

Anorthosis Famagusta (ANO) v.s. AGO ROGUE (RGO) (11:15 AM EST) (-260 RGO)

ANO find themselves in a tough position to get their first win and are at a disadvantage objectively (dragons/game- 33.3%), while RGO averages 37.8%. The objective was ANO’s arguably best chance of redeeming themselves this event, but since they’re at a disadvantage slaying wise/objectively this may get ugly quickly for ANO. Last matchup JaxPlank of ANO was the only one able to stay leveled in kills with his opponents, but is at quite the gap KD wise against his opposing top-laner in Sinmivak (3.4 KDA v.s. 1.3) so this time around may be more of a struggle for ANO. Also, ANO lost a good amount in the gold-acquired category last match as well against RGO and currently are on pace to do similar in that regard. Chres of RGO also is long away from slaying (4.4 KDA) compared to his opponents in ANO opponents so ANO is in even more of a tougher situation.

AGO ROGUE (RGO) v.s. UCAM Esports Club (UCAM) (12:00 PM EST) (-125 UCAM)

With RGO more than likely getting out an easier first leg of their back-to-back they’d face UCAM who has defeated them before 1-0 in a series. A big reason why RGO lost was the fact they had three players with zero kills which is unacceptable if they’d like to win. Also, UCAM has a higher team-overall KD at the moment with 2.4 versus AGO’s 1 which does not bode well for AGO. Rafitta of UCAM on the other hand, should have more competition this time in the attack-damage carry role against the most efficient slayer in this matchup Lucker (9 KDA). The tricky part is that Rafitta is averaging more gold per game (23.9%) over Lucker’s 23.5% which could be just enough for UCAM to squeeze out the repeat win if repeated.

Misfits Premeir (MSFP) v.s. Anorthosis Famagusta (ANO) (12:45 PM EST)

MSFP may continue to make winning difficult for teams especially against ANO they defeated in the last faceoff these two had. The first blood rate is heavily in favor of MSFP as well (100% versus 66.7% from ANO) which will more than likely give MSFP a lot of momentum. There is also a drastic gap in team K/D with MSFP having the edge at 2 compared to ANO’s 0.6 so chances are slim ANO can win in that aspect. Shlatan has a ridiculously high KDA of 13.3 that no one on ANO is near especially in the jungle lane. In addition, if the support player of MSFP has the highest kill-participation that goes to show how capable he is of outslaying his opponents in other roles. J0J0C was the closest to slaying efficiently for ANO in the previous matchup but was out-slain by second most efficient slayer currently for MSFP in Sertuss at the mid-lane position so things may end up trending towards that direction again.

UCAM Esports Club (UCAM) v.s. Anorthosis Famagusta (ANO) (1:30 PM EST)

ANO continues to get unlucky for this second leg of their back-to-back as they face the second-best team in the group in UCAM. The kills were neck and neck last time though with UCAM becoming victorious so this time it may come down to objective. Unfortunately, ANO does not have as much dragons killed per game (33.3%) compared to UCAM’s (45.1%) so that may be tough to accomplish. ANO would have to capitalize off the fact they have a higher first blood rate (that may lessen as the slate goes on), but as of now higher than UCAM’s (66.7% versus 33.3%). Therefore, Dom1nant who was top slayer last time for his ANO squad would have to repeat if not outperform his last game in order to give his team a chance. However, everyone else would need to step up because as shown from the previous matchup his slaying alone wasn’t enough to get the win.

Misfits Premier (MSFP) v.s. AGO ROGUE (RGO) (2:15 PM EST)

MSFP may end this slate strong and prevent RGO’s chances to advance out this event especially after defeating them in their previous match 1-0. The team average damage may give RGO so trouble this time as well with MSFP­ averaging 2370 and AGO averaging 1796. Agresivoo and Woolite are currently the highest damage dealers for MSRP so they’re more than likely to be the biggest problem for RGO. The gold-differential is in the negative for RGO though, while MSFP is in the positive which may make this a quicker win for MSFP. The only advantage RGO has is in the ADC (attack-damage carry) lane but Lucker will need just a little more help to get his team past MSFP. The kills last match was close (12-8) in favor of MSFP so there shouldn’t be surprise if this time it goes down to the wire.

(10.8k / 59.625)
(6.6k / 31.83)
(7.2k / 34.72)
(7.4k / 35.69)
(7.6k / 36.65)
(5.8k / 27.97)
Misfits Premier
(5.2k / 16.36)
(10.8k / 52.080)
(7k / 22.19)
(7.4k / 23.46)
(9.9k / 47.745)
(6.2k / 15.40)
(7k / 37.49)
(7.2k / 39.75)
(5.4k / 13.41)
AGO Rogue
(4.6k / 13.44)
(6.4k / 16.67)

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