DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (EUM) – September 05, 2021

DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (EUM) – September 05, 2021

Tricked Esport (TRC) v.s. Movistar Riders (MRS) (10:30 AM EST) (-300 MRS)

MRS enter this match as one of the two only undefeated teams left in this event and now face one of the teams in the bottom half of the standings in TRC. MRS have already defeated TRC in their past matchup which bodes well for them in this rematch. Venzer was a standout for his MRS squad with a +7 kill-death differential at the ADC (attack-damage carry) position, and unfortunately for TRC he’s the fourth most efficient slayer on his team. The rest of the MRS also racked up assists as a whole which may have made the killing easier for them as a result. Marky and Maxlore are also the most dominant slayers on the MRS at the moment with 11 and 10 KDA’s at the top and jungle positions, which no one of TRC has anywhere close to. With the first-blood rates being tied at 67% for both teams, TRC’s best bet is to get an early lead and build from there.

Team PDW (PDW) v.s. PENTA 1860 (PTA) (11:15 AM EST) (-133 PDW)

PTA have yet to get a win so far this event and it doesn’t get any easier for them as they face PDW who defeated them last match they faced off and mainly by one player in Color in the top lane but assisted heavily by Czajek in the middle lane (12 assists). PTA also has the worst mid-lane rating out of anyone is this event (-39) which may make the chance of them being dominated by Czajek’s damage again likely. Phantomles has also been the most relied upon mid-laner and player for PTA so they may end up losing pretty badly here, especially if Color repeats anywhere close to the performance he had in the previous matchup. The team overall K/D’s also support this with PTA currently having a 0.36 while PDW has a 1.85.

Team PDW (PDW) v.s. Tricked Esport (TRC) (12:00 PM EST) (-115 PDW)

With PDW most likely getting a non-stressful win in the first end of their back-to-back they’ll end up facing a slightly better team in TRC, with a 0.73 team overall-KD that may be lessened from their earlier matchup disadvantage while PDW may possibly build on their 1.85 team overall K/D. However, TRC does have one thing that benefits them in this matchup and it’s their first-blood rating (67%) being higher than PDW’s 33%. DenVoksne would have to lead the charge for TRC with the highest KDA (3.7) at the ADC position in order for TRC to have a chance. Odi11 won’t be an easy opponent in the same position as DenVoksne though and currently has a 7 KDA. Therefore, if DenVoksne ends up struggling the pressure falls on his teammate Lucky in the support role which may end up being a lot to handle while assisting his teammates mainly.

PENTA 1860 (PTA) v.s. Movistar Riders (MRS) (12:45 PM EST)

With PTA possibly starting off the slate shaky they’ll also enter a rematch against MRS in which they lost last time 1-0 (series count). Venzer gets another opportunity here to build off his dominance from the previous faceoff these teams had a +6 kill-death differential. The ADC main for PTA has been slacking in slaying as of late (0.9 KDA) which could be the opening Venzer needs to repeat his performance if not better. In addition, MRS has the lane control edge at the moment with 49.7% while PTA has 49.3% and mid-lane rating advantage of 12.3 compared to PTA’s -39. Therefore, more positive opportunities may appear for other MRS players as well which would be just enough for the most efficient slayers on the team in Marky and/or Maxlore help keep the win-streak alive against this PTA squad.

Team PDW (PDW v.s. Movistar Riders (MRS) (1:30 PM EST) (-238 MRS)

Arguably the best two teams on the slate finally face off in a rematch in which PDW lost the last matchup 0-1, but get a chance to catch MRS on a back-to-back. With the kills being balanced across the board for MRS in the last match PDW’s biggest worry should be Maxlore of MRS who was the most efficient with a +2 kill-death differential at the jungle position. Also, PDW has a jungle-rate disadvantage of 47.3% compared to MRS’ 59.7. However, the team overall K/D’s are in similar range (PDW– 1.85, MRS- 1.93) so there shouldn’t be a surprise if this match ends up going down to the wire even if Maxlore isn’t able to perform as well for MRS.

PENTA 1860 (PTA) v.s. Tricked Esport (TRC) (2:15 PM EST) (-125 TRC)

PTA may be the most-unlucky team on the slate and there wouldn’t be surprise if they still end the slate winless. Although, they face another team in TRC that’s also on the bottom half of the standings with them TRC won the last series they had 1-0. DenVoksne and Madly were the main contributors for TRC’s success in that matchup. Fortunately, TRC may be led by DenVoksne again in this matchup especially with the opponent in his same ADC position having a K/D less than 1 which may not improve from earlier games in the slate. All in all, PENTA doesn’t really have an opening they’d be able to take advantage of here and may end up getting dominated. Phatomles can only do so much at the mid-lane position for PTA and has a slightly higher KDA at 1.8 than his opposing mid-laner in Poulsen, which can cause that battle to go back and forth.

(11.4k / 24.255)
(6.6k / 14.04)
(7k / 14.89)
(7.4k / 15.75)
(7.6k / 16.17)
(5.8k / 12.34)
Movistar Riders
(5.6k / 16.19)
(10.8k / 19.530)
(6k / 18.03)
(9.9k / 21.060)
(6.4k / 11.58)
(6.6k / 19.28)
(7.2k / 21.63)
(5.4k / 16.23)
(5.2k / 10.64)
(7.2k / 13.02)
(7k / 12.66)
(6.4k / 19.23)

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