DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends (LoL) Cheat Sheet – LCS – June 6, 2021

DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends (LoL) Cheat Sheet – LCS – June 6, 2021

We called Team Liquid and Golden Guardians as keys to the slate on Saturday and while Team Liquid’s victory wasn’t all that impressive, a stack of these teams together netted you some profits with Dignitas absolutely manhandling FlyQuest. Elsewhere around the league, Cloud9, the Spring champs, were handed another loss, this times at the hands of 100 Thieves who bounced back nicely from their loss on Friday. TSM also added another win next to their name in a victory over Evil Genuises who have not looked too strong to start Summer. So coming into Sunday, we have a few interesting matchups – first, we have Cloud9 against Team Liquid. While Cloud9 has not looked great during the K1ng experiment, this is still a very strong team. I have a feeling they carry well under the normal for ownership, making them a high leverage play. That being said, the smart money should back Team Liquid here. When we break it all down, I disagree with some betting lines here, as while TSM is a sizeable favorite over Golden Guardians (rightfully so), CLG being favored over Immortals, and 100 Thieves being -160 favorites over Dignitas don’t sit right with me. Dignitas has shown early in Summer and at the end of Spring that they are a team to be taken seriously. While the ownership isn’t catching up with recent performances, Dignitas have been a key to cashes over some slates dating back into Spring. While 100 Thieves looked strong today, I think this is a great matchup for each side and I place it more near a toss-up. Since I view it as a toss-up, the smart play is to play the discounts in DFS, which is Dignitas here by a long shot as they are priced as the third cheapest team at most positions. The same can be said with Team Liquid, as they open as underdogs against Cloud9, placing them in the back half of pricing. This is not something we have seen for a while, as Team Liquid has been a top three-priced team on LCS slates for the last year. While it will take time to see how the TOP change from Alphari to Jenkins will play out, Tactical and Jensen is still one of the highest upside MID/BOT lanes in the LCS.

When it all comes down to it, I find it more comforting to back the Team Liquid/Dignitas side, rather than the Cloud9/100 Thieves side and we get a huge discount doing it. This makes lineup construction today actually pretty easy. Because you can roster some cheap guys easily, I expect people not having any issue paying up for TSM either. Even while touching on all these squads, we haven’t even got to the team I think in the best spot on this slate and that is Immortals. It has been a strong two days for this squad and a dismantling of Golden Guardians on Saturday night gives them a 2-0 on the weekend. CLG somehow is favored when these lines came out, but Immortals is looking to be a level above right now and a team to keep our eyes on. This is shaping up to be a very interesting slate.

Cheat Sheet

(11.7k / 38.430)
(13.2k / 38.430)
(7k / 23.05)
(8.8k / 23.05)
(7.4k / 31.24)
(9k / 31.24)
(7.8k / 25.62)
(8.8k / 25.62)
(8k / 23.20)
(10k / 23.20)
(6k / 15.90)
(7.9k / 15.90)
Team SoloMid
(5.8k / 19.56)
(7.9k / 19.56)
(11.1k / 46.860)
(13.5k / 46.860)
(10.2k / 28.305)
(12.45k / 28.305)
(10.5k / 28.860)
(11.25k / 28.860)
(6k / 18.25)
(8k / 18.25)
(6.4k / 13.72)
(7k / 13.72)
(6.8k / 17.22)
(7.2k / 17.22)
(7k / 19.24)
(7.5k / 19.24)
(5k / 10.78)
(7.2k / 10.78)
(4.6k / 12.86)
(7.4k / 12.86)
(5.8k / 15.65)
(7.6k / 15.65)
(6.2k / 21.61)
(7.8k / 21.61)
(6.6k / 25.44)
(9.8k / 25.44)
(6.8k / 18.87)
(8.3k / 18.87)
(4.8k / 16.89)
(6.8k / 16.89)
Team Liquid
(4.4k / 13.26)
(7.3k / 13.26)
(9.9k / 38.160)
(14.7k / 38.160)
(5.6k / 20.60)
(7.7k / 20.60)
(6k / 21.88)
(9k / 21.88)
(6.4k / 20.15)
(8.2k / 20.15)
(6.6k / 24.45)
(9.6k / 24.45)
(4.6k / 16.78)
(6.9k / 16.78)
(4.2k / 11.20)
(7.2k / 11.20)
(9.9k / 36.675)
(14.4k / 36.675)
(9.3k / 32.415)
(11.7k / 32.415)

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