NHL DFS Primer for Sunday May 23rd on DraftKings

NHL DFS Primer | Sunday, May 23rd, 2021 on DraftKings

Looking for help building line-ups for NHL DFS on DraftKings or FanDuel tonight? Let’s take a look at some of the best plays on the board for tonight’s action!

Sunday gives us another three game slate, starting at 5pm – which leaves off Carolina and Nashville for some reason (I guess they just didn’t want the contests to start at 2:30pm, which seems a little odd and inconsistent….but I digress).  We are deep into each series now – and given that teams are playing the same opponent, I’ll keep things short and sweet today.  Let’s have a look at some ways to approach building line-ups for Sunday’s action!

Colorado (-190) @ St. Louis, Total: 5.5

COL1 was quiet in game three after breaking the slate on game 1 and 2 – and they’ll be popular tonight as the Avs look to try and finish off the Blues tonight.  I think we have a chance to see them check in as the highest owned stack tonight given the struggles through two games for the Oilers – but both will be popular.  Donskoi is a great way to get a twist on COL1 through focusing on a COL 1 PP stack – and Makar is an elite bolt-on defenceman tonight.  For a value stack, I don’t mind the idea of mixing in some COL2 (Compher-Donskoi-Burakovsky).  They are dirt cheap, and while I wouldn’t expect rock bottom ownership levels, using them along with something like EDM PP1 as a combo stack has a lot of appeal to me in MME formats.  Toews and Graves are also worth keeping in your player pool on the back-end, and between the pipes Grubauer likely has the highest floor of today’s netminders.  All in all, I think it’ll be tough to approach tonight’s slate without having significant exposure to Colorado.  They have dominated this series in all facets of the game.

As for the Blues, I think you can make a case to just box them out of your slate altogether, though I recognize on a three gamer when they won’t be popular that can be a risky proposition in MME formats.  The Blues have made some big changes to their PP, going as far as playing Bozak over Tarasenko, who continues to look like a shadow of his former self.  You could sprinkle in some STL1/STL PP1 stacks if you like this spot for the Blues – but to put it bluntly – I find it hard to believe that they would be a part of a large field GPP win on today’s slate.

Boston (-115) @ Washington, Total: 5.5

Boston has a chance to finish off the Caps today as the series shifts back to Washington for Game 5.  With home ice, the last change, and an elimination game – I do like the spot here for WAS1 in this one (Ovie-Kuznetsov-Oshie).  I love when these three play together and like that they’ve been linked back up.  They also are all playing on the top PP unit (along with Backstrom and Carlson), and I wouldn’t be shocked if they were able to be one of the best lines on the slate.  Given the price points for Kuznetsov and Oshie, they are pretty affordable.  WAS2 is worth keeping in your player pool for MME formats, but I wouldn’t go nuts with exposure here.

As for Boston, they have been outstanding all series long and their top line continues to make for a great pivot off of COL1, while their second line has also been outstanding and will likely be the chalk mid priced stack on this three gamer.  They have a 65% xGoal% over the course of the season and playoffs, and posted a 69% clip last time out.  I’m pretty surprised they haven’t seen their price rise more substantially, and until they see that, they’ll probably continue to be chalk.  On the back-end for the Bruins, McAvoy has 5 points in the series and has sent 15 pucks on net, making him an elite option for the mid-high price point.  I love that they are finally letting him play on the top PP unit.

Edmonton (-115) @ Winnipeg, Total: 5.5

The Jets have been outstanding defensively on the McDavid line, and while I think you could argue that they should have way more penalties than they have gotten for playing him without the puck, the series goes back to Winnipeg with them up 2-0 in the series fresh off of a 1-0 OT Win.

They’ll still be popular, but I do expect some to jump off of the EDM PP1/EDM1 ship given the fact that they have been kept extremely quiet through two games.  While they have been non-existent from a DFS standpoint, I don’t think it’s too wise to focus on the two game sample vs. the 72 game sample where they lit the lamp with more consistency than any line in hockey.  I think you can make a strong case to go significantly over-weight on them tonight, but – if you think that the Jets will be able to keep them in check again tonight, given the fact that they will still be popular, you could get a big edge on the field if you opt for a fade or under-weight position.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see them get a few more PP’s tonight as they have only seen 4 through two games despite a lot of clutching and grabbing.  To me – it comes down to the fact that I don’t think the big guns here will be held off the scoresheet for three straight games and while it may scream of the Martingale Theory in practice, I do like the odds that they have a good night.  On the back-end, I continue to like Nurse over Barrie – though if you think the PP clicks in this one for Edmonton, you could make a case to go over-weight Barrie.

For the Jets, their top line is worth getting exposure to in MME formats.  They haven’t exactly lit it up through two games – and it’s clear the Jets are trying to clog things up and limit chances from EDM1 – which is probably the right approach to beating the Oilers – and it’s worked like a charm.  It does, however – likely limit the upside for the Jets from a DFS standpoint, and while they are worth keeping in your player pool – I do prefer other options on the board.  Outside of WPG1 and Pionk on the back-end, I don’t have too much interest going down the depth chart for the Jets.

Hellebuyck has been outstanding between the pipes through two games and is an elite option if you think that they will continue to keep the Oilers in check.

This article focuses mainly on stacking – if you want to see my favourite one-off plays, please look out for the NHL Daily Cheat Sheet that will be out a little later on this afternoon!

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