DraftKings CS:GO Core Plays and Cheat Sheet (DH) – May 02, 2021

DraftKings CS:GO Core Plays and Cheat Sheet (DH) – May 02, 2021

Vitality (VIT) vs FURIA 7:30 AM (-115 VIT)

Both teams will be entering this match on two-game winning streaks and this should be a close one with the battle going down mainly between the snipers. ZywOo of VIT has calmed down some from his previous matchup but still did really well carrying VIT again with a +25 kill-death differential. The opposing sniper of FURIA, junior is also not a slouch but definitely at a slight disadvantage with ZywOo being slightly more accurate (40.7% headshot percentage versus the 30.3% of junior). However, KSCERATO is still involved the most for his FURIA squad along with his teammate yuurih (72.7/72.6% rounds contributed). Therefore, if junior is able to prevent ZywOo from having a field day FURIA may be able to end VIT’s winning streak.

Natus.Vincere (NATUS) v.s. Gambit Esports (GY) 12:45 PM (-130 GY)

NATUS finally appear to be coming to form again as they begin their winning streak again but now have a difficult matchup with the number one team in the world in Gambit. GY was also able to win the last two times these teams met. Sh1ro of GY may have s1mple’s (the opposing sniper for NATUS) number because he was able to go for a combined +24 kill-differential in the last two matchups while s1mple barely went positive. On the other hand, s1mple is still the player with the highest kills per round on his team (0.87) but he’ll definitely need a lot more help from his teammates.  The closest to that amount of kills per round with 0.77 for GY is Ax1Le who currently has a 1.16 K/D. Electronic will also need to be on top of his game for NATUS especially with him being second in the highest damage per round next to s1mple, and if the sniping game goes sour for s1mple in his gunfights.

Heroic v.s. Astralis (ASTRA) 10:00 AM (-130 HERO)

ASTRA seem to be adapting well after losing device to a different team and its now led them to have dupreeh do most of the sniping that device did. Bubzkji is still maintaing his high damage per round of 81.1 so I’d expect him to continue slaying for the better of his ASTRA squad. On the other hand, cadiaN and refrezh have been the most consistent players on their HEROIC team as of late. Refrezh’s headshot percentage is drastically better than cadiaN’s as well 49.5% versus 27.9% which can potentially make gun fights easier for refrezh and his team.

(13.8k / 7.500)
(9.2k / 5.00)
(13.2k / 7.500)
(9k / 5.00)
(12.6k / 7.500)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(12.3k / 7.500)
(8.8k / 5.00)
(11.7k / 7.500)
(8.2k / 5.00)
(7.8k / 5.00)
(10.8k / 7.500)
(7.4k / 5.00)
(7.2k / 5.00)
(7k / 5.00)
(6.8k / 5.00)
(6.4k / 5.00)
(8.1k / 7.500)
(5.4k / 5.00)
(4.6k / 5.00)

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