DraftKings CS:GO Core Plays and Cheat Sheet (ESL) – March 29, 2021

DraftKings CS:GO Core Plays and Cheat Sheet (ESL) – March 29, 2021

With the final week now underway for this Group there is still a three-way tie at the top as teams fight for seeding. All of the teams that are tied also coming back today after sweeping their previous opponents so its noticeable that they’re all hungry to be at the top. However, there is a chance that a lower ranked team in the standings will do all they can to spoil seeding/playoff hopes. That being said lets break down the slate and analysis of the games.

Fnatic (FNC) v.s. Astralis (ASTRA) (1:00 PM EST)

ASTRA is steadily beginning to solidify themselves as the top team in the group coming off a dominating series win (sweep) over ENPT. They are also blessed with an easier matchup today against the bottom team in the group right now in FNC. Device just keeps getting better for ASTRA and jumped from a 1.36 KD to 1.39 and also dies the least on the team (0.60 deaths per round) which gives him even more time to anchor/out-snipe opponents. With device’s leadership and balance between his teammates’ contributions there shouldn’t be too much struggle in this game. Dupreeh has now become the second most reliable player with device on the team and has the highest accuracy on the team along with Magisk (54% and 56% headshot percentage). FNC currently has a full roster of players under 1 K/D which definitely needs to improve although their chances at playoffs may not happen. KRiMZ and Brollan still have been the go-to players on the team with Brollan doing the most damage per round on the team (79), but the whole team has to do better even though their chances of winning are slim.

Evil Geniuses (EG) v.s. ENDPOINT (ENPT) (1:00 PM EST)

EG has had a strong start in the beginning of the group against powerhouse teams but have been struggling to win lately as they try to rebound after being swept in their previous game. In addition, this matchup will be more of an exhibition game since neither team can make the playoffs but more than likely there will still be a lot of effort given by each side because I’m sure they wouldn’t want to end the season getting swept. EG is the more efficient team as of now with a 0.99 K/D compared to ENPT’s 0.82, but ENPT has the slight accuracy advantage of 46% versus 44% for EG. Therefore, this game may end up being closer than expected score wise. Brehze and CeRq have still been the best players on the team and their teammates have been unable to turn things around and get their K/Ds up to at least 1 (closest is oBo). However, CeRq will be challenged by the opposing sniper (CRUC1AL of ENPT) who currently has the headshot advantage (29% to CeRq’s 27%). In other words, this game may come down to which sniper can outperform the other since they are among the top players on their teams and would make slaying on the team easier. FlameZ is the next best player on ENPT and does the most damage per round (80.9) and will need to continue doing that to apply pressure on EG and increase ENPT’s chances of becoming victorious.

Virtuis.Pro (VP) v.s. Team Liquid (TL) (1:00 PM EST)

And lastly, what should be the most competitive match on the slate and seeding on the line should make it a back-and-forth contest. Last time VP and TL faced off was in the KATOTWICE World Championship and TL was swept by VP 2-0. It’s really difficult to gauge who may end up coming out on top this time because both team efficiencies are similar (both have 1.09 K/Ds overall), but TL does have more clutch rounds won (301 vs VP’s 246) which may be what TL needs to get their revenge especially if the game stays close throughout. FalleN has been playing really well and gotten better with a K/D increase from 1.23 to now 1.29 along with his teammates starting to do better as well. With the consistent collaborative effort from FalleN’s teammates and sharp sniping from Stewie2k the revenge looks more and more likely to happen. On the other hand, Jame who has the highest K/D out of both teams (1.36) will not just gift TL the win and will give Stewie some competition in the sniping category. Buster also tends to snipe sometimes too and the next efficient player on VP so I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point there was a double awp face-off between (FalleN/Stewie v.s. Jame/buster). Therefore, the game may end up relying on the battle of the snipers since they tend to carry their teams most but if the sniping ends up being off TL has the K/D advantage among the other teammates (1.04 compared to VP’s 0.98).


(15.3k / 7.500)
(10.2k / 5.00)
(14.4k / 7.500)
(9.6k / 5.00)
(9.2k / 5.00)
(12k / 7.500)
(8k / 5.00)
(11.4k / 7.500)
(7.6k / 5.00)
(10.5k / 7.500)
(7.4k / 5.00)
(9.9k / 7.500)
(7.2k / 5.00)
(7k / 5.00)
(6.8k / 5.00)
(6.6k / 5.00)
(6.4k / 5.00)
(6.2k / 5.00)
(6k / 5.00)


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