DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – WORLDS – October 6, 2020 (10/6/20)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – WORLDS – October 6, 2020 (10/6/20)

Helping you build the best DraftKings League of Legends lineup for the 10/6/2020 eSports DFS slate.

We have finally reached the World Championship group play slates in which 16 teams will play a double round-robin in a best of one series to eventually move to a knockout stage. So for these first few slates, we will need to keep in mind that they are just the best of one matches – something we aren’t used to with LPL/LCK play. As a note, here are the following groups for group play.

Group A: G2 Esports (LEC), Machi ESports (PCS), Suning (LPL), Team Liquid (LCS)

Group B: Damwon Gaming (LCK), JD Gaming (LPL), PSG Talon (PCS), Rogue (LEC)

Group C: Fnatic (LEC), Gen.G (LCK), LGD Gaming (LPL), Team SoloMid (LCS)

Group D: DRX (LCK), FlyQuest (LCS), Top ESports (LPL), Unicorns of Love (LCL)

Yesterday went way more by the script we would assume yesterday as we didn’t really see many upsets and the one team priced at upset value, Unicorns of Love, still lost but provided enough fantasy output to actually end up as a top-five optimal GPP score last night. With a one-game series, we don’t necessarily need the winning side, as if games have enough kill equity a player from to losing side can still find themselves there. One thing we are seeing a lot right now is the Jungle advantage going strongly to one-side and that side having a strong strong advantage. Typically we are going to want mostly MID/ADC captains, but JNG is making a strong claim whereas in a large favorite, Jungle players have been grabbing such a strong experience lead early game that they are scaling to a level where they also are one of the strongest two players in team fights. We saw this with Jankos and Kanavi yesterday, where they were involved in well over half of the teams kills. Tonight for me we have to start with TES. Again, it is chasing the highest-priced, largest favorite, but this matchup with Unicorns of Love should provide a ton of kill potential. Much like last night with Damwon, the worry here is the pace of the win. Damwon took care of PSG Talon in 27 minutes last night, with the kill count being 15-7. But though Damwon still died more than they would like, they didn’t need to do a lot. I view the TES game similarity tonight but the difference is Unicorns of Love should play more aggressively. As I have mentioned a few times in these writeups, UOL is a team that prefers quantity over quality when it comes to team fights, and TES realistically should come out at an advantage in them. Knight and JackeyLove are amazingly expensive, so fitting both may be a bit tougher. But 369, Karsa, and Yuyanjia aren’t too difficult to fit. Yuyanjia is also one of two supports I am fine rostering at captain (the other being LvMao from JDG). The TES team spot is the safest spot for a win tonight so if you are 4-3 stacking and have extra money, plugin in TES team in a 4-2-1 stack is an easy way to potentially get unique.

Outside of TES, I don’t think there is a smash viable value option. Unicorns of Love was that option for me yesterday (and a little bit of FlyQuest too) but tonight I feel we have enough on these teams to be able to accurately depict their performances going forward. LGD against TSM is the best low-dollar option in my opinion, as the LPL/LCK region has had a clear advantage over LCS right now. In fact, the North American region is just 1-5 combined right now with FlyQuest holding the only win. This isn’t a must-win for LGD tonight as I think GenG defeats Fnatic, but LGD comes in priced as the sixth or seventh most expensive at each position. TSM through two games has yet to have a player crack 15 fantasy points in either of their two matches. If GenG wins tonight they are the front runners for the top spot in Group C. The second spot looks like it is between Fnatic and LGD, though a TSM win or Fnatic win tonight could shake things up. For me, Group C is still the most wide-open and will likely see the tightest odds/pricing on slates, so we will be targeting this slate a bit more at times due to the pricing falling more in the middle.

Wunder and Jankos from G2 mark two of my favorite plays on the entire slate regardless of stack or matchup. Team Liquid has looked poor through two matches and G2 is running a lot of their offense through the TOP and JNG. A win from G2 tonight would put them at 3-0 and the Group A favorites. Another personal favorite is a bit of a pricing anomaly and that is Chovy of DRX. Chovy is actually $200 cheaper than his JNG in Pysoix. Very rarely are you going to get a MID at a cheaper price than the JNG from the same team. You can see the rest of my favorite plays below in today’s Cheat Sheet.

Cheat Sheet

(12.3k / 47.340)
(14.25k / 47.340)
(7.4k / 27.53)
(8.4k / 27.53)
(7.4k / 24.34)
(8.3k / 24.34)
(8.2k / 31.56)
(9.5k / 31.56)
(8.4k / 29.28)
(10.5k / 29.28)
(6.2k / 22.53)
(8.1k / 22.53)
Top Esports
(5.8k / 19.08)
(8k / 19.08)
(11.1k / 41.685)
(13.2k / 41.685)
(7k / 24.00)
(8.3k / 24.00)
(7.4k / 27.79)
(8.8k / 27.79)
(7.8k / 28.45)
(9.3k / 28.45)
(8k / 29.86)
(10.4k / 29.86)
(6k / 21.58)
(7.5k / 21.58)
(5.4k / 16.83)
(7.8k / 16.83)
(11.1k / 36.510)
(12.45k / 36.510)
(7.2k / 22.80)
(8.4k / 22.80)
(7.8k / 26.88)
(9.1k / 26.88)
G2 Esports
(5.2k / 16.12)
(7.7k / 16.12)
(10.5k / 37.890)
(13.8k / 37.890)
(6.8k / 23.70)
(8k / 23.70)
(7k / 23.17)
(8.2k / 23.17)
(7k / 25.26)
(9.2k / 25.26)
(7.2k / 29.97)
(9.6k / 29.97)
(5.2k / 10.40)
(7.5k / 10.40)
LGD Gaming
(5k / 14.37)
(7.6k / 14.37)
(10.2k / 35.550)
(12k / 35.550)
(6.6k / 21.59)
(8.2k / 21.59)
(9.9k / 32.385)
(12.3k / 32.385)
(6.2k / 19.96)
(7.7k / 19.96)
(5k / 17.02)
(7.4k / 17.02)
(9.3k / 33.795)
(12.15k / 33.795)

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