DraftKings Xfinity NASCAR DFS – Go Bowling 250 – September 11, 2020

DraftKings Xfinity NASCAR DFS – Go Bowling 250 – September 11, 2020

Core Plays

Kyle Busch – DK: $17,000 – Starting 29th

You are reading the final product of this article, but this draft you are reading was not the only one made. I wrote up Austin Cindric over Kyle Busch because I didn’t want to label the obvious as my core play. I typed out three paragraphs on why I though Cindric was better and then I re-read it and it just didn’t hold water. Kyle Busch is the best play on this slate for so many reasons and if I truly believe that then I can’t let price matter. So here I am, spending a lot of time telling you something that is abundantly clear already, but here is the science anyway. I firmly believe that Busch can dominate this race as this is also one of his better tracks. Over hist last five Cup races here, he hasn’t finished outside the top ten and has two wins and a second-place finish. Mix that with the fact that he has led at least 32 laps in each of his last five races and over 90 in each of his last three, and Busch makes up a great dominator for this race. Oh wait, those are CUP statistics, let me pull up his Xfinity Series statistics and oh – Busch hasn’t finished outside the top ten in his last 17 races here. He hasn’t finished outside the top five in his last eight races here and he has finished first or second in each of his last four Richmond races. It was a while ago, but back in 2014, Busch started on the pole, ended in first, and led all 250 laps. You can study his box scores here yourself and draw your own conclusions. But with a ton of place differential to grab, plus 250 laps to grab dominator points, Busch is inevitable and unavoidable and a 0.55-1 favorite to win this race.

Tommy Joe Martins – DK: $4,800 – Starting 21st

I will say this play makes me a bit uneasy as Martins has a tendency to not exactly make it to the finish line. However, some of his best recent performances have been turned in on short tracks. 17th in Pheonix, 23rd at Bristol, 15th at Dover. These aren’t earth shattering numbers but they are respectable. This price is also a massive falloff from where he was just back in July when Martins was consistently an $8,000 or above driver. Over Martins’ last four races, he has an average finish of 20th and if we can get that on Friday then we are going to be fine with it at this low of a price. The main thing here is we need a play to offset the cost of Busch, and down at these levels the options aren’t super inspiring. You can check out my cheat sheet below for who else I am going to be targeting.

Cheat Sheet

$ TierD
Kyle Busch
(17k / 83.13)
Austin Cindric
(10.9k / 57.65)
Justin Allgaier
(10.4k / 63.65)
Jeb Burton
(9.3k / 59.22)
Kaz Grala
(8.4k / 46.75)
Riley Herbst
(7.4k / 38.24)
Vinnie Miller
(6.7k / 24.38)
Bayley Currey
(6.2k / 16.39)
BJ McLeod
(5.8k / 27.37)
Tommy Joe Martins
(4.8k / 16.89)

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