DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – July 31, 2020 (7/31/20)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – July 31, 2020 (7/31/20)

Helping you build the best DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends lineup for the 7/31/2020 eSports DFS slate.

RNG tops our favorites today as they open up at -545 over DMO. RNG has taken a few losses recently, but both in three-game series against potential playoff teams in IG and SN. Tonight’s opponent, DMO, sits at the basement of the LPL with a 1-12 record and just six total game wins inside of that. RNG has a pretty noticeable advantage at every position here except TOP, where Chelizi has been a lone bright spot for this team at times. As we typically deal with in the large favorites games, RNG is going to cost you a pretty penny tonight, though they aren’t much more expensive than some other teams.

T1 enters the slate as maybe one of the most frustrating teams to watch recently. T1 allowed HLE to dominate them in one game, though T1 did bounce back for the win we still got capped ceilings with both Teddy and Faker ending up under 60 fantasy points. Tonight T1 faces KT, a team they played just two weeks ago and swept 2-0. Despite the 2-0 sweep, no one really had a dominating performance despite T1 winning game one 13-2 and game two 16-10. Canna TOP Lane ended up with the highest fantasy output from this game at 79 fantasy points. I think T1 is by far the better team here, though they have let lower-tier teams take a game from them recently in the form of Dynamics and HLE. It will come down to draft and as long as T1 doesn’t try to get cute we should be fine here. I think the KT upside is limited – maybe low-level exposures – but the same might go for T1 who just haven’t been aggressive recently.

The last two games on the slate are VG/LGD in the LPL and SB/DYN in the LCK. VG/LGD is probably the match I am looking most forward to tonight as VG has really turned their season around after some roster moves and though their recent wins aren’t over incredibly dominant opponents they have passed the eye test recently. LGD is another up and down team with recent wins over WE and EDG, but losses to RW and FPX. I have a personal rule that you always will need some LGD exposure just due to talent and inconsistency. Never over-own this team, but always get a piece. Xiye and Kramer have 100 fantasy point upside nightly and Zeka and Cube have shown strong play at their respective positions as well. With a tight spread and similar records, I expect this to go to three games. The same applies to Sandbox and Dynamics. Dynamics sit at 4-8 with Sandbox at 5-7. Dynamics are on a four-game losing streak, though three of those losses have come to the top three teams in the LCK. FATE has a Mid-Lane advantage here in my opinion and Route has been better statistically than deokdam. I probably will avoid this game for the most part, though I will grab a little bit of Sandbox exposure.

The full cheat sheet below details the plays that we are liking on the slate, and who will be in our core player pool(s) and groups for the day.

Cheat Sheet

(12.3k / 104.235)
(14.7k / 104.235)
(6.8k / 61.04)
(8.7k / 61.04)
(7k / 68.43)
(8.6k / 68.43)
(7.8k / 70.00)
(9k / 70.00)
(8.2k / 69.49)
(9.8k / 69.49)
(6k / 56.09)
(8k / 56.09)
Royal Never Give Up
(5.8k / 49.85)
(7.9k / 49.85)
(11.7k / 105.000)
(13.5k / 105.000)
(7.4k / 48.94)
(8.6k / 48.94)
(8k / 75.53)
(10.1k / 75.53)
(5.6k / 47.14)
(8k / 47.14)
(7.8k / 70.12)
(9.6k / 70.12)
(10.5k / 102.645)
(12.9k / 102.645)
(6k / 41.80)
(7.8k / 41.80)
(6.4k / 54.76)
(8k / 54.76)
(7k / 51.52)
(8.1k / 51.52)
(7.4k / 51.80)
(9.1k / 51.80)
(5.4k / 44.64)
(7.9k / 44.64)
(10.5k / 77.280)
(12.15k / 77.280)
(6.2k / 37.92)
(7.7k / 37.92)
(6.8k / 63.30)
(8.4k / 63.30)
(7.2k / 59.28)
(9.4k / 59.28)
(5k / 39.08)
(7.5k / 39.08)
(10.2k / 94.950)
(12.6k / 94.950)
(4.8k / 24.02)
(6.5k / 24.02)

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