Call of Duty DFS – Core Plays for DraftKings & FanDuel – July 10, 2020 (7/10/20)

Diving into the Call of Duty League DFS Core Plays for the Friday, July 10, 2020, four-game slate on DraftKings and FanDuel.

Call of Duty league fantasy contests on FanDuel & DraftKings are new to the world of DFS. The team here at Fantasy Cruncher is going to have ample coverage for these contests to help you build great lineups with our suite of tools.

Note that you can find the league schedule for the 2020 Call of Duty League season here. Be sure to stay closely tuned as we roll out new articles to cover each day’s contests.

As we touched on heavily in our Introduction to Call of Duty DFS article, the strategy deployed in creating an optimal roster is going to be a little bit different than what the average DFS player is used to. Mainly we focused on how there is no Game Length Adjustment in Call of Duty DFS on DraftKings, or more simply, there are no bonus points awarded for matches not played or for sweeping an opponent. This is going to weigh heavily into our decisions here as instead of focusing on the big Vegas favorites, we are going to focus more on the teams we think will play four or even five games in a match.

UPDATE: FanDuel has changed their scoring to now include 15 points for games not played and a bonus 1 point per SnD kill. This should make SnD now a more important round than Domination. This also opens up the entire playing field again to only wanting to roster winners or potentially guys you think are going to lose in five games. 

Paris Legion vs. Toronto Ultra (-200)

It has been about a month between action but we are finally resuming the CDL with the New York “home” Event. We don’t get the best matchup to start us off with 5-12 Toronto against 6-12 Paris, but we do get a couple of teams who die a lot and have put up kills against weaker opponents so this one has some sneaky potential. The last event out we saw Toronto make a big roster change, bending Classic for up-and-comer Cleanx. In Cleanx first game he actually helped Toronto take Atlanta to five games, before eventually falling. Toronto did bounce right back with a 3-0 sweep over OGLA, before falling to New York. We also saw Paris in the last event, to not so great of results – as they were swept by eventual champs Florida and then lost 3-1 to London. Paris is now 0-6 in their last six matches.

So considering the things I just said above, there is no way a Paris player could be the highest priced on the slate, right?! Wrong. Paris’ Louqa is the most expensive player on DraftKings this weekend at $9,600. For comparison sake, he is just $8,600 on FanDuel. After Louqa, the next closest priced player from this game is $1,400 cheaper. So let’s chalk this up to once again another big pricing error on DraftKings part. The thing is, I would naturally want some Louqa exposure as he holds their second-highest K/D and highest K/D from a non-AR player (Denz). Toronto looked like the much better team the last action we saw, and though I don’t think this is a sweep, I think Paris has a lot of work to do to improve and Toronto has already been showing that improvement.

Core Plays: Methodz

GPP Plays: Cammy, Cleanx, Denz, Louqa (so expensive that his ownership will be so low. The bad price actually puts him in play)

London Royal Ravens vs. Chicago Huntsmen (-220)

These two teams met back in late May in the Seattle Home Series finals with Chicago beating London 3-1 (the London win coming in SnD). They also met back in late April, where things were much the same, with Chicago winning 3-1 (though this time London won Domination). London has been a bit of a thorn in our sides as they are 9-11 on the year, but have shown on any given slate they can put together big performances. Wuskin still leads this team with a 1.23 K/D out of his AR play, and the addition of Zer0 has really sped up the gameplay from this team which used to be very slow. Wuskin is still priced as the fourth most expensive guy on the London roster, despite being the highest K/D – the truth here is his average FPP is held down by two down performances in 0-3 sweeps. These performances are clearly effecting the DK algorithm with pricing as Wuskin is consistently too cheap. The flip-side there is if you catch his bad week, then you understand the pricing. His two worst weeks were against New York and Atlanta. Chicago falls into a similarly strong tier here and I can see Formal winning the AR battles here – or at worst just trading deaths which each other.

We’ve spoken about Chicago a lot in past articles, but the truth to them is that they run a deep roster of talent and they are hard to stack for that reason. This isn’t saying there aren’t scenarios you can stack them, but very rarely has three players from Chicago come out on the optimal side of a lineup. If you are looking to three-stack Chicago, I would suggest the TEAM position being one of them. Formal is still my number one on this team and he is priced like it this week at $9,400 on DraftKings and $10,100 on FanDuel. Four of the Chicago starters have a K/D over 1.00, with Formal leading with a 1.11, followed by Arcitys at 1.06. Arcitys is the biggest steal on this slate at just $7,800 – but he typically falls into a boom or bust category for me, which holds him as just a GPP play.

Overall, I think this goes to four games, but I can see Chicago winning handily. London has not won a game of Hardpoint against Chicago yet this year, and as we have touched on several times, Hardpoint is our main game mode where we have the highest ceiling to get fantasy points. Judging by the small data we have, two of the four Hardpoint games were blowouts, and two were within 15 points. I am going to prioritize Chicago players over London but will have exposure to Dylan and Wuskin.

Core Plays: Formal

GPP Plays: Arcitys, Envoy, Wuskin, Dylan, Chicago TEAM

LA Guerrillas vs. Atlanta FaZe (-360)

On paper, you would have looked at this matchup of 5-13 LAG and 21-4 FaZe and figured this line would have been a lot higher, but we have two teams trending in a few different directions that actually may make for an interesting matchup. The Guerrillas have continued to grow as a team with their young roster and the re-addition of veteran player Saints clearly helped steer this team in the right direction in their last event as they upset Chicago and then took FaZe to five games. Five games however has been the mantra for this Atlanta team recently, as over their last two events they have went to five games against: New York, Seattle, Dallas, and LAG – while managing to win all of them. This, of course, has led to some massive fantasy scores for this FaZe team on DraftKings, as we have gotten guys like Simp and Cellium into games with 90+ kill upside. Every CDL event I have been making decisions based around the thought of “will FaZe sweep this series”, which has led to some down ownership on FaZe. I know that any time this team is beyond talented enough to win a series 3-0 (which is no longer a concern for FanDuel with their updated scoring) but on DraftKings a 3-0 would kill any lineup with some expensive guys on it. But with their recent play in mind, I can no longer worry about if FaZe will sweep, as exposure to FaZe has been nearly optimal in every recent COD DFS contest.

I feel we still need to judge this matchup as the leagues best against one of the leagues worst, so we shouldn’t lock either Simp or Cellium, though I am pretty confident of a FaZe win here in general, so locking FaZe TEAM position isn’t out of the realm of possibility. In this last matchup between these two just three weeks ago, three LAG players cleared 100 fantasy points (Blazt, Decemate, Saints). I do not think lightning strikes twice here, but the improved Guerrillas team could send this to four games. An interesting GPP strategy here is using three FaZe players and not the TEAM position on DraftKings. Since the FaZe TEAM will be chalky, that limits your actual players to just two. I found success in landing on the correct three FaZe players as this opens up your overall ceiling and since FaZe TEAM will be high owned will also make you unique to the field.

Core Plays: Simp, Cellium, FaZe TEAM

GPP Plays: Abezy, MajorManiak, Decemate

Minnesota ROKKR vs. New York Subliners (-185)

Though the records don’t reflect it this is our most evenly matched series of the night with the 12-12 ROKKR against the 8-15 Subliners. You can see right away that the Subliners are favorited in this matchup and a lot of their losses came from a very rough early season start. After the addition of Mack(melts) to the roster, this team has seen a second gear that hasn’t necessarily made them a top tier team, but has made them competitive in every facet. We saw New York last event where they defeated Optic 3-1, before falling to FaZe in five games – then beating Toronto 3-1 before falling to Florida in five games. So this was a team that was right in it and with a few small things going their way could have easily seen a finals run. Mack is still the hands-down leader in all recent categories for this team. Mack is rocking a 1.12 K/D as an SMG player and has averaged 115 fantasy points per game with his lowest DFS output being 81 – he has cleared 100 seven times. Mack is also aggressive on the objectives, leading this New York team in hill time per Hardpoint match by eight seconds and ranking in the top five in all of the CDL. The problem I have with New York is after Mack, it is a bit of a guessing game. Temp and Attach each had strong games recently, but for every strong game they have a poor one to match it. For this reason I like Mack as a one-off in a lot of lineups – I think he can also be used as a CPTN one-off for some unique builds. The only time these two teams met this year was in a 3-0 New York sweep. Though every game in the series was very close, so this is a bit of a deceptive stat – New York won Hardpoint 250-249, SnD 6-5, and Domination 159-150.

On the Minnesota side, we get a wildly inconsistent and frustrating team to watch as they have two of the most talented players in all of the CDL in Assault and GodRx, and yet this team just can’t find its rhythm. Minnesota has failed to make it to a Championship Sunday since early April after some early season success – including the first event win of the season. Assault and GodRx are still guys to target, especially in a perceived close matchup like this as both have K/D’s over 1.15. Because Minnesota’s lack of making it to Sunday, we only have had them on a total of six DFS slates. In those six slates, Assault has cleared 100 fantasy points 66% of the time and over 114 33% of the time. GodRx has struggled mightily, falling in a range of 50-111 fantasy points, with more towards the lower end than the higher one. This should prove to be a tight matchup again and does hold some game stack potential, though I think Assault and Mack are the two better plays here. As a parting note, New York is the favorite in this matchup, though their TEAM position is priced at just $1,600 like an underdog. There is a risk to that play, but also elite savings.

Core Plays: MackMelts, Assault

GPP Plays: GodRx, Alexx, Temp, ZooMaa, New York TEAM


In recent events we have gotten some heavy favorites that become chalky plays and have paid off as such. This week we really get four matchups that have the potential to go to four or five games. There really isn’t a game that screams sweep and the Vegas odds have sweeps as the underdog value in every match – even ATL/LAG. It is also interesting as every favorite has a slight narrative against them. Chicago hasn’t looked completely there recently, FaZe can’t win a series easily, Toronto is still very volatile, and New York and Minnesota have been inconsistent. This on paper shapes up as one of our more balances DFS slates with no one player becoming overwhelming chalk. If I had to make a guess, Mack, Simp, Cellium will likely be the three highest owned players with Formal not far behind but his price lowering his ownership.

Cheat Sheet

(14.1k / 7.500)
(15.15k / 9.000)
(9.6k / 5.00)
(9k / 6.00)
Atlanta Faze
(3k / 5.00)
(5.9k / 6.00)
(13.8k / 7.500)
(14.85k / 9.000)
(9.4k / 5.00)
(10.1k / 6.00)
Chicago Huntsmen
(2.4k / 5.00)
(5.9k / 6.00)
(13.5k / 7.500)
(15k / 9.000)
(9.2k / 5.00)
(9.9k / 6.00)
(13.2k / 7.500)
(15.6k / 9.000)
(9k / 5.00)
(10k / 6.00)
(8.8k / 5.00)
(10.4k / 6.00)
(12.6k / 7.500)
(14.4k / 9.000)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(9.6k / 6.00)
(8.2k / 5.00)
(9.7k / 6.00)
(8.2k / 5.00)
(8.9k / 6.00)
(7.8k / 5.00)
(8.7k / 6.00)
(7.6k / 5.00)
(7.9k / 6.00)
(7.4k / 5.00)
(8.9k / 6.00)
(10.8k / 7.500)
(13.95k / 9.000)
(7.4k / 5.00)
(8.9k / 6.00)
New York Subliners
(1.6k / 5.00)
(5.7k / 6.00)
(7.2k / 5.00)
(9.3k / 6.00)
(7.2k / 5.00)
(8.4k / 6.00)

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