KBO DraftKings DFS Picks and Strategy - KBO 2020

The Daily Rundown – DraftKings KBO DFS Picks – June 28, 2020 (6/28/20)

Welcome to the Daily Rundown for DraftKings KBO DFS contests on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

We have 5 games on the Sunday slate, with DFS contests locking at 4:00am EST. 

Just before we head into an off day on Monday, we have a 5 game slate that locks at 4am EST on Sunday. KT is the slate’s heaviest favourite at -215 here, and LG/SK is the only game projected with a double-digit total (10.5 runs).

Pitching Targets

The SP trio that are in my rotation tonight are Aaron Brooks against KIW, Chan Gyu Lim against SK and Odrisamer Despaigne against HAN.

Despaigne’s 3.8 opponent total and 68.3% win% lead the slate in both regards, and when you look at the match-up it’s hard not to get excited. That said, he’s been really struggling lately (including against some opponents like SK and SAM that he was just mediocre), so I’d temper expectations. He’s more of a cash game option against HAN than a GPP play in my books, and I’m not crazy excited about him overall.

Aaron Brooks and Lim are the two that I’m most excited about. Not only do they have better K% than Despaigne, but they also have solid opponent totals, good match-ups and Brooks in particular has a 1.11 WHIP that is very enticing (especially with his consistency this year).

Brooks is a SP1 in my books for these reasons. He has at least 17 DKP in 4 straight starts and in 3 of those had at least 5 Ks. Earlier this year against KIW he had 19.75 DKP thanks to 5.2 IP, 1 ER, 6 Ks – so that kind of production at $8,500 would certainly be welcomed.

Lim is a great GPP option with a 62% win%, 9.3 K/9 but 1.39 WHIP. In 3 of his last 4 starts he’s had 3 ER allowed or less and he’s had 5 games this year with at least 6 Ks (which is pretty upper-echelon in the KBO). Against SK this year he’s had 2 good starts. One elite one (26.5 DKP) and another totally fine one (13.3 DKP) – so you could also argue that he’s a good cash game option in addition to being GPP relevant.

Hitting Stacks to Target

LG and KT are the top 2 teams per the run totals for stacking purposes, and I must admit that I’m certainly intrigued by both of them.

Against Joo Han Kim, LG and their 5.94 total face a guy with a 1.6 K/9 and 2.00 WHIP this year (albeit in limited innings) and Chad Bell’s been anything but impressive this year – so facing KT is an elite situation for them in my eyes.

So, let’s start there.

The core 4 from KT that I want in my stack (group) here are Baek-Ho Kang, Mel Rojas Jr, Jeong-Dae Bae and Yong-Ho Jo.

Kang and Rojas’s numbers speak for themselves, with season-long wOBAs over .465 and ISOs tracking at nearly .350 apiece. They are both over $6K but easy to find room for. Between the two, Rojas is by far the hotter here and Kang has the LvL match-up against Bell – so it’s easy to figure out who you want to prioritize.

Bae remains an elite value at $3,000 here, and Jo, even though there isn’t a lot of power to speak of – continues to be a strong target.

There’s a lot to like for LG as well, and there are 6 names on my short list.

Roberto Ramos – hasn’t been himself the last week+, but in a plus match-up, he could easily bust back out.

Hyun-Soo Kim is expensive at $5,500 as well, but has been delivering with consistency and has a wOBA of nearly .400 on the year.

Chun-Woong Lee, Eun-Sung Chae, Kang-Nam Yoo and Ji-Hwan Oh are the others that I want exposure to here. Yoo and Oh play the scarcest positions and would get priority accordingly.

Make sure you check out the full cheat sheet below for the rest of the guys in our player pool tonight.

Best of luck out there in your contests!

Cheat Sheet

Aaron Brooks
(8.5k / 13.88)
Baek-Ho Kang
(6.1k / 11.81)
Jose Fernandez
(5.5k / 7.70)
Jeong Choi
(5.1k / 5.83)
Ha-Seong Kim
(5.2k / 0.60)
Mel Rojas Jr
(6k / 11.62)
Roberto Ramos
(5.8k / 9.76)
Jae-Gyun Hwang
(4.9k / 9.48)
Hyun-Soo Kim
(5.5k / 9.25)
Preston Tucker
(5.6k / 7.57)
Odrisamer Despaigne
(8.1k / 11.97)
Kang-Nam Yoo
(4.7k / 7.11)
Jamie Romak
(4.7k / 5.38)
Dixon Machado
(4.5k / 4.17)
Sun-Bin Kim
(4k / 5.40)
Jung-Hoo Lee
(4.6k / 5.34)
Chan Gyu Lim
(8.2k / 12.34)
Ja-Wook Koo
(4.8k / 7.29)
Hoon Jung
(3.7k / 2.50)
Hak-Ju Lee
(4.4k / 0.67)
Ah-Seop Son
(3.7k / 5.82)
Hyung-Woo Choi
(4.5k / 6.08)
Ho-Ryeong Kim
(3.7k / 5.00)
Sung-Woo Jang
(3.6k / 4.60)
Jae-Il Oh
(3.7k / 5.18)
Kyoung-Min Hur
(2.4k / 3.36)
Ji-Hwan Oh
(3.5k / 5.89)
Chun-Woong Lee
(3.5k / 5.89)
Do-Hwan Hur
(2.4k / 0.27)
Dae-Ho Lee
(3.8k / 5.97)
Eun-Sung Chae
(3.4k / 0.52)
Yong-Ho Jo
(2.8k / 0.54)
Kyung-Ho Kim
(2.5k / 2.86)
Jeong-Dae Bae
(3k / 5.81)

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