Call of Duty DFS – Cheat Sheet for DraftKings & FanDuel – May 23, 2020 (5/23/20)

Call of Duty DFS – Cheat Sheet for the Call of Duty fantasy slate on May 23, 2020

Helping you build the best DraftKings and FanDuel Call of Duty fantasy lineups for the 5/23/2020 eSports DFS slate.


We move on to day two of the Seattle event with Chicago, Minnesota, London, and New York grabbing the day one victory. All of the winners were the Vegas favorites, though we did get five games out of London and Minnesota. Though it didn’t come without controversy as Optic Gaming had several complaints about the severs after their loss to Minnesota.

The four matchups we have on Saturday are the winner’s bracket games of London vs. New York and Chicago vs. Minnesota and the loser bracket of Los Angeles vs. Seattle and Paris vs. Optic.

Chicago showed off their new team with Prestini in place of Gunless, which didn’t lead to much besides a lot of Prestini deaths. Though never really viewed as a fantasy option, we again see why that was. Envoy, FormaL, and Arcitys still have an argument to be made for exposure to them, but with so much talent it is hard to peg which guy is going to end up as the highest scorer. This matchup with Minnesota may end up being the best game of the weekend talent-wise. Minnesota had huge performances out of Alexx, Asim, Assault, and GodRx in their five-game victory over OGLA. We saw Chicago beat Paris 3-1, yet Paris players would have been more optimal than Chicago in the long-term.

Looking at prices here, the Chicago/Minnesota match has been priced down a ton on DraftKings with not a single Chicago player being priced over $8,000. Minnesota prices remain the same as Friday with a few $200 exceptions.

On the other side of the pricing fence, London/New York has been priced up in the $9,200-$10,000 range for four players: Skrapz, Wuskin, Mack, and Dylan. I think this is more of a reaction to Friday ownership than the actual outcome.

Paris/OGLA prices remain relatively similar to Friday with SlasheR moving up to $9,600 and Dashy falling to $8,600.

Seattle gets Los Angeles for the fifth time already this season and they hold a current 4-0 advantage over them. In fact, LAG is the only team Seattle has beaten this season. The main price to note here is Octane moving to $10,600. Though this price is high, this is the best matchup he can hope for and I think Octane still is one of the best CPTN/one-off plays on the slate.

Let’s take a look at some of the individual leaders after Day One of the Seattle Event

Overall K/D

  1. Denz – 1.35
  2. Wuskin – 1.34
  3. Octane – 1.27
  4. Assault – 1.25
  5. Mack – 1.24

Hardpoint K/D

  1. Wuskin – 1.42
  2. Assault – 1.41
  3. Skrapz – 1.28
  4. FormaL – 1.27
  5. Temp – 1.25

My quick takeaways here are this. Chicago price is low, but DraftKings is begging you to play them. We saw lower Chicago ownership on Friday and this should continue to be the case as the team is very hard to predict. A Twitter user pointed out that they have “five LeBrons” – which I don’t think they are LeBrons, but the talent is there so the spread out usage and kills should be more expected. When Scump is essentially your number four guy you have a good problem for your team, a bad problem for DFS players.

London and New York is going to be a fun matchup that I think has a great shot at four games minimum. The addition of Zer0 changed the speed of London a bit as Zer0 played a quick SMG role and Wuskin (despite having a great fantasy day) actually played a bit slower than I have seen him play before. The kills increased for London, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good thing as they escaped LAG in five games. I am still trying to figure out if New York is a good or bad team, though I know I won’t be sleeping on Mack anymore as he is driving straight into Rookie of the year.

Optic Gaming took to Twitter after their loss against Minnesota to voice their displeasure over the servers and their 100-ping. SlasheR was none too happy, saying he rather “not play” than play on a high ping. It will be interesting to see how the attitude shifts into Saturday. Paris played Chicago tough, though losing 1-3 they actually all had strong kill and K/D games. Dashy will look to bounce back for OGLA after a disappointing day that included a 1-10 SnD round.

Seattle and LAG end our night in their fifth meeting on the season. Seattle is 4-0 against them and has been the only team they have consistently beaten — er, only team they have beaten. Seattle hasn’t really shown a true number two guy on their roster, so I will continue to just target Octane in a great matchup.


Check out the daily cheat sheet below for our short-listed group of plays. Best of luck out there today, folks!

(15.9k / 7.500)
(14.1k / 9.000)
(10.6k / 5.00)
(9.4k / 6.00)
New York Subliners
(2.2k / 5.00)
(5.9k / 6.00)
(14.4k / 7.500)
(13.5k / 9.000)
(9.8k / 5.00)
(8.9k / 6.00)
(14.1k / 7.500)
(15.75k / 9.000)
(9.4k / 5.00)
(10.5k / 6.00)
(9.6k / 5.00)
(9k / 6.00)
(9k / 5.00)
(8.6k / 6.00)
(13.2k / 7.500)
(15.6k / 9.000)
(8.8k / 5.00)
(10.4k / 6.00)
(12.3k / 7.500)
(13.8k / 9.000)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(9.9k / 6.00)
(8.2k / 5.00)
(9.2k / 6.00)
(9.6k / 7.500)
(13.65k / 9.000)
(7.8k / 5.00)
(9.3k / 6.00)
Chicago Huntsmen
(1.4k / 5.00)
(5.8k / 6.00)
(7.6k / 5.00)
(9.1k / 6.00)
Seattle Surge
(1.2k / 5.00)
(5.5k / 6.00)
(6.4k / 5.00)
(9.1k / 6.00)

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