Week 3 NFL DFS Quarterbacks (QB) Targets For FanDuel & DraftKings

Week 3 NFL DFS Quarterbacks (QB) Targets For FanDuel & DraftKings

Welcome to the FC Insights Quarterback Targets Article. In this post, we will be breaking down our top options and plays at the QB position for each DFS week of the 2017-2018 NFL DFS season.

We will break them down into four tiers and give you our top plays in each tier – pointing out if we have a preference for the QB on one site over the other.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Top Tier
  • Mid Tier
  • Value Tier
  • QBs to Fade

I am going to switch things up a bit in this breakdown. Instead of quarterbacks, I like for GPPs I am going to give you QBs who I don’t like this week or QBs I am fading. The reason why I am doing this is due to the fact that I write a GPP focused article later on in the week and I want to try to avoid as much overlap as possible. Minus that one little change we are going to keep the format the same breaking down two to three quarterbacks in each tier.

Top Tier

  • Cam Newton ($8,100 FD only)

Newton has not looked great to start the season and his shoulder looks to still be bothering him but despite those flags, Newton is my top quarterback this week. The reason why Newton is my top QB is all due to the match-up against the Saints. The Saints have had one of the worst defenses in the NFL for the past couple of seasons and have been lit up by the pass to start the season. In the first two weeks, the Saints have allowed 777 passing yards and six scores. Both Tom Brady and Sam Bradford were in the top three for fantasy quarterbacks in the respective weeks that they faced the Saints. This is going to be a huge bounce-back week for Newton and he will produce at least 20 fantasy points in this one.

  • Ben Roethlisberger ($8,000 FD only)

I know the whole Big Ben sucks on the road narrative but I really like Roethlisberger this week. Roethlisberger has looked locked in to start the season with two really consistent performances. Roethlisberger had two touchdown passes in each game and at least 16 fantasy points. One of those games was also on the road and yes I know that game was against the Browns. Roethlisberger has traditionally struggled against the Browns on the road like he has every team so to see him step up was something I am not taking lightly. This may be a new Big Ben we are seeing one that can perform anywhere. The match-up is also something that has me really excited on Roethlisberger this week as the Steelers get to face the Bears. The Bears have looked lost on the defensive side of the ball to start the season as they have allowed the seventh most passing yards per game. Roethlisberger and all the Steelers should feast this week and I think you really need to ignore the road numbers on Roethlisberger for at least this week.

Mid Tier

  • Cam Newton ($6,600 DK only) & Ben Roethlisberger ($6,200 DK only)

I talked about both of these guys in the top tier but I wanted to point out that on DraftKings both player’s salaries put them in the mid-tier of quarterbacks and you should take advantage of the cheaper salaries on that site.

  • Matthew Stafford ($7,900 FD, $6,200 DK)

Stafford looked amazing in week one. In that game against the Cardinals, Stafford looked every bit worth his contract throwing for 292 yards and four scores on his way to over 28 fantasy points. Now I don’t know what Stafford did in week two as I am writing this early Monday morning and the Lions play on Monday night but my guess is he has a huge game. Even if Stafford bombs on Monday night I still want to play him this week against the Falcons. The reason why I want to play him against the Falcons is for one the fact that Stafford should be throwing the ball a lot. Stafford threw the ball 41 times in week one and should be forced to throw the ball that many times this week as the Falcons should be able to put up points on the weak Lions defense. Another reason why I want to play Stafford is that I don’t think the Falcons defense is that good. While the Falcons defense looked good in the first two weeks of the season at the start of the games they seem to lose their cool as the game goes on. Both Mike Glennon and Aaron Rodgers had success in the fourth quarter against them. The Falcons also may be without Vic Beasley this week who is the only true pass rushing threat they have on their team. Stafford should continue to live up to his contract in this game as I like him to threaten 20 plus fantasy points.

Value Tier

  • Mike Glennon ($6,400 FD, $4,700 DK)

Look I know Glennon is not a good quarterback but he should be on your radar this week for a couple of reasons. The first reason is the simple fact the Bears throw the ball a lot. This season Glennon has thrown the ball 85 times which is tied for third-most in the NFL. This week you can expect more of the same from Glennon as though I don’t have the Vegas totals for this game yet the Steelers should be heavy favorites. For those of you who don’t know how that affects a team when a team is down big in the fourth quarter like the Bears are expected to be they tend to pass the ball to try to catch up quickly. Garbage time as it is called is also a great time for bad quarterbacks to pick up fantasy points just ask Blake Bortles who has made a career at doing just that. The Steelers are also a decent enough match-up for Glennon as they really are below average despite some early season success against the pass. Glennon has produced at least 12 fantasy points in each game this season and though that is not a lot of fantasy points it is more than Russell Wilson and some other big name quarterbacks are averaging. At his salary, Glennon is not a bad play though I do prefer to spend up a bit at the position this week.

  • Carson Wentz ($5,900 DK Only)

I love Carson Wentz this week on DraftKings where he is still inexplicably under $6,000 in salary. I don’t really know why Wentz is still that cheap on that site but it is something I am going to take advantage of. Wentz has looked great in the first two weeks of the season. In those games, Wentz has thrown for two touchdowns and over 300 yards. Wentz has scored at least 23 fantasy points in each of those games and I don’t see Wentz slowing down this week for a couple of reasons. First, the Eagles are a pass first offenses who are going to ride and die with Wentz this year. Wentz has passed the ball 85 times already to start the season which is the third most in the NFL. The second reason why I don’t see Wentz slowing down is the match-up against the Giants. I don’t know what the Giants did in week two as they play tonight but in week one they did not look good as Dak Prescott scored 17.1 fantasy points against them. Wentz sorry Cowboys fans is a way better player and he should easily have at least that amount of fantasy points in this one.

Players to Fade

  • Russell Wilson ($7,800 FD, $6,300 DK)

Wilson is in a great match-up this week against the Titans who had ranked 29th in DVOA against the pass since the start of last season and have allowed 15.25 fantasy points per game to quarterbacks to start the year and one of the quarterbacks they faced was Blake Bortles. That should tell you how bad the Titans are against the pass. Normally a player as special as Wilson would be an autoplay in a match-up like this but I am here to tell you otherwise. Wilson is a player that I want no part of this week as he has looked awful to start the season against two really bad pass defenses. Despite playing the Packers and 49ers Wilson only has 356 passing yards and one score. Wilson is only averaging 11.8 fantasy points per game and four of those fantasy points are coming from Wilson’s legs as he is averaging just under 40 rushing yards a game. I don’t think the rushing yards are something that we can count on Wilson for each week. This may come back to bite me in the ass but until Wilson shows me more in the passing game or his salary drops way down, Wilson is not a player that is going to be in my lineups.

  • Deshaun Watson ($4,700 DK)

On FanDuel you are not touching Watson due to his salary but on DraftKings where Watson is dirt cheap at only $4,700 I can see the temptation of using him this week I, however, won’t be touching him. There are a couple of reasons why I won’t be touching Watson this week. The first reason is Watson did not look that good in his first career start. I know Watson had a great fantasy day with over 17 fantasy points but when you really look at the numbers ten of those fantasy points came on one play in which Watson pulled his best Michael Vick impression and had a 49-yard rushing touchdown right before the half. While Watson is capable of having runs like that in any given game it is not something you can count on from your quarterback and if you take away that run Watson’s numbers were awful. Watson only had 125 yards passing and didn’t pass for a score. Now I know that game was against one of the better defenses in the NFL in the Bengals and the Patriots have been one of the worst pass defenses to start the season but this is still a Bill Belichick led defense. Belichick know’s how to shut down and confuse rookie quarterbacks and Watson is going to be in for a very long day on Sunday. There are plenty of other cheap quarterbacks to look at on DraftKings this week and Watson should be nowhere near your lineups.

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