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The 2017 MLB DFS season has concluded. See you back here in the Spring! note: we will not be supporting any World Series DFS slates. ×
Draftkingspickem - MLB
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Add Stack (you can add up to 3) Click here for more info

If you want to create lineups with players from the same team (otherwise known as stacking) this is where to do it. This only applies to Hitters, and you can add a single stack with the remaining hitters not needing to be from the same team, or you can add multiple stacks per lineup so that all of the hitters are paired with other hitters from the same team.

To get started, click on the Add Stack link. You will need to select which teams you would like possibly used for the first stack. You can pick as many teams as you wish. You then will need to select a stack size, which is the number of hitters used from one of the selected teams.

If you want, you can add a 2nd and 3rd stack the same way as above. This is how you can create a lineup with 4 batters from 1 team, and 4 batters from another.

Positional Stacking
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