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Fight 13 Justin Willis vs. Allen Crowder
Fight 12 Jeremy Kimball vs. Dominick Reyes
Fight 11 Sabah Homasi vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan
Fight 10 Amanda Cooper vs. Angela Magana
Fight 9 Felice Herrig vs. Cortney Casey
Fight 8 David Teymur vs. Drakkar Klose
Fight 7 Alex Oliveira vs. Yancy Medeiros
Fight 6 Charles Oliveira vs. Paul Felder
Fight 5 Tecia Torres vs. Michelle Waterson
Fight 4 Eddie Alvarez vs. Justin Gaethje
Fight 3 Henry Cejudo vs. Sergio Pettis
Fight 2 Alistair Overeem vs. Francis Ngannou
Fight 1 Max Holloway vs. Jose Aldo
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If you have uploaded your own data columns, you can use the data to enforce restrictions on the lineups created. A good use case may be uploading ownership projections and then restricting each lineup to a maximum ownership total.
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