Lineup Rewind Tutorial

Video tutorial

Step 1. Select format


In this area, select the sport, DFS site and the games that are on the slate that you are playing.  

Step 2. Select date


Click the calendar to select the date.  The table view will populate and you will see projected scores as well as actual scores and values.  This will contain the last edit of your projections so you can put your projections to the test.  If you want to compare to our projections, simply go into player manager and remove your projections to revert to default projections.

Step 3. Calculate


In the dropdown menus you can select what you are optimizing for (you probably want to select "Actual") and the number of lineups you want to see.  Then hit "Calculate Best Teams".

Step 4. Analyze the lineups


In the lineup cards (purple) you can exclude and lock players in case you want to see the best possible lineup with/without player X.

Step 5. Repeat steps 2-4 as you please