Should I use the default optimized lineup?

Absolutely not. Vet every single player in the lineup. Make sure they are healthy. Also check their last few games and make sure they are not slumping. If something seems off then move on to the next player/lineup. Trust your gut, a tool can only do so much.


The reason we give you projections is for two reasons:

  1. An optimization scheme doesn't work unless every player that can be used has a projection.
  2. We don't expect all of our users to have the time or knowledge to make projections for every single player, so we provide a reasonable start point.

Using the default lineup is not recommended for multiple reasons, first off, they're available to all of our users.  This means that even if it was the top lineup, you're capping your winnings because you'll likely split the winnings with other people. Secondly, we tend to be conservative with our projections, we leave the bold decision making to our users.  Lastly and most importantly, our projections are guesses as to what we would expect to see a player perform is they had an average performance against their opposition.  When you make a lineup purely from our projections, you're making the assumption that every single player that day is going to have an average game.  This never happens, but it's the best that we can do on a day to day basis.