The Fantasy Cruncher Story

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    David Stetler

    I am the developer & original founder of When I started FC I had very little daily fantasy experience but I had some ideas about what was needed to be able to beat the game. Coming from a poker background where I was a daily grinder here in Las Vegas, I knew daily sports shared a lot of parallels to poker and was also a beatable game. After thinking and researching about what other winning players were doing I learned that most top players were using Excel and Excel solver to create optimized lineups. This seemed like a painful way to do things and a lot of leg work each day so I decided to use my web development background to create a rough beta of fantasy cruncher. I posted the orginal beta on reddit in to gather some feedback and see if anyone else thought this was a better way of creating lineups. I was really excited that other people started using the tool I had created, even though it was really rough at the time, and that pushed me to keep improving. Becoming part of the dfsports community also played a key role in the development of Fantasy Cruncher with the valuable feedback I received from the subs members and it also led me to meeting Jeff G. aka OREO and Bryan McCaffrey. Fantasy Cruncher has come a long way in a short period of time and I plan on pushing this software even further with the help of the team we have put together and the feedback from all of FC users. Thanks for checking FC out and if you have any questions for me you can find me in the FC forums or email me directly

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    Tie “taicheeze” Wu

    I primarily come from an engineering background and have an expertise in making mathematical models. I got into DFS sort of as an advisor to Oreo. I started playing soon afterwards and have been doing well in NBA. I got involved with Fantasy Cruncher because it was a better tool than the one Oreo and I were previously using due to its ability to handle the optimization of the entire player pool in a short amount of time. That allowed me to focus most of my energy on making better projections and last minute adjustments. In my opinion, my success comes from tons of research and preparation and having the right tools. As a member on the Fantasy Cruncher team, I help in some of the creating some of the features as well as providing content to help our users improve at DFS and using our tool. I can be reached at or @fc_taicheeze on twitter.