DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LEC) – June 24, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LEC) – June 24, 2022

After one week of LEC action, we have only one team to stand undefeated as G2 sits at 3-0 and five teams sitting at 2-1. Only two teams remain winless so far with Misfits and Team BDS both sitting at 0-3. Kicking off Friday is SK and Astralis and while Astralis is 2-1, their two wins are against the aforementioned Misfits and Team BDS. SK’s win is also against Team BDS, so at least we have found the punching bag of the league early on. This one really could go either way and the odds paint it as a coin-flip. At the end of the split both of these teams are likely on the outside looking in for playoffs.

Vitality vs. Excel is our second game of the slate and Vitality is a slight favorite here which I disagree with. Vitality had a poor Spring season and their “super” team never really came together. They are still a playoff team of talent, but Excel has made big strides after a Playoff spot in the Spring. Led by Patrick with a current 9.33 KDA and fifth in CS/M and fourth in G/M. Four Excel starters sit in the top 15 in kill participation so for a stack, this is one that if they grab the win could be advantageous. Team Vitality made a change this split with Haru at jungle, currently he ranks in the middle of the league, with a worse KDA and CS/M and Gold/M number than Markoon from XL. Vitality is just too inconsistent for me to trust, and Excel already has a nice win over Fnatic. I’ll take the small discount here.

The next two matches on the slate aren’t going to be touched on a ton. Rogue is a -283 favorite over Misfits and G2 -650 over Team BDS. Rogue has looked a little shaky to start the split, but Misfits has four starters ranking as the bottom four players in the league right now for KDA at sub 0.69. Irrelevant, Vetheo, and Mersa also are the bottom three for most deaths per game. While I say that, Rogue has three guys in the bottom seven as well, but I think it is too early to panic about Malrang, Odoamne, and Trymbi. Their play over the last few splits speaks for themselves and they righted the ship a bit on Sunday with their win over Mad Lions. G2 is going to be the preferred play in almost every matchup until further notice. I have said this before, but a team like G2 losing is an outlier and massive upset and it is not one we can really break down. With 1-game series, some games can be won/lost in the draft.

The last match here is actually the one I am looking forward to the most with Mad Lions taking on Fnatic. Both teams at 2-1 with Fnatic defeating Rogue and SK and Mad defeating Vitatlity and SK. Armut, Nisqy, and Unforgiven hold three of the top six spots for KDA right now and those three-plus Elyoya are only averaging 1 death or fewer per match. The data for the split is a little light, but both of these teams figure to factor all split long and should both have strong paths to the playoffs. Nisqy facing off against his old team here is one to watch. Bot lane will figure a lot in this match, as Hylissang has been solid with objective and farming, but is averaging four deaths per game. That being said, he is also averaging 8.67 assists per game while Kaiser is only at 6.6. Upset has the edge right now for carries in terms of both CS and Gold. Nisqy holds a small edge over Humanoid in the slaying department, though Humanoid has been better in terms of CS and gold. The -144 odds on Fnatic make sense here, but we can’t be surprised to see Mad Lions get an upset.

Cheat Sheet

(12k / 37.860)
(15.45k / 37.860)
Broken Blade
(7k / 25.10)
(8.2k / 25.10)
(7.4k / 24.29)
(8.7k / 24.29)
(7.6k / 27.71)
(9.2k / 27.71)
(8k / 25.24)
(10.3k / 25.24)
(6.4k / 19.95)
(7.4k / 19.95)
G2 Esports
(5.8k / 19.05)
(7.9k / 19.05)
(11.4k / 41.565)
(13.8k / 41.565)
(6.6k / 20.69)
(8k / 20.69)
(7.2k / 17.72)
(8.7k / 17.72)
(7.4k / 22.53)
(10.1k / 22.53)
(7.8k / 23.54)
(9.3k / 23.54)
(6.2k / 15.87)
(7.2k / 15.87)
(5.6k / 16.75)
(7.7k / 16.75)
(11.4k / 35.040)
(14.85k / 35.040)
(7.6k / 23.36)
(9.9k / 23.36)
(5.2k / 15.57)
(7.5k / 15.57)
(10.8k / 26.580)
(13.05k / 26.580)
(6.2k / 16.13)
(7.8k / 16.13)
(7k / 18.52)
(8.6k / 18.52)
(7.2k / 20.11)
(9.2k / 20.11)
(5.8k / 12.84)
(7k / 12.84)
Excel Esports
(4.4k / 12.35)
(7.1k / 12.35)
Broken Blade
(10.5k / 37.650)
(12.3k / 37.650)
(9.9k / 31.215)
(14.25k / 31.215)
(5.4k / 13.35)
(7.4k / 13.35)
(6k / 15.11)
(8.5k / 15.11)
(6.2k / 19.43)
(9k / 19.43)
(6.6k / 20.81)
(9.5k / 20.81)
(4.8k / 10.78)
(6.6k / 10.78)
(9.3k / 29.145)
(13.5k / 29.145)

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