DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 24, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 24, 2022

DRX (DRX) [-450] vs. Hanwha Life Esports (HLE)

2-0 DRX takes on 0-2 Hanwha Life here in a lopsided on-paper matchup. DRX has swept both of their first two matchups, though they were against Fredit and Nongshim, two winless teams. But hey, HLE is also winless, so DRX should be in full control here. Pyosik, Zeka, and Kingen all have KDA’s over 5.67 here which doesn’t include Deft here which is surprising as he has been a heavy carry for the team over the last split. But it also speaks volumes to how good DRX has been without Deft playing a major role so far. Flipping the script here, HLE entire five-man starting team ranks as the bottom five players in the LCK for KDA. None of them have a KDA over 2. That is not good. HLE is not good. They are nothing but an ownership leverage play here.

Oh My God (OMG) vs. LNG Esports (LNG) [-375]

OMG sits at 0-3 on the split and has done some roster shuffling between support and mid lane so at the forefront it isn’t a great sign for this team. It hasn’t been the easiest schedule for OMG, but it hasn’t been the most difficult either. Ultra Prime and Rare Atom are beatable teams, but OMG fell short to both. They did manage to take a game off of JDG, but ultimately fell in that series as well. LNG is a top six team in the LPL (the line between the top six is thin), and OMG no matter the roster they put out there is going to be out-matched. The shining light for OMG is Shanji at top lane, but even he has struggled so far this split. LNG holds advantages in the jungle, a massive edge mid lane, and another in bot lane. LvMao gets the start at support here over Iwandy.

JD Gaming (JDG) [-283] vs. Ultra Prime (UP)

If you have read this article since the start of the split, you know that Ultra Prime is my “sleeper” team for this split to make the playoffs. They have wins over OMG and RA, and a three-game loss to BLG in which they still played very well. JDG is currently the leagues only 4-0 team and they sit at 8-3 in their games. Kanavi may be the early season MVP as he has played a phenomenal jungle carrying a 5.38 KDA and ranking at the top of gold per minute. It will be a great matchup with H4cker who is also having a strong start to his split at a 5.21 KDA. The addition of Zoom in top lane for Ultra Prime is the acquisition that I think makes them a competitor, but a date with 369 is going to be another great one to watch. Both teams carries in Hope and Elk have big games to their names already. I still think JDG is the better overall team here based solely around experience. But Ultra Prime should continue to impress and at least take games. I can see this one going to three games and once there really anything can happen. I expect this match to have the highest kill equity but I also an hesitant to throw it all behind JDG. I would grab some Ultra Prime experience here as I truly think they have a roster that can pull an upset on any given night.

Gen.G (GenG) [-837] vs. Fredit Brion (BRO)

I feel our capping match the last few nights have been very swayed in one directly. Yesterday it was T1 against Liiv and tonight it is GenG against Fredit Brion. GenG is 3-0 and 6-1 in games while Fredit Brion is completely winless on the year, holding a record of 0-3 and 0-6. The KDA’s for Chovy, Rules, and Peanut are absolutely silly as Chovy and Ruler are averaging less than 0.60 deaths per game. Chovy leads the LCK in CS/M and also G/M. Ultimately, Chovy is just the driving force that can’t be stopped right now. It is sad that he wasted away on HLE for a season as he really could be one of the best overall mid-laners of all time. I can’t spend a lot of time on this – it would be a massive upset. With any favorite of -500 or higher we are looking at an outlier if they lose. Chovy/Ruler/Peanut should be CPTN options. Chovy is the safest play on every slate usually.

With some large favorites on this slate, it may be a night to get a little unique with roster construction. While a 4-3 stack will win most slates, a 4-2-1 can help get some higher favorites in your builds if targeting all favorites tonight.

(11.7k / 106.590)
( / 106.590)
(6.8k / 57.94)
(8.1k / 57.94)
(7.2k / 67.90)
(9.4k / 67.90)
(7.6k / 61.56)
(10.2k / 61.56)
(7.8k / 71.06)
( / 71.06)
(6.2k / 52.46)
(7.3k / 52.46)
(5.6k / 54.82)
(7.9k / 54.82)
(11.4k / 92.340)
(15.3k / 92.340)
(6.6k / 51.76)
(8.2k / 51.76)
(7k / 61.51)
( / 61.51)
(7.4k / 66.85)
( / 66.85)
(7.6k / 71.71)
(10.1k / 71.71)
(6k / 47.07)
( / 47.07)
(5.4k / 54.37)
(7.7k / 54.37)
(11.1k / 100.275)
( / 100.275)
(6.4k / 51.19)
( / 51.19)
(6.8k / 53.51)
(8.7k / 53.51)
(7.2k / 66.41)
(8.8k / 66.41)
(7.4k / 57.80)
(9.3k / 57.80)
(5.8k / 37.15)
(7.4k / 37.15)
(10.8k / 81.135)
(15k / 81.135)
(6.2k / 47.15)
(8k / 47.15)
(6.4k / 52.19)
(8.6k / 52.19)
(7k / 49.58)
(9.2k / 49.58)
(7.2k / 54.09)
(10k / 54.09)
(5.6k / 39.90)
(7.2k / 39.90)
LNG Esports
(5.2k / 47.11)
( / 47.11)
(10.8k / 101.850)
(14.1k / 101.850)
(10.2k / 80.265)
(13.05k / 80.265)
(6.8k / 46.86)
(9.2k / 46.86)
(7k / 55.38)
(9.6k / 55.38)
(10.2k / 70.290)
(13.8k / 70.290)
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