DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 23, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 23, 2022

Kwangdong Freecs (KDF) [-126] vs. Nongshim RedForce (NS)

We kickoff the Thursday slate of games with 1-1 Kwangdong taking on 0-2 Nongshim. Nongshim is 0-2 and 0-4 in games but has had a tough pull to the start of the year taking on DRX and T1. That being said, I still don’t think that is an excuse as this team has talent on paper but lacked any execution in the Spring Split finishing out of the playoffs. The same can be said for Kwangdong who started the Spring Split horribly before going on a winning streak and backdooring into the playoffs. Led by Teddy and FATE as their carries, both have a respectable 4.44 KDA or higher right now. On the flipside, Nongshim’s only KDA better than 2.6 is out of their jungle. Again, they faced some tough competition, but you have to eventually beat the tough competition to go anywhere in leagues as competitive as this. On paper, Nongshim should carry slight edges in top lane and jungle, but it depends if they can put it together. Due to pricing and Kwangdong being a bit overpriced when factoring in their odds, I don’t hate the Nongshim stack here. I think that when everything is said and done though, Kwangdong will finish this split higher in the standings.

Anyone’s Legend (AL) [-247] vs. LGD Gaming (LGD)

I don’t like being hyperbolic but when I say I am not sure there is a more fun team to watch besides Anyone’s Legend I mean it. This is a team that has struggled over the last few years, but really started showing some flashes during the Spring. The aggressive play of Betty and Forge has been interesting and the willingness to just feed Betty makes him a monster in DFS terms. Betty currently leads the LPL in kills per game at 5.5 with their support and top laners being involved in 75% of the kills or higher. We haven’t seen the “crazy” Betty game yet, but Anyone’s Legend had a tough start schedule-wise with BLG, LNG, and RA. So them coming out of that stretch at 2-1 is impressive. Both wins by AL have been sweeps and LGD Gaming is 0-2 on the year and just 1-4 in games. Before we get too ahead of ourselves this is a letdown spot and maybe a little trappy as we are still evaluating Anyone’s Legend’s long-term outlook. On paper though, this one points to AL and knowing the games Betty has had in the past makes him the highest upside CPTN as well on this slate. LGD is making a roster change for this one, starting haichao in mid lane over Yeg.

Team WE (WE) [-112] vs. ThunderTalk Gaming (TT)

A battle of 0-2 match records and 1-4 games records meet up here with Team WE and ThunderTalk. Both of these teams are no stranger to losing as they also were two of the worst teams in the Spring. Team WE however has had the most recent success but some roster changes really set them back at the beginning of this year. Team WE however played tough in their last match against Weibo Gamings, losing the series 2-1. Smlz got the start at ADC and while he did die 10 times over the three games, he managed 12 kills and 12 assists. This has earned him another start today, though WE is going back to Xiye in mid-lane over Shanks. Heal also gets another start at support, though support has been a dreadful position for Team WE regardless of Heal of Kedaya. The win condition for ThunderTalk here is in bot lane as Puff/Southwind statistically have an edge on Smlz/Heal. I also slightly prefer ThunderTalk at toplane as Xiaoxiang brings them some stability after being with EDG over the last year. With so many roster shakeups it is hard to really know what we are getting here. The odds are just -112 so it’s nearly a coinflip for us. In coin-flips, and slates with high-priced near locks like T1, there is no shame in taking the underdog. If multi-entering I would split exposure here. If single entering I give the small edge to ThunderTalk.

T1 (T1) [-687] vs. Liiv Sandbox (LSB)

Not a ton to talk about here. T1 has won their last 22 matches in the LCK dating back to last split. That is an 18-0 split and an LCK title if you wanted the math. They are now 2-0 on this split despite dropping one game KT Rolster in their last match. Liiv Sandbox started the year off hot with a sweep over Kwangdong, but then was easily disposed of by Damwon. Until T1 loses a match, they are going to be considered favorites – when they are considered favorites, we are going to usually play them. The one cavaet to this that I usually highlight is just be careful with your Faker and CPTN exposure. While most mid-laners carry high slaying potential like an ADC, Faker plays such a good objective-based game that he rarely gets involved in a ton of slaying. Since 2020, Faker doesn’t have a series with more than 14 total kills. Gumayushi has six and three of 20 or more.

(11.7k / 116.535)
(15k / 116.535)
(6.8k / 56.79)
(8.1k / 56.79)
(7.2k / 67.00)
(8.9k / 67.00)
(7.6k / 65.99)
(8.5k / 65.99)
(7.8k / 77.69)
(10k / 77.69)
(6.2k / 52.93)
(7.3k / 52.93)
(5.6k / 51.73)
(7.8k / 51.73)
(11.1k / 104.610)
(15.3k / 104.610)
(6.6k / 54.89)
(7.9k / 54.89)
(7k / 59.22)
(9.3k / 59.22)
(7.4k / 58.66)
(8.8k / 58.66)
(7.4k / 69.74)
(10.2k / 69.74)
(6k / 50.29)
(7.1k / 50.29)
Anyone's Legend
(5.2k / 45.46)
(7.6k / 45.46)
(10.8k / 100.500)
(13.35k / 100.500)
(6.4k / 41.32)
(8.6k / 41.32)
(7.2k / 63.44)
(9.1k / 63.44)
(7.2k / 56.15)
(10k / 56.15)
(5.4k / 0.00)
(7.2k / 0.00)
(10.8k / 84.225)
(15k / 84.225)
(10.5k / 88.830)
(13.95k / 88.830)
(10.2k / 84.150)
(13.2k / 84.150)
(5.8k / 39.50)
(7.6k / 39.50)
(5.8k / 41.58)
(8.2k / 41.58)
(6.8k / 49.28)
(9.8k / 49.28)
(6.8k / 56.10)
(8.8k / 56.10)
(5.2k / 37.92)
(6.8k / 37.92)
Thunder Talk Gaming
(4.6k / 40.39)
(7.3k / 40.39)
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