DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 22, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 22, 2022

DW Kia (DK) vs. Gen.G (GEN) (4:00 AM EST) (-110 GEN)

Two of the three undefeated teams left in the league will faceoff here and GEN has been the most efficient slaying team as of late with an overall 3.11 team K/D compared to DRX’s 1.31. With the objective being fairly close for both of the slaying will become even more important as they battle. GEN does have a slight edge in the jungle lane (57.6% rate) versus DK’s 54.4% so they may try and capitalize off that first. Therefore, Peanut may be the one contributing most of the kill participation (second in the team at 68.4%) at the jungle role for GEN. Also, having an efficient slayer at the support role in Ruler should create easier opportunities for his GEN teammates. However, if there is one player that won’t make the battle easy it should be Nuguri in the top lane who has been the most efficient out of both teams with a 19.5 KDA. Regardless, this match should go down to the wire and can go either way.

EDward Gaming (EDG) vs. Invictus Gaming (IG) (4:45 AM EST) (-378 EDG)

Two mid-tier teams will face off here with the slaying not being as high for both but luckily for EDG they are above a 1 K/D as a team while IG is slightly under. Also, with the baron going in favor of EDG as of late (60%) compared to IG’s 44% rate they should have their damage/abilities boosted which will make it even more for IG to compete. The slaying efficiency is also pretty even across the board with every player having a KDA of 3+ besides the support main with Viper leading the way in damage (out of both teams) at 32.8% in bot-lane. This more than likely would put more pressure on IG’s support main Wink who has been the most consistent slayer out of all his other teammates. Supporting the team and slaying himself may be too much to handle but if the games come down to the objective mostly it could be close, due to both teams having a 42.9% first-tower rate which would be crucial for momentum.

Bilibili Gaming (BLG) vs. Top Esports (TES) (7:00 AM EST) (-203 TES)

This may end up being one of the first potential one-sided matchup with a top five team at the moment in TES facing off with the tenth best in the standings at the moment in BLG. TES also enters with more momentum as they try to extend their two-game winning stream against a BLG squad trying to recover from their one-game loss. Due to TES having double the baron edge and a slight gap objectively (67% dragon control rate/60% baron rate) as of now compared to BLG (57% dragon control rate/30% baron rate) this should be enough for them to prevail. Knight should have a good chance of dominating mid-lane for TES with the highest kill-participation (80.8%) on his team by a large gap and the only player of both sides with a double-digit KDA (10.9) currently. BLG’s best chance here would be to build off their momentum (first-blood’s specifically which they have an edge in at 50%) versus TES’ 14.3% because if they don’t it may be difficult for them to win here.

Fredit BRION (BRO) vs. KT Rolster (KT) (7:00 AM EST) (-142 KT)

To conclude the slate two of the bottom three teams in the LCK at the moment will faceoff with BRO being winless at the moment and KT having one win. The mid-lanes are both of these team’s biggest flaws right now with KT having the worst of the two at -26.3, while BRO has a -23. Luckily, for BRO they have the higher damage dealer in Lava (35.1%) which should help massively for BRO’s chances. However, KT could edge them out objectively with BRO having 0% first tower rate which would harm their chances of capitalizing off their slaying. In other words, this match can go either way but the objective should help KT become victorious with Aiming being the closest damage dealer (31.4%) to Lava and possibly causing havoc in bot-lane.

(12k / 109.305)
(15.3k / 109.305)
(6.4k / 49.10)
(8.2k / 49.10)
(7k / 54.38)
(9k / 54.38)
(7.8k / 66.37)
(10.3k / 66.37)
(8k / 72.87)
(10.2k / 72.87)
(6k / 44.48)
(7.4k / 44.48)
EDward Gaming
(5.8k / 49.21)
(7.8k / 49.21)
(7.6k / 69.76)
(9.4k / 69.76)
(7.6k / 57.22)
(9.8k / 57.22)
Top Esports
(5.6k / 48.55)
(7.9k / 48.55)
KT Rolster
(5.4k / 41.90)
(7.4k / 41.90)
(5.2k / 43.09)
(7.6k / 43.09)
(9.6k / 68.985)
(13.35k / 68.985)
(6.4k / 45.99)
(8.9k / 45.99)
(6.8k / 35.80)
(10.1k / 35.80)
(7.4k / 52.25)
(9.3k / 52.25)
(5.4k / 38.50)
(6.8k / 38.50)
(5k / 39.31)
(7.8k / 39.31)
(6.4k / 38.30)
(8.3k / 38.30)


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