DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 19, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 19, 2022

KT Rolster (KT) vs. T1 Esports (T1) (4:00 AM EST) (-613 T1)

One of the remaining winless teams in the league at the moment in KT will kickoff the slate trying to rebound for their first win against a T1 team looking to extend their winning streak of one game so far. T1 has started the season as the strongest objectively so far with a 10 tower kill-rate which should give them edge there against KT who’ve had the least in the league so far at a 2.5 rate. Keria may end up being one of the highest contributors to the team’s objective with a 4.05 vspm (minions/monsters killed rate) for T1 in the support role. Also, Gumayusi may end up causing the most havoc in bot-lane (attack damage carry) which would bode well for T1 while Keria complements his teammates. Unfortunately, if Aiming ends up getting countered due to him dealing the most damage of both teams and KT loses objectively early this match may get ugly for them quick.

Anyone’s Legend (AL) vs. Bilibili Gaming (BLG) (4:45 AM EST) (-355 BLG)

Another team in the opposite league will also have a team in AL looking to rebound from a one-game loss against a BLG squad looking to extend their one game winning streak. The team overall slaying isn’t too far apart (AL- 1.10 K/D, BLG– 1.21 K/D) so the objective may become even more important. BLG has a massive advantage in this regard with a 68% dragon rate versus AL’s 29%. This would put more pressure on AL to continue capitalizing off their baron edge so far at a 50% rate versus 43% to help boost their abilities/damage. Betty may end up being AL’s best bet to help counter in the bot-lane and averaging the highest damage on the team at the moment. Unfortunately, BLG has the ability to match that with Doggo in the opposing bot-lane with slightly more damage at 29.5% with his teammate WeiWei being the most efficient of both teams with a 5.8 KDA. This should be enough edge for BLG to win especially if they prevent AL from getting baron.

 LNG Esports (LNG) vs. Thunder Talk Gaming (TT) (7:00 AM EST) (-443 LNG)

TT is currently the only winless team in the league at the moment and unfortunately have to faceoff with the second highest slaying team in LNG (1.38 team overall KD). This already gives LNG a boost in battles despite TT having a 100% first-blood rate. The fact that LNG has the highest baron rate in the league at the at 86% will only help them capitalize off slaying even more. Light has been the most consistent for LNG so far with an 8.2 KDA in bot-lane and leads the team in kill-participation so he should be expected to contribute the most in fights. Also, his teammate in mid-lane in Doinb isn’t too far behind him in efficiency with a 7.3 KDA (and at a discounted price on DraftKings) which gives LNG a good chance to slow down the opposing bot-lane in Ucal who is the only player closest to Light in slaying efficiency. TT would have to try and build off momentum early with their first-blood edge to keep up in this match Ucal’s battles in mid-lane will be crucial to the team’s success since he has contributed the most so far for his team. Regardless, LNG should be able to prevail here.

DW Kia (DK) vs. Liiv SANDBOX (LSB) (7:00 AM EST) (-811 DK)

To conclude the slate, both teams enter undefeated and one will extend their two-game winning streak. Team overall slaying is heavily in favor of LSB at the moment with a 2.38 team overall KD compared to DK’s 1.36 KD. The mid-lane has been LSB’s biggest edge so far with a 70.6 rate which is the highest in the league so far. This should allow Clozer to dominate the lane and it helps that he’s the most efficient for LSB with a 9.5 KDA along with a support teammate in Kael with the same efficiency. However, the lane control is exactly the same for both teams at a 50.3% rate so the battles should go back and forth. If there’s anyone that could be significant for their team’s success it would be deokdam in bot-lane due to having the highest damage of both teams currently (32.4%). There should be no surprise if LSB pulls off the upset here in what should be a match that goes down to the wire.

(12k / 99.630)
(15.15k / 99.630)
(6.8k / 46.98)
(7.7k / 46.98)
(7.2k / 57.62)
(9.3k / 57.62)
(7.8k / 62.70)
(9.5k / 62.70)
(8k / 66.42)
(10.1k / 66.42)
(6k / 48.66)
(7.3k / 48.66)
(5.4k / 51.04)
(7.8k / 51.04)
(11.4k / 97.710)
(15.3k / 97.710)
(6.6k / 55.71)
(8.1k / 55.71)
(7k / 56.18)
(9.3k / 56.18)
(7.8k / 64.82)
(9.4k / 64.82)
LNG Esports
(5.2k / 48.53)
(7.7k / 48.53)
(7.6k / 65.14)
(10.2k / 65.14)
Bilibili Gaming
(5k / 49.05)
(7.4k / 49.05)
(7.4k / 63.31)
(10.3k / 63.31)
(9k / 38.565)
(12.45k / 38.565)
(6.6k / 60.23)
(9.2k / 60.23)
(6.6k / 36.21)
(9.8k / 36.21)
(5.4k / 44.55)
(6.4k / 44.55)
(6k / 25.71)
(8.3k / 25.71)
(4.2k / 13.61)
(6.6k / 13.61)
(3.8k / 23.61)
(7.1k / 23.61)


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