Stanley Cup Finals – DraftKings & FanDuel NHL DFS Analysis: Game 2 – June 18, 2022

Stanley Cup Finals – DraftKings NHL DFS Analysis: Game 2 – June 18, 2022

Looking for a breakdown of options to play for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals?  Let’s take a look at our DraftKings breakdown to help navigate the slate for Game 2!

Saturday night gives us the second game of the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals after a fantastic first game that saw the Avs pick up a 4-3 OT win in a game that saw a little bit of everything.  We have seen Tampa (outside of the Series against Florida) improve as each series has moved deeper – and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do the same thing in the finals.  They were outshot 38-23 in game 1 by the Avs.  If you are looking for a deeper breakdown of my thoughts on the series, you can find it here in my game 1 breakdown.

In Game 1 for Colorado, their production came from the supporting cast (for the most part) with MacKinnon registering a single assist and Makar being held off of the scoresheet.  It was a night where getting some broad based diversification in builds would have been the way to go.  I don’t think this will happen twice (unless Vasilevskiy steals the show) – so unless I had a Vasilevskiy line-up, I wouldn’t be banking on another quiet night from MacKinnon and Makar and would probably go overweight expsoure on them in builds.  Nichuskin (0.73), MacKinnon (0.52), and Landeskog led the way for the Avs in game 1 in terms of their expected goals.  The second line for Colorado ended up being Compher between Rantanen and Burakowsky – so to me, that gives a significant bump up to Compher who remains a great option to get into some line-ups if you are looking to go beyond Colorado’s top line.  On the back-end for Colorado, I would proritize the defence options in order with: Makar, Toews, Johnson, Byram.  They should all continue to see heavy minutes tonight.  Finally – Kuemper is someone that I think you can avoid in net.  He was shaky in game 1 – and I find it unlikely that he’ll steal a game any time soon for Colorado.

For Tampa, the didn’t play as well as the surface stats indicate.  Colorado was the better team, but Kuemper was bad enough to keep Tampa in it.  I expect them to play better this time out.  I’d increase exposure to Vasilevskiy by 5-10% of builds for Game 2.  While regression to the mean is due, he does have a track record of getting better as the games get bigger and although statistically speaking the sample size is small – it’s a trend I have no problem continuing to play until I see it fail a few times.

As for the skaters, Brayden Point slotted in between Colton and Paul.  With Point’s return, Alex Killorn seemed to be the one that he replaced, with his time on the PP going significantly down in game 1.  This line intrigues me if you wanted to stack 2 of them for a twist on the field tonight.  If you want the big guns, Stamkos-Kucherov-Palat is the big line, and I would prioritize my order of preference to them the way that they are listed.  They were quite strong in Game 1 and were the only line for Tampa that controlled the play against Colorado.  On the back-end, at their respective price points, I like the idea of getting exposure to both Sergachev and Hedman (in that order).

We should be in store for a great Stanley Cup Finals between the two best teams in hockey.  Best of luck in your contest tonight, and I’ll be back with a breakdown for each of the games throughout the Stanley Cup Finals for Game 3 and beyond!

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