DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LEC) – June 19, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LEC) – June 19, 2022

No real surprises on Saturday unless you really thought Fnatic was going to dominate XL. It was quite the opposite, as XL played a complete game from start to finish, winning in 29-minutes with a 20-6 kill advantage. Elsewhere, Team Vitality took care of Misfits as predicted – this Misfits team looks pretty rough to start this split and while they have been a fan favorite of mine, they are going to need to flip the script quick or they are going to fall to irrelevance in a more competitive LEC this split. Mad Lions continued to look good with a win over SK moving them to 2-0. I have said it in both of my LEC articles that I fully expect Mad Lions to be a playoff team and a top-4 playoff team with the addition of Nisqy. Astralis and Team BDS played a slow grind game that was Astralis win the important fights. Wrapping up the day G2 and Rogue played an interesting game with Rogue dominating the objective in the first 20-minutes but losing the gold and kill count and then an Ace from G2 over the soul point really buried Rogue. After that there was no competition as G2 won in 25-minutes. Rogue now falls to 0-2 and G2 appears to be the early favorites in this league yet again.

On Sunday, we have a few large favorites in Team Vitality taking on BDS and Fnatic taking on SK. I expect both Vitality and Fnatic to come out on top here. Rogue and Mad Lions face off in what should be a banger of a match and will really show what we have with this Mad Lions team. Given the discount on them, I will be grabbing shares of them at their price. Misfits and Astralis is also a match that really should tell us who Misfits are. They open as a -140 favorite here, but with their slow start, I can see Astralis making this one competitive if not just winning outright. G2 and Excel is similar as G2 is a -200 favorite but Excel has arguably played the most complete two games so far in this split. I think both sides are in play here, especially with the low pricing on Excel. You likely will also get them at extremely low ownership. All that being said, G2 is still the cream of the crop right now after a dominating performance over Rogue, so I would be grabbing G2 ownership constantly no matter what.

Cheat Sheet

(11.4k / 34.035)
(15.15k / 34.035)
Broken Blade
(6.8k / 22.39)
(8k / 22.39)
(7.2k / 20.77)
(8.5k / 20.77)
(7.8k / 24.92)
(9.2k / 24.92)
(8k / 24.93)
(10.2k / 24.93)
(6.2k / 14.43)
(7.3k / 14.43)
Team Vitality
(5.6k / 18.60)
(7.9k / 18.60)
(11.4k / 31.740)
(15.45k / 31.740)
(7k / 19.92)
(8.2k / 19.92)
(7k / 21.84)
(8.6k / 21.84)
(7.6k / 21.16)
(10.3k / 21.16)
(7.6k / 22.69)
(10.1k / 22.69)
(6k / 16.78)
(7.4k / 16.78)
(5.4k / 17.65)
(7.8k / 17.65)
(10.8k / 32.100)
(13.65k / 32.100)
(6.2k / 17.60)
(8.1k / 17.60)
(6.8k / 20.49)
(7.9k / 20.49)
(7.2k / 21.40)
(9.1k / 21.40)
(7.2k / 21.86)
(9k / 21.86)
(5.6k / 17.66)
(7.2k / 17.66)
G2 Esports
(5.2k / 16.16)
(7.7k / 16.16)
(10.5k / 28.590)
(14.55k / 28.590)
(9.9k / 30.165)
(13.05k / 30.165)
(5.6k / 18.72)
(7.6k / 18.72)
(6.2k / 17.90)
(8.9k / 17.90)
(6.6k / 20.11)
(8.7k / 20.11)
(7k / 19.06)
(9.7k / 19.06)
(5.2k / 13.10)
(6.8k / 13.10)
MAD Lions
(4.2k / 13.05)
(7.3k / 13.05)

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