DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 18, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – June 18, 2022

LGD Gaming (LGD) vs. Victory 5 (V5) [-715]

We have a 5-game slate tonight that kicks off with a lopsided one on paper with V5 taking on LGD. LGD dropped their opening match against JDG though they were able to take one game off of them. Victory 5 cruised to an easy 2-0 win over ThunderTalk. Remember, V5 is still without Rookie, but Dream filled in nicely in mid lane and we didn’t really see any signs of slowing down from this team. The issue with V5 on this slate is they carry the top price tag at most positions. With five games, to roster V5 in a 4-stack, you are either going to need to CPTN a top (which is often not a winning strategy) or match the stack with an underdog. This slate has a bunch of larger favorites and I lean most of them on this slate. I think V5 is best used as a 3-stack here. It is important to note that Karsa has been benched in the jungle in favor of XLB for this one. Which saves us $200.

Gen.G (GEN) [-1050] vs. Hanwha Life ESports (HLE) 

Hanwha Life was able to take one game off of Kwangdong in their opening matchup but still fell 2-1. GenG swept KT Rolster with ease. On paper this one is very lopsided as GenG has huge lane advantages at each position but a massive edge in the jungle and mid lane. With odds that have four digits, we really can’t touch on them too much besides saying upsets sometimes happen, but you rarely can ever predict one of this size. GenG has won the last five meetings, sweeping three of them. Despite being the slate’s largest favorite though, they fall third for pricing in most positions. As always Chovy is my favorite target here, followed by Peanut.

Invictus Gaming (IG) vs. Top ESports (TES) [-460]

IG is a team that usually just ends up being a thorn in your side. They aren’t bad, but aren’t great. They have the ability to beat anyone at any time, and then when they are in a good matchup they have massive letdown moments. This is their third match of the year already, holding a loss to Weibo and a win over FPX. While the FPX win two years ago would be impressive, they just aren’t the same team right now. TES is also playing their third match of the split already, with a loss to JDG and a win over Team WE to their name. We already know the duo of Knight and JackeyLove have the ability to go off at any time, making them a great target in DFS. The fact that we get TES as a favorite here is also nice, though to no surprise Knight and Jackeylove come at a high price. The last two times these teams have met in the regular season IG has actually grabbed the win. In the semi’s of the Demacia Cup in 2021, TES swept IG. TES is the better team, and Wayward is establishing himself as a force in the top lane. There is letdown potential here, and the way pricing shakes out TES may be a tad over-priced. I view them as a high-ceiling GPP option with IG being a team that will go very low owned who has a fighting shot at a realistic upset.

DRX (DRX) [-277]  vs. Fredit Brion (BRO)

DRX last split was a slow and methodical objective-based team. Against Nongshim in their first match, they won both games winning the kill count 17-16. So while the 2-0 looks good, these games came down to the final team fights as the gold differences were not that wide. Fredit Brion ran into Damwon Kia in their first match and lost game one in the most boring fashion – a 3-0 kill count in 35-minutes. Talk about a slow burn. Game 2 had a bit more action, but Damwon won 16-14. Fredit made the playoffs with a losing record last year. The roster didn’t change at all. Hena is going to have some carry performances, but ultimately this team is just boring. Sorry to any Fredit Brion fans out there. Fredit let Damwon set the pace in their first match and DRX loves to control the pace as well. Unless both teams dance around each other uncomfortably and start a bunch of team fights I think they both just play meta. The meta in LOL right now is heavy healing and heavy shielding. Fun, I know. DRX is the better team here. Fredit is priced very low for technically being the best odds for an underdog. Slate’s like these are kind of tough with five pretty large favorites at the beginning of a new split. Everyone is just feeling everyone out.

Weibo Gaming (WBG) [-282] vs. Team WE (WE)

I think this ends up being the most important matchup of the night and here is why. First, Weibo is priced fourth or fifth at each position, which means they are affordable and fit into any 3 or 4 stack you are trying to build. On paper, Weibo is much better than Team WE and despite the 1-1 record, Weibo (formerly Suning) has been a mainstay in the playoffs for the LPL. With Angel and huanfeng managing the mid and bot lanes, not much is going to change here as each have proven to not only be massive carries, but they have also ranked near the top of the entire league for KDA and CS/M over the last few splits. Team WE on the other hand is going with a big shakeup tonight, starting Shanks in mid over Xiye, Smlz over Xing at ADC, and Heal over Kedaya at support. So three new starters for Team WE here already, though we have seen Shanks in mid for this team before. The edge still lies with WBG in mid lane and bot lane, but the matchup between TheShy and Biubiu and SofM and Beishang line up pretty equally. I am always hesitant when a team makes a big roster swing as you never know how they are going to gel together. WBG is the preferred play, but I also think they go heavily owned. Team WE is a very interest tournament option here as people not paying attention to roster moves could drop ownership even lower on actual starters.

Cheat Sheet

(11.4k / 114.345)
(15.15k / 114.345)
(6.8k / 50.71)
(8.2k / 50.71)
(7.2k / 65.57)
(8.2k / 65.57)
(7.8k / 73.49)
(8.2k / 73.49)
(8k / 76.37)
(10.2k / 76.37)
(6.2k / 50.56)
(7.3k / 50.56)
(5.8k / 55.04)
(7.9k / 55.04)
(11.1k / 105.495)
(15k / 105.495)
(6.4k / 53.63)
(8.1k / 53.63)
(7k / 55.71)
(8.5k / 55.71)
(7.4k / 67.20)
(10.3k / 67.20)
(7.6k / 62.27)
(9.2k / 62.27)
(5.8k / 40.59)
(7.4k / 40.59)
Victory Five
(5.6k / 48.76)
(7.8k / 48.76)
(11.1k / 100.800)
(15.45k / 100.800)
(10.8k / 98.355)
(12.3k / 98.355)
(6.2k / 53.54)
(7.9k / 53.54)
(6.6k / 56.23)
(8.9k / 56.23)
(7.2k / 70.62)
(9.1k / 70.62)
(7.4k / 70.33)
(10k / 70.33)
(5.4k / 34.46)
(7k / 34.46)
Weibo Gaming
(5.2k / 45.90)
(7.6k / 45.90)
(10.8k / 71.280)
(14.85k / 71.280)
(10.5k / 83.565)
(12.75k / 83.565)
(9.6k / 68.400)
(13.05k / 68.400)
(6k / 41.34)
(7.8k / 41.34)
(6.4k / 45.60)
(8.7k / 45.60)
(7k / 43.58)
(8.8k / 43.58)
(7.2k / 47.52)
(9.9k / 47.52)
(5.2k / 26.93)
(7.1k / 26.93)
(5k / 50.56)
(7.5k / 50.56)

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