The NBA Finals – DraftKings & FanDuel NBA DFS Analysis: Game 4 – June 10, 2022

The NBA Finals – DraftKings & FanDuel NBA DFS Analysis: Game 4 – June 10, 2022

Before diving into the Game 4 analysis here, our Game 1 analysis covered a little bit more of a series preview with some matchups. While things will change game to game, I think checking this one out as a reference point is helpful as the series progresses.

Key Injuries

  • Stephen Curry (P)
  • Andre Iguodala (Q)
  • Otto Porter Jr. (Q)
  • Robert Williams (Q)

Game 2 Optimal CPTN/MVP: Klay Thompson (CPTN)- Jayson Tatum (MVP)

Game 2 Optimal DraftKings Stack: 4-2 Boston 4- Golden State 2 (CPTN)

Game 2 Optimal FanDuel Stack: 3-2 Boston 3 (MVP)- Golden State 2

Favorite CPTN/MVP Options

Stephen Curry and Jayson Tatum are always going to be your top two options for your  MVP spot for the rest of this series. On FanDuel I am only going to roster one of those two guys in those spots. Instead of going into detail on why those two guys are your top options I wanted to focus on two guys that I am going to be slotting into my Captain spot on DraftKings. I believe rostering Curry and Tatum in just a utility spot on DraftKings due to the increase in salary at the Caption spot on DraftKings is the most optimal move.

Andrew Wiggins – Wiggins is not the cheapest player on this slate you can put in the Caption position but he is not uber expensive at $11,100 in salary. While he is not the cheapest he is my favorite player to roster in that spot as I love the way he has played in this series. Wiggins has been the Warriors’ second-best player in this series outside of Stephen Curry. In his three games, Wiggins is averaging 16.3 points, six rebounds, 1.3 assists, and 2.7 steals+blocks. Wiggins has at least 34 DraftKings points in two of the three games and going back to the start of the playoffs Wiggins has hit at least 29 fantasy points in 14 of his 19 games in the playoffs.

Grant Williams – If you are looking to go dirt cheap at the Caption position tonight so you can load up on all of the high-dollar plays on this slate Williams is not a bad option. Williams did not do much in the first two-game of this series with under 12 DraftKings points in each of the games but was sold in Game Three. In his 20 minutes of action, Williams went for 10 points, five rebounds, and a steal on his way to 18.25 DraftKings points. A similar outing is very likely for Williams tonight and once again rostering him in the Caption position would assure you of rostering almost anyone else you wanted on this slate

Salary Saving

Kevon Looney – Looney was a letdown from a fantasy perspective in Game Three but he was not actually bad. Looney still had a solid game especially at his salary on Wednesday with six points, seven rebounds, and three assists on his way to 17.75 fantasy points. The 17 fantasy points really seems to be Looney’s floor right now as he had at least 25 fantasy points in seven of his previous eight games.

Jordan Poole – Poole has not lit the world on fire in this series and is certainly not having the breakout party that some expected on the National Stage. With that said Poole has not been awful in this series and has been solid in the past two games scoring double-digits in each game with at least 17 fantasy points. Poole also showed in the Warriors Game Two win the kind of performances that he can have as he did go for 29 fantasy points in that game. I know asking for 29 fantasy points again tonight is asking for a lot and I might be crazy but I do think Poole gets there tonight as I believe he takes on more of the scoring role with Stephen Curry banged up.

Robert Williams – We need to watch the status of Williams tonight but if he plays which I expect to be the case then he is someone you are going to want exposure to as he looks to be Boston’s key to winning. In the Boston loss, Williams only played 14 minutes while producing a stat line of just two points and two rebounds on his way to ten fantasy points. In Boston’s two wins, Williams is averaging eight points, eight rebounds, four blocks, and two steals. Williams has at least 24 fantasy points in each of those games.

Cheat Sheets

Jayson Tatum
(16.8k / 78.615)
(23.25k / 75.075)
Stephen Curry
(11k / 52.40)
(16k / 50.05)
Jaylen Brown
(9.8k / 43.84)
(14k / 41.86)
Jayson Tatum
(11.2k / 52.41)
(15.5k / 50.05)
Jaylen Brown
(14.7k / 65.760)
(21k / 62.790)
Andrew Wiggins
(11.1k / 55.020)
(18k / 52.530)
Marcus Smart
(7.8k / 34.00)
(10.5k / 32.49)
Klay Thompson
(7.2k / 37.73)
(10k / 36.06)
Andrew Wiggins
(7.4k / 36.68)
(12k / 35.02)
Al Horford
(7.6k / 34.98)
(11.5k / 33.42)
Kevon Looney
(6.4k / 20.61)
(11k / 19.69)
Robert Williams
(9.3k / 44.670)
(12.75k / 42.675)
Robert Williams
(6.2k / 29.78)
(8.5k / 28.45)
Grant Williams
(6.6k / 22.350)
(12k / 21.330)
Derrick White
(6k / 27.66)
(9k / 26.41)
Grant Williams
(4.4k / 14.90)
(8k / 14.22)
Jordan Poole
(5.8k / 22.91)
(9.5k / 21.88)
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