The NBA Finals – DraftKings & FanDuel NBA DFS Analysis: Game 2 – June 5, 2022

The NBA Finals – DraftKings & FanDuel NBA DFS Analysis: Game 2 – June 5, 2022

Before diving into Game 2 analysis here, our Game 1 analysis covered a little bit more of a series preview with some matchups. While things will change game to game, I think checking this one out as a reference point is helpful as the series progresses.

Key Injuries

  • Otto Porter (Q)
  • Andre Iguodala (OUT)
  • Gary Payton (Q)

Game 1 Optimal CPTN/MVP: Steph Curry

Game 1 Optimal DraftKings Stack: Boston 4-Golden State 2 (CPTN)

Game 1 Optimal FanDuel Stack: 4-1 Boston 4-Curry MVP

Favorite CPTN/MVP Options

Jayson Tatum – Tatum still paced the way with minutes here, occupying the floor for 42 total minutes at 24.3% usage. Tatum finished with 40.75 fantasy points on DraftKings which is more towards the floor than anything. But when we factor in that he shot just 3-of-17 from the floor the 40.75 fantasy points is a little more impressive. The fact that the Celtics were able to win this game with their leader shooting this poorly also says a lot about this team. Shooting percentage is relatively unpredictable – sure defense plays into it, but I don’t view any defensive assignment here as more difficult than what Tatum faced against Milwaukee or Miami. The 12 points scored was Tatum’s second-lowest output of these entire playoffs and only the fourth time he has fallen below 20 points. I think this is more an outlier than anything as Tatum has been good for one dud in each series so far. This performance could lower the ownership a bit here, but he still holds the highest ceiling on the Celtics.

Steph Curry – It wasn’t Marcus Smart, but actually Derrick White that temporarily slowed Steph Curry down after a red hot start. Steph still scored 34 points on 12-of-15 shooting and 7-of-14 from three-point range. The 56+ fantasy points led the entire slate and CPTN Curry was optimal from Game 1 on both DraftKings and FanDuel. Curry ended up attempting 11 more shots than Klay Thompson and 10 more than Andrew Wiggins. Jordan Poole only attempted seven shots and only made two. Going forward, despite Poole’s strong play this post-season, I think this series is in the hands of Curry. I know that is nothing shocking to say, but now down a game at home, I think we are lined up for another high-volume Curry game. Regardless Marcus Smart or Derrick White, Curry is Curry. Expect this play to carry substantial ownership.

Al Horford – I didn’t want my three CPTN options here to be exactly the same from the Game 1 write-up, but I don’t think enough has changed to go with anyone else. Tatum carries the highest ceiling for the Celtics. Curry is the highest for the Warriors, and Horford continues to produce in a big way. Even with Robert Williams back in the rotation Horford still played 33 minutes at 21.4% usage. That usage rate was Horford’s highest since March 18th – before the playoffs even started. So is the usage an outlier? The data would force us to label it that as we only saw these numbers a handful of times this year. Horford was also hot from the field and stopped his 3-for-17 shooting slump by going 9-for-12. The return of Robert Williams did shrink the rebounds here, but Williams himself only pulled down six. Williams will continue to play minutes in the low 20’s, and Horford’s resurgence isn’t going to lessen his playing time. More importantly, the price on Horford didn’t change on DraftKings and jumped by $500 on FanDuel. I prefer this as a DraftKings play personally, but Horford was in the winning lineup in Game 1

Salary Saving

Otto Porter Jr. – Porter returned to the floor after missing Games 4 and 5 against the Mavericks in the Conference Finals. Prior to the injury, Porter was seeing between 21 and 26 minutes and he saw 24 in his return to the floor here. Porter is typically going to be viewed as a defensive guy but shot 4-for-5 with four rebounds and two steals. Porter is averaging 5.5/4.1/2.2 throughout the playoffs and the minutes here are reassuring that the Warriors aren’t placing any restrictions here. This can be a hit-or-miss play, but Porter has scored 19 or more fantasy points in his last seven contests (excluding the game he was injured and only played seven minutes). Porter currently has a Q tag, but I lean towards him playing.

Andre Iguodala

UPDATE: Iguodala is out tonight with a knee injury.

This is just the full punt play if you choose to build your rosters that way. Iggy comes in at just $1,400 but saw 12 minutes in Game 1 in his first-floor action since April 24th against the Nuggets. With Iguodala healthy, he should continue to play a role in the low-teens. While it is hard to really give a realistic outlook on this play, for people who choose to build their showdown lineups on DraftKings with one full punted player, Iguodala at least still gives you a 5-15 point fantasy window, instead of eating a 0 on a min priced player to jam the studs up top you can grab a handful of points here. With the Warriors down a game at home, it’s hard to see the minutes increasing at all here so I wouldn’t expect much but the basement price keeps this in play. While Iggy picked up a Q tag late Saturday, nothing has point to him sitting yet.

Cheat Sheets

Jayson Tatum
(15.6k / 80.955)
(24k / 77.340)
Stephen Curry
(10.6k / 53.77)
(15.5k / 51.38)
Jaylen Brown
(9.6k / 45.17)
(14k / 43.15)
Jayson Tatum
(10.4k / 53.97)
(16k / 51.56)
Stephen Curry
(15.9k / 80.655)
(23.25k / 77.070)
Al Horford
(11.4k / 55.365)
(19.5k / 52.875)
Marcus Smart
(8k / 32.94)
(12k / 31.46)
Klay Thompson
(7.4k / 39.76)
(11.5k / 37.98)
Andrew Wiggins
(7.2k / 38.73)
(11k / 37.00)
Al Horford
(7.6k / 36.91)
(13k / 35.25)
Kevon Looney
(6.8k / 23.22)
(9.5k / 22.18)
Draymond Green
(7k / 40.00)
(12.5k / 38.18)
Derrick White
(8.1k / 40.950)
(12.75k / 39.105)
Derrick White
(5.4k / 27.30)
(8.5k / 26.07)
Andre Iguodala
(1.4k / 0.00)
(6k / 0.00)
Otto Porter
(4.6k / 23.62)
(7.5k / 22.56)
Robert Williams
(6.4k / 28.65)
(9k / 27.35)
Payton Pritchard
(3.6k / 8.15)
(7k / 7.78)
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