DraftKings CoD Esports DFS Rundown (CDL) – May 22, 2022

DraftKings CoD Esports DFS Rundown (CDL) – May 22, 2022

Los Angeles Guerrillas (LAG) vs. Paris Legion (PAR) (3:00 PM EST) (-145 LAG)

Arguably the worst matchup on the slate with both teams struggling as of late but can potentially go the distance. PAR have been on a four-game losing streak while LAG brought back Gunless to the starting lineup last game but are still on a six-game losing streak. The last time these teams faced off was recently In the Pro-Am Classic which PAR ended up winning 3-2. Jimbo played a large part in the dominance for PAR in the past series with a 1.58 K/D overall as the submachine gun main and takeover in the control gametype specifically with a 1.87 K/D. Unfortunately, LAG have been winless in the control gametype since the last matchup and have yet to win a hardpoint (0-5) as well so the start of the series will be crucial for momentum. The assault rifle mains for PAR have been the most consistent in the hardpoints (GRVTY/Temp) and with Temp having more engagements of the two (47.6) he may end up doing most of the damage. Regardless both teams have been struggling as of late and PAR are coming off a back-to-back in which they were swept 3-0. That being said this could still go either way but PAR should have the edge.

Atlanta FaZe (ATL) vs. OpTic Texas (OTX) (4:30 PM EST) (-115 ATL)

The battle of the top two teams in the game will go underway here and should go the distance despite OTX having a fill-in (PROLUTE) for iLLeY. OTX have been 2-0 so far with PROLUTE and in dominant 3-0 victories so it will be interesting to see how they perform against ATL. ATL have been on a two-game win streak as well and the last team they lost to was OTX 2-3. Cellium acknowledged yesterday after ATL’s win that his team have been working on search and destroy’s which happened to be the only gametype they couldn’t defeat OTX in last time. On the other hand, ATL have been 2-0 in the gametype while OTX have been 3-0 since their last matchup so this rematch should rely heavily on it. PROLUTE was known for his search and destroy dominance in the challenger’s scene and brought over his confidence to the pros with a 2.22 K/D so far which may be difficult to maintain against ATL but if he performs anywhere close to that it’d be difficult for OTX to lose here. Dashy maintaining his dominance overall and a 1.83 K/D should complement Prolute and his other OTX well too in this gametype as he anchors the main assault rifle role. This also gives OTX a chance to counter ATL’s most valuable player at the moment in Cellium. All in all, this series should go down to the wire once again and there should be no surprise with the way PROLUTE has been adjusting if OTX pulls off an upset here.

Toronto Ultra (TOR) vs. New York Subliners (NYS) (6:00 PM EST) (-163 NYS)

Another series that can go the distance will conclude the series and TOR are coming off a painful series in which they were reverse swept by the team that has done it to them the most last game. NYS also defeated TOR in the semi-finals of the Pro-AM Classic 3-1 so it’ll be interesting to see how TOR bounces back this game. Hardpoints have been TOR’s gametype they needed to improve in most so getting a statement win in the beginning of the series would be significant to their chances of revenge. Although TOR have improved on the gametype and have performed best on it compared to the other gametypes (3-1 record), NYS have done better with a 5-2 record on it. Insight has a chance to counter the most engaging player in the mode (PaulEhx) when both the assault rifle mains clash. Also, Insight has been the most consistent of both teams with a 1.19 K/D in hardpoints. With search and destroy being 2-2 records for both teams it can go either way but TOR has to win a hardpoint to increase their chances and they may get it done this series which may result in successful revenge.

(15k / 7.500)
(10k / 5.00)
Paris Legion
(3.6k / 5.00)
(12.6k / 7.500)
(9.8k / 5.00)
Optic Texas
(3.4k / 5.00)
(12.6k / 7.500)
(8.8k / 5.00)
(8.6k / 5.00)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(8.4k / 5.00)
Toronto Ultra
(2.2k / 5.00)

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