DraftKings CS:GO Esports DFS Rundown (PGL Major Antwerp) – May 14, 2022

DraftKings CS:GO Esports DFS Rundown (PGL Major Antwerp) – May 14, 2022

Team Liquid (TL) vs. Heroic (HERO) (6:00 AM EST) (-183 HERO)

TL will look to kick off the slate extending their three-game winning streak against a HERO squad looking to rebound from their one-game loss. TL was also able to sweep HERO in the previous matchup these teams had so even though HERO is ranked higher than TL at the moment they can’t be taken for granted. The most efficient slayer in that matchup was oSee of TL with a positive kill-death differential. Luckily, for TL oSee is the main sniper/anchor and second efficient slayer (1.22 K/D) of TL so he can still cause havoc for HERO. The opposing sniper in cadiaN is not that far from oSee consistency wise (1.19 K/D), but was kept in check last game and had a negative kill-death differential. That being said oSee’s assistance should help the leading slayer for TL at the moment in NAF (1.30 K/D) to help lead TL to victory.

Bad News Eagles (BNE) vs. Copenhagen Flames (CPHF) (6:00 AM EST) (-163 CPHF)

The rankings are fairly close within this matchup with BNE entering at 26th versus CPHF at 14th. Unfortunately, for BNE the majority of their slaying was relied on heavily from juanflatroo who has regressled slightly but still dealing 81.5 damage per round as a rifleman. Three of the four players from CPHF are slightly under that rate (70+) of damage but they still may have an edge with half the BNE team is under a 1 kill-death ratio. That being said, BNE may struggle here unless rigoN is able to repeat a double-digit positive kill-death differential to help his team even more with slaying. However, the fact that CPHF’s most efficient player in nicoodoz is one of those players with 70+ damage and the most efficient with a 1.24 as his team’s main sniper/anchor he could possibly make kills easier for his teammates.

Team Vitality (VIT) vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP) (7:00 AM EST) (-157 VIT)

VIT has been streaking as of late and perform well the majority of the time when their lead sniper/anchor in ZywOo performs well. With NIP’s main sniper in es3tag dealing the least amount of damage on the team this could lead to ZywOo dominating in this matchup. Also, the fact that ZywOo currently has a 1.50 K/D this bodes well for him to give VIT the edge. VIT also swept NIP the last time these teams met 3-0 and with ZywOo having his way (+28 kill-death differential), which could make a case for a similar scenario to happen here. NIP has the highest damage dealer of both sides in REZ (85.7) but his contribution alone won’t be enough and he was held to a negative kill-death differential last time so it’s possibly there may be some struggle again.

Team ENCE (ENCE) vs. FaZe Clan (FAZE) (8:00 AM EST) (-159 FAZE)

One of the two teams in the top three ranking wise (ENCE- 3rd, FAZE- 2nd) will now faceoff which should go the distance. However, FAZE won the previous match these teams had in a series 3-1. The snipers of both teams went at it in the previous matchup as well with both having double-digit kill-death differentials, but broky having the slight edge (+19 to hades’ +15). This may result in another sniper duel and broky may have the edge once again with more consistency (1.28 K/D compared to hades’ 1.03). Also, broky has the higher assist rate of 0.13 versus hades’ 0.10, which may complement the other FAZE players well. In addition, ropz has been on a tear as of late for FAZE and currently the most efficient rifleman of both teams with a 1.36 K/D. The fact that FAZE has three players within that range of slaying consistency should make the battle tough for ENCE since Spinx is their only player within that caliber of slaying.

G2 Esports (G2) vs. Natus Vincere (NATUS) (9:00 AM EST) (-133 NATUS)

G2 has the strongest win streak on the slate at six games in a row but will face off with arguably one of if not the best sniper in the game in s1mple of G2. In other words, this may end up as another sniper duel. Although, m0NESY is a talented young sniper on the rise he still hasn’t reached the consistency (1.16 K/D) of s1mple as of late (1.63 K/D) so he may not have the edge in the majority of their duels. However, G2 did defeat NATUS the last time they met in a series 2-0. That wat also done with G2’s most efficient slayer in NiKo being the third efficient player in that series. S1mple was the only efficient slayer for NATUS, so in order for them to win most likely he’d need his teammates to step up. NiKo has potential to rebound here which may increase G2’s chances since no one on NATUS has close to 90+ damage per round.

Imperial (IMP) vs. Berlin International Gaming (BIG) (9:00 AM EST) (-183 BIG)

IMP has been on the rise and will look to extend their two-game winning streak but against another higher ranked team in BIG (15th compared to their 32nd). However, syrsoN has potential to anchor well for his team due to him being the most efficient player of both teams with a 1.31 K/D. On the other hand, despite FalleN being the less efficient, he’s been dominating as of late with two double-digit positive kill-death differential games in a row. This match may go the distance because of that and fer is dealing the most damage out of both teams with an 82.9 rate. In conclusion, there’s potential for IMP to pull off an upset here, especially if FalleN is able to keep his momentum going to slow down syrsoN but the performance of both will be crucial to their team’s success.

(14.1k / 7.500)
(9.4k / 5.00)
(13.5k / 7.500)
(9.2k / 5.00)
(9k / 5.00)
(8.2k / 5.00)
(8k / 5.00)
(9.3k / 7.500)
(7.6k / 5.00)
(7k / 5.00)
(6.2k / 5.00)

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