DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (MSI) – May 13, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (MSI) – May 13, 2022

PSG Talon (PSG) vs. Red Canids (RED) (2:00 AM EST) (-303 PSG)

A rematch kicks off the slate with PSG coming off a win, and RED coming off a loss, but RED prevailing in the previous matchups these two had. PSG was unable to get any kills in this matchup which will be very problematic if they consistently perform at that rate. The cs rate (monsters/minions killed) was very close for both teams at first but RED closed out on top within their jungle share at a 51% rate to PSG’s 49%. Fortunately, the jungle main in Aegis has still been the most consistent slayer for RED with a 3.6 KDA so he may end up performing well in this lane once again after being the leading slayer for RED in the last matchup. However, Hanabi has been the most efficient slayer out of both teams up to this point with a 5.5 KDA in top lane so there is a likely counter in this regard and may make this match closer.

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) vs. Istanbul Wildcats (IW) (2:50 AM EST) (-913 RNG)

RNG remain undefeated in this event so far and faceoff with an IW squad that hasn’t performed their best objectively as of late. Due to RNG having the highest dragon rate of 91.7 they should have a high edge objectively which automatically puts IW at a disadvantage. Ming and Wei both having close to double digit KDA’s (9.3/9.2), along with xiaohu averaging a 14 KDA so far which should also boost RNG’s chances of out-slaying IW. Not to mention IW’s most efficient slayer in Serin would have to battle with xiaohu the majority of the time. That being said this may end up being one of the first one-sided matchups in favor of RNG.

Istanbul Wildcats (IW) vs. PSG Talon (PSG) (3:40 AM EST) (-238 PSG)

Unfortunately, IW would have to come off a match against one of the best teams in the stage against a team that defeated them already this stage in PSG. Farfetch was the only player for IW to get kills in the last faceoff these teams had as a support main and sadly for IW, he has been the least efficient slayer since then. This should lead to Hanabi possibly having a balanced kill and assist game with little to no deaths once again due to his 30.5% damage rate which has been the most out of both teams so far. The dragons per game has been at a 1.3 rate for both teams as well so IW may find themselves struggling to keep up this game.

Red Canids (RED) vs. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) (4:30 AM EST) (-1175 RNG)

RED may not be pleased to faceoff with RNG once again after being defeated by them already and barely succeeding objectively. GALA dominated in bot-lane (attack damage carry) with kills in double-digits and may end up performing well again due to having the most damage (33.1%) on RNG entering this slate. With RNG entering this slate as one of the best objective teams RED may find themselves down early in this match. Also, with RNG having success at getting baron in-game (100% rate) to boost their damage/abilities they can possibly destroy RED in this rematch. The early game momentum would be RED’s best chance to work towards an upset with their 100% first blood-rate compared to RNG’s 66.7%.

Red Canids (RED) vs. Istanbul Wildcats (IW) (5:20 AM EST) (-128 IW)

Another rematch would go underway as RED face the likelihood of losing this game right after likely being dominated by RNG. The objective was close in the previous faceoff though with RED having a slight edge of seven towers versus IW’s four. However, IW may have a chance to start off the match stronger in this regard with a 66.7% first tower rate versus RED’s 0% at the moment. The fact that IW has the third worst mid-lane entering this slate could cause this game to go either way though. Serin of IW is dealing more damage than the opposing mid-laner in Grevthar though so there’s a chance he holds his own (23.1% versus 19.9%). All in all, the objective should be the main factor in this match and IW has the edge in that regard so they should prevail.

PSG Talon (PSG) vs. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) (6:10 AM EST) (-363 RNG)

To conclude the slate, RNG gets the benefit of facing a PSG team that they’ve already defeated this stage. Fortunately, for RNG xiaohu was the leading slayer with a 7 KDA and averaging double that which may be trouble for PSG. PSG still may struggle objectively here as well especially with a negative cs differential which may result in monsters/minions slowing them down. On the other hand, RNG has a +87 cs differential which should make slaying for them easier in this rematch. PSG’s best edge may end up being their mid-lane with a 9.3 rate compared to RNG’s, but with xiaohu becoming more relied on by RNG to slay efficiently, PSG may be out of luck.

(12.6k / 127.395)
(15.15k / 45.225)
(6.8k / 60.01)
(8.3k / 20.56)
(7.2k / 74.31)
(8.6k / 24.31)
(8.2k / 78.35)
(9.7k / 27.88)
(8.4k / 84.93)
(10.1k / 30.15)
(6.2k / 58.65)
(7.2k / 21.32)
Royal Never Give Up
(5.2k / 53.10)
(7.7k / 24.00)
(12.3k / 117.525)
(14.55k / 41.820)
(10.8k / 111.465)
(12.9k / 36.465)
(6.6k / 43.40)
(8.4k / 17.65)
(5.4k / 29.67)
(7.6k / 14.20)
(6.6k / 51.70)
(8.4k / 12.65)
(6.8k / 47.85)
(9.5k / 18.65)
(5k / 40.86)
(6.6k / 14.55)
RED Kalunga
(4k / 23.97)
( / 16.00)
(5k / 48.77)
(8k / 15.44)
(6.2k / 49.91)
(8.6k / 15.45)

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