DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (MSI) – May 12, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL DFS Rundown (MSI) – May 12, 2022

G2 Esports (G2) vs. ORDER (ORD) (4:50 AM EST) (-1288 G2)

G2 will look to start off the slate attempting to extend their three-game winning streak against a winless ORD team at the moment. ORD has had the second worst mid-lane in this league so far which will be an exploit G2 can take advantage of right away. Caps kill-participation increased even more and he still has the highest at 79.3% in mid-lane for G2 so he’s likely to dominate in this match. Having teammates with double-digit positive KDA’s (Flakked/Targamas) should complement Caps well in battles as well. The objective has been a struggle for ORD as well and they’ve yet to get a first tower so they may end up getting dominated here.

PSG Talon (PSG) vs. Istanbul Wildcats (IW) (5:40 AM EST) (-288 PSG)

Slaying has not gone well for PSG so far as the start off as the second lowest team in overall kill-death ratio of (0.75). This may result in them trying even more to achieve the objective. Unfortunately, PSG’s dragon rate is low at the moment (17%) compared to IW’s 67%, therefore they can’t rely mainly on that regard. Azhi of PSG may be his team’s best hope in them having a fighting chance, due to him being the most consistent as of late in top-lane with a 2.3 KDA. However, the opposing top laner in StarScreen has a 2.3 KDA as well and is dealing more damage (28.6% compared to Azhi’s 22%). In other words, this match may end up going in favor of IW.

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) vs. Red Canids (RED) (6:30 AM EST) (-1050 RNG)

RNG remains one of the three only undefeated teams in this stage so far and face off with a RED squad looking to rebound off of one loss. The dragon rate starting strong for RNG (100%) may give RED some trouble objectively (49.3%) in this match as well, but both teams were able to receive baron to increase their damage/abilities last game so they may try to do the same this game. However, RNG should have a better chance of doing so this game due to having more lane control than RED (57.9% vs. 48.8%). Also, the jungle lane may end up being an edge for RNG as well with a 57.9% rate compared to RED’s 49.3%. This should set up Wei to do well as the jungle main for RNG and most efficient slayer at the moment with a 9.3 KDA. Bin being one of the most dominant slayers in the stage right now with a 21 KDA may become problematic for RED as well. In other words, since RED may be at a disadvantage here objectively, they may have to rely on slaying more which will be tough for them to get an edge in here.

Saigon Buffalo (SGB) vs. Team AZE (AZE) (7:20 AM EST) (-155 SGB)

SGB has been the most successful team at receiving baron at a 1.50 rate in this event which will continue to help them in damage/abilities if it continues that way. This would make matters even worse for AZE who has struggled the most out of any team so far slaying wise with a 0.15 KDA. No one on AZE has been able to reach a 1 KDA but their top laner in Lonely has been dealing the most damage at 39.2% which will be crucial for them to put up a good fight. No one on SGB is dealing that much damage but with AZE unable to get any wins thus far relying on him it may be tough to defeat a team that’s had increased damage and abilities within game in their previous games. SGB have also had a 100% first tower rate which should help with their objective, as well as a positive cs differential compared to AZE’s negative cs differential.

T1 Esports (T1) vs. Detonation FocusMe (DFM) (8:10 AM EST) (-1063 T1)

The strongest slaying team in the stage so far in T1 should be able to capitalize in this matchup, especially having the best mid-lane in the stage at 24.2 against the worst mid-lane team so far in DFM (-25.7). The fact that T1 has two players with 20+ KDA’s which may already be a headache for DFM to deal with. Fortunately, one of those two players in Faker is the mid-lane main for T1 and has a huge edge. Also, if T1 continues to obtain baron like they have as of late (100%) they should make keeping up in battle for DFM very difficult. DFM’s most reliable player in Yaharong is in mid-lane for DFM which makes it even more tough because he’d have to deal with the opposing top slayer from T1. In conclusion, this may end as another one-sided game in favor of T1.

(11.4k / 48.555)
( / 48.555)
(6.8k / 21.55)
(8.2k / 21.55)
(7.4k / 23.53)
(8.4k / 23.53)
(7.8k / 25.24)
(9.4k / 25.24)
(8k / 26.90)
(10.1k / 26.90)
(6.4k / 19.64)
(7.5k / 19.64)
(6k / 18.88)
(7.9k / 18.88)
(11.1k / 36.105)
(14.25k / 36.105)
(7.2k / 25.91)
(9.2k / 25.91)
(7.6k / 32.37)
( / 32.37)
(7.8k / 32.59)
( / 32.59)
(6k / 21.85)
( / 21.85)
Royal Never Give Up
(5.8k / 19.45)
(7.8k / 19.45)
(11.1k / 35.295)
(12.6k / 35.295)
G2 Esports
(5.6k / 20.06)
( / 20.06)
Saigon Buffalo
(5.2k / 2.39)
(7.5k / 2.39)
(5.8k / 10.98)
(7.6k / 10.98)
(6.6k / 18.20)
(8.6k / 18.20)
fastPay Wildcats
(4.6k / 10.77)
(7.4k / 10.77)

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