DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCS) – January 21, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCS) – January 21, 2022

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) v.s. Dignitas (5:30 PM EST) (-115 CLG)

DIG have recovered in their recent win and now will face a CLG squad that’s trying to rebound from two losses. The battle of the mid-lane will be crucial for the victory on either side since CLG has been the best in that aspect (38.87 rating) while DIG has been the fourth efficient in that regard. Palafox is the mid-lane main for CLG and more pressure will be on him and his teammate Luger since they are the only two on the team with KDA’s over 1. However, since DIG has more efficient slaying in other aspects (top lane specifically), FakeGod may have a chance to counter CLG’s opposing top-laner in Jenkins who has been the least kill-participator as of late for CLG. That being said this match may end up being close still regardless of the mid-lane edge for CLG and can go either way.

100 Thieves (100) v.s. Cloud9 (C9) (6:30 PM EST) (-163 100)

C9 has been the top team in Group A as of late and are undefeated and will now face the second-best team in the group in 100. The slaying is on the higher end for both squads (C9- 2.08 K/D, 100- 1.83) so it may come down more to who does the objective better than the other. 100 does have the second-worst middle lane rating at the moment though (-22.5) so this could be an opening C9 takes advantage of. Fudge should perform well as C9’s mid-laner and happens to be the highest kill-participator on his team as well (32%). Therefore, C9 may get even more of an edge in battle as they try to succeed objectively. This should help C9 drastically too because their first tower rate is less (33%) than 100’s 67%. Therefore, this is another potential match that can go down to the wire.

Immortals (IMT) v.s. Team Liquid (TL) (7:30 PM EST) (-328 TL)

IMT have not had the start they wanted so far this season and find themselves at the bottom of the standings, and now face a TL team that’s in the middle of the pack of teams, but second in Group B. TL should have a strong advantage slaying wise due to their 1.48 team overall kill-death ratio compared to IMT’s 0.61. IMT also has the lowest dragon rate of 25% in the league which may cause them to struggle for the objective even more in this matchup due to TL having almost double that rate (45%). Fortunately for TL they have three really strong slayers in the middle, attack-damage carry and support roles with KDA’s north of ten with Hans sama leading the way and killing monsters/minions the most (9.8 cspm rating). IMT should have a really tough time succeeding in this match and there should be no surprise if they are dominated.

Golden Guardians (GG) v.s. Team Solo Mid Academy (TSM) (8:30 PM EST) (-120 TSM)

Another matchup with teams toward the end of the standings will go underway here as GG will try to get their first win against a TSM trying to rebound from their recent loss. The dragon control rate is heavily in favor of GG (42%) versus TSM’s 27% so despite the slaying being close for both teams (0.57 team overall K/D for TSM, 0.50 for GG) GG has a chance to prevail in this matchup. Ry0ma’s performance will be crucial to GG’s success though as their mid-laner and highest kill-participator with 64%. The only problem is that GG has been struggling heavily in the mid-lane with a -25.7 rating, compared to TSM’s -0.2 which also hasn’t been great. But with GG’s most relied on slayer being a part of their team’s biggest flaw TSM chances to become victorious can’t be overlooked. Instinct and Hyper are both the most efficient slayers out of both teams (2, and 2.3 KDA’s and 64% kill-contributors) so this may be just enough to give TSM the edge in a potentially close matchup.

Hans sama
(11.4k / 21.885)
(13.8k / 21.885)
(6.6k / 12.67)
(8.3k / 12.67)
(7.2k / 19.10)
(8.2k / 19.10)
(7.8k / 14.97)
(10.2k / 14.97)
Hans sama
(7.6k / 14.59)
(9.2k / 14.59)
(5.6k / 10.75)
( / 10.75)
Team Liquid
(5.6k / 17.55)
(7.9k / 17.55)
(10.5k / 23.160)
(13.8k / 23.160)
(7k / 17.14)
(8.1k / 17.14)
100 Thieves
(5.2k / 16.22)
(7.4k / 16.22)
(6.2k / 17.47)
(7.8k / 17.47)
(6.6k / 11.30)
( / 11.30)
(7k / 15.44)
(9.2k / 15.44)
(7.4k / 18.12)
(8.3k / 18.12)
(5k / 8.08)
(7.1k / 8.08)
Team SoloMid
(5k / 15.75)
(7.7k / 15.75)
(6.4k / 22.17)
(9k / 22.17)
(6.8k / 14.90)
(9.3k / 14.90)
(7.2k / 15.88)
(10.1k / 15.88)
Counter Logic Gaming
(4.8k / 13.29)
(7.8k / 13.29)
(6.4k / 16.63)
(9.4k / 16.63)
(7k / 19.36)
(9.6k / 19.36)
(5.6k / 15.25)
(7.6k / 15.25)
(4.8k / 8.22)
(6.7k / 8.22)



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