DraftKings NFL Strategy: Analyzing Winning GPP Lineups Week 18

NFL DFS: Breaking down tournament winning DraftKings NFL lineups and fantasy football strategy – Week 18

How do you win NFL tournaments on DraftKings? Let’s dig in and find out.

NFL 2021-week-18 $20 150 Max Entries 177020 Total Entries

The Milly Maker ended with 147 users max entering 150 lineups, while 18 turned a profit. One of the top 5 placing lineups was entered by a 150 max user. jblaketheking won the day with 150 entries, 131 players used, and 19 unique teams stacked. jblaketheking cashed 47 lineups and took home the one million dollar purse.

week18 winner


Breaking it all down.

In this series of articles, I’ll be referencing the players directly correlated to the QB as “primary stacks,” any other correlation will be counted as a “secondary stack.”

This lineup features a four-player LAR QB/WR/TE/OPP-WR primary stack, spending $24,000. We have a two-player SEA@ARI RB/WR secondary stack, spending $12,700. We’ll also be keeping track of the FLEX spot, and this lineup goes with a WR, spending $9,700. In total, the lineup used $50,000 in salary and carried a 78.9% ownership percentage sum.

Takeaways and observations.

QB/WR (19.5%) was the most popular stack construction in this tournament, followed by QB/WR/OPP (9.5%). There was a lot of variety at the top, as the top 4 lineups in this tournament all featured different QBs. Jauan Jennings was the clear differentiator for this lineup, scoring 27.4 fantasy points at 0.2% ownership.

Final Thoughts

In this weekly article, we will continue to try and answer the question,How do you win NFL Tournaments on DraftKings?

That’s a wrap on the 2021 NFL season, hopefully, this article gave you some ideas to improve your NFL process. We’ll be back next season.

All data was gathered and analyzed using the Lineup Study on FantasyCruncher. Lineup Study is an FC PRO add-on; gain full access to Lineup Study, our platform to research and learn about your opponents. Analyze how the top players build their lineups to take your game to the next level. Stop guessing and start learning.

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By Dustin Shook

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