DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LEC) – January 14, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LEC) – January 14, 2022

Mad Lions (MAD) v.s. Team Vitality (VIT) (12:00 PM EST) (-163 VIT)

After finishing as the second highest winning team in the playoffs MAD will look to continue their success against the worst finishing team in the standings in VIT. The middle lane was one of MAD’s biggest threats to other teams during the playoffs with a 25.6 compared to VIT’s 7.9 which could be a potential problem for VIT. This bodes well for the mid-laner in Humanoid of MAD to take advantage if VIT continue down this path. VIT’s best chances of keeping it close may come off a strong start since they finished with a higher first-blood rate of 60% compared to MAD’s 55%.

Rogue (RGE) v.s. SK Gaming (SK) (1:00 PM EST) (-240 RGE)

RGE was in the middle of the pack standings wise last season but on the worst side and now faceoff with a bottom tier team as well in SK. Jezu finished as one of the more efficient slayers in the attack-damage carry position for SK with a 3.5 KDA. This should give SK an edge in that regard, but Larssen was slightly more efficient during playoffs with a 3.6 KDA in the middle-lane. However, the middle-lane was one of RGE’s biggest flaws with a -19.9 rating (worst in the league) so if Larssen is unable to perform well, RGE may struggle mightily in this match.

G2 Esports (G2) v.s. Excel (XL) (2:00 PM EST) (-278 G2)

G2 finished as the second to last winning team in the league last playoffs and will now face off with an XL team making their debut. Nukeduck lead the way for XL in one of the two highest kill-shares on his team with a 30.2% which may result to him initiating heavily in the mid-lane position. On the other hand, the opposing mid-laner in Caps has the highest kill-participation for G2 so the battle between both mid-laners will be crucial for their team’s success. The middle-lane was also third best in the league for G2 so XL will most likely have a gritty fight for that during this match. Regardless, Nukeduck did finish the season as a more efficient slayer with a 4.29 KDA compared to Caps’ 3.5 KDA though so if the upset was contributed mostly from one player Nukeduck has that chance.

Astralis (AST) v.s. Misfits Gaming (MSF) (3:00 PM EST) (-185 MSF)

A team more on the winning side of the season, but struggled slightly in the playoffs in MSF will face off with an AST squad that was near the bottom end of the standings during last season. MSF finished stronger across all categories which could be a problem for AST if they start the season performing how they ended. Although the categories regressed slightly for MSF their jungle-lane rating was the one that remained closest to the former rating at 51.2% while AST finished with a 44.2% rating. Therefore, Razork has potential to take advantage in the jungle lane for MSF and fortunately for him and his squad he finished tied for the highest kill-participation. The only problem for MSF is that AST’s Zanzarah was slightly more efficient with a 2.54 KDA over the past season so the battle may go the distance.

Team BDS (BDS) v.s. Fnatic (FNC) (4:00 PM EST) (-450 FNC)

The top team from last season’s playoffs in FNC will now make their season debut looking to continue their success against a BDS team making their debut. FNC was the strongest early-game rating team so momentum may continue playing a large part in their success. Upset finished with the highest kill-shares on the team at 29.1% so there should be no surprise if he is the player to initiate in the most fights for FNC. BDS finished their season just below the cut of the teams that advanced to playoffs, so they’ll get another chance to prove themselves but with a tough debut. xMatty also has potential to clash with Upset at the attack-damage carry position after coming off a 5.23 KDA season and 8.17 KDA playoff performance. FNC surprisingly was also amongst the lowest of teams in lane control as well so if an upset were to occur xMatty may play a large part in it for BDS, but it will be easier said than done.

(11.7k / 32.235)
(6.6k / 18.19)
(7.4k / 20.39)
(7.8k / 21.49)
(8.2k / 27.26)
(6k / 18.27)
(5.6k / 18.83)
(11.1k / 45.165)
(7.4k / 30.11)
(5.2k / 16.42)
(9.6k / 27.120)
(5.6k / 14.50)
(6.4k / 17.58)
(7k / 18.89)
(5k / 12.69)
(5k / 16.14)
(6.2k / 12.79)
MAD Lions
(4.6k / 12.60)
(6.4k / 18.08)
(6.4k / 16.30)
Excel Esports
(4k / 9.44)

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