DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – January 14, 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – January 14, 2022

FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) v.s. LGD Gaming (LGD) (2:00 AM EST) (-588 FPX)

FPX will be looking to continue their winning streak for this season so far against a LGD team trying to recover from their loss. However, LGD has a chance to rebound here if they build off the momentum edge they may have (33% first-blood rate compared to FPX’s 0%). Eric would potentially be that player to get LGD over the edge at the attack-damage carry (bot) position for LGD, since he is within the top two of kill-participation on his team. The battle that may help either team win may come down to which bot-laner prevails in the majority of fights though and it’s quite close. Lwx currently has a 4 KDA compared to Eric’s 3.2 so they’ll most likely be going back and forth in battle.

DRX v.s. GEN.G (GEN) (3:00 AM EST) (-450 GEN)

GEN will be making their season debut against a DRX squad that’s already starting the season down 0-1. GEN will already be at a disadvantage though if both support players (Lehends of GEN, and BeryL of DRX) end up facing off. BeryL has been able to start off the season as the most efficient slayer for DRX with a 2.4 KDA. Ruler, on the other hand may have a chance to slow down DRX’s bot-laner in Deft which could make this matchup interesting if Ruler continues with the same performance, he had last season (5.04 KDA). Although the mid-lane has started off slightly better for DRX this season, there still may be an opening for Chovy of GEN to take over since Zeka of DRX has the lowest kill-participation on the team so far. Therefore, if anyone were to dominate the opposing position, Chovy has the best chance here which may end up helping his team most.

Anyone’s Legend (AL) v.s. Oh My God (OMG) (4:00 AM EST) (-138 OMG)

AL is coming off a 2-1 series victory in their last game and now face an undefeated OMG squad. OMG also has the biggest edge right now in the jungle lane with a rating of 60.1% compared to AL’s 46.2%. This bodes well for Aki of OMG who happens to be the jungle main and second most efficient slayer for his team. Creme’s dominance so far should also be a worry for AL in the mid-lane if he continues to build on his 20 KDA. Unfortunately, no one on AL has shown slaying to that capacity and if Creme is able to have his way this match may get ugly for AL quick.

JD Gaming (JDG) v.s. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) (6:00 AM EST) (-298 RNG)

Both teams in this matchup have been off to shaky starts but one will get the opportunity to bring their record to neutral for the season so far. RNG will have to build off their momentum early (100% first-blood rate compared to JDG’s 50%) because that is their only edge at the moment team wise. The dragon control rate, however, is in favor of RNG (38% to 33%) so if they’re able to keep it close, they may prevail. RNG may be able to do so since they have the stronger slayers at the moment. GALA may be the one to lead the way for RNG with a 4.6 KDA at the attack-damage-carry position which may help drastically since JD has higher lane-control. Regardless, RNG has potential to get the victory here, especially if they start off the match stronger.

Fredit BRION (BRO) v.s. T1 Esports (T1) (6:00 AM EST) (-763 T1)

BRO will be making their season debut against a T1 squad that’s looking to build off their success last season and having one win so far this season. Faker is going to be a problem for BRO with a 17 KDA in his mid-lane position so far this season. Unfortunately, for BRO their mid-lane rating last season was a -3.8 so if they’re unable to improve in that regard their mid-lane has a good chance of getting dominated. Lava was also the most efficient slayer for BRO last season behind a teammate he no longer has on the team so there may be even more pressure on him to slow down Faker. Gumayushi is also right behind Faker in slaying capability at the bot-lane so there should be no surprise here if BRO receives a loss.

(11.7k / 103.410)
(14.85k / 103.410)
(6.8k / 49.45)
(7.9k / 49.45)
(7.4k / 73.78)
(8.7k / 73.78)
(7.4k / 66.22)
(9.2k / 66.22)
(8k / 86.84)
(10k / 86.84)
FunPlus Phoenix
(5.8k / 49.86)
(7.8k / 49.86)
(11.1k / 99.330)
(13.8k / 99.330)
(7k / 43.43)
(9k / 43.43)
(7.2k / 74.32)
(8.9k / 74.32)
(8.2k / 83.08)
(10.1k / 83.08)
(5.6k / 52.43)
(7.9k / 52.43)
(7.8k / 68.94)
(9.9k / 68.94)
(5.4k / 52.06)
(7.6k / 52.06)
(7.6k / 76.27)
(8.6k / 76.27)
Royal Never Give Up
(5.2k / 48.77)
(7.7k / 48.77)
(9.6k / 98.835)
(13.2k / 98.835)
(6k / 45.37)
(7.8k / 45.37)
(6.4k / 65.89)
(8.8k / 65.89)
(7k / 63.30)
(10.2k / 63.30)
(5k / 42.46)
(7.5k / 42.46)
(6.2k / 41.33)
(9.1k / 41.33)
(6.4k / 22.75)
(8.5k / 22.75)
(4.4k / 15.64)
(8.4k / 15.64)
(4.2k / 20.68)
(6.8k / 20.68)

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