DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – December, 13 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – December, 13 2022

Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) v.s. Nongshim RedForce (NS) (3:00 AM EST) (-638 ND)

Two LCK regional finalists from last season meet again and HLE was the team to come out on top of the standings with the most wins, while NS found themselves at the bottom of the standings win zero wins. Vsta is the last most efficient slayer left from that HLE squad from the regional final with a 73.5% kill-participation which may be difficult to maintain as the main support for HLE. However, since NS had a 0% first-blood rate they’ll have to rely a lot more on momentum. HLE was also more efficient in objective and slaying compared to NS during the regional final so this may end up as one of the more one-sided matchups on the slate.

Invictus Gaming (IG) v.s. Thunder Talk Gaming (TT) (4:00 AM EST) (-435 IG)

Two teams at the bottom end of the standings from last season now face off but luckily for IG, TT finished second to last in kills. The slaying was balanced for IG across the board which should bode well for them to defeat TT although the slaying on both sides is not as efficient (IG- 0.85 team overall KD, TT- 0.62 KD). In addition, the objective may be in favor of IG more as well since they finished the season with a 51% dragon control rate compared to TT’s 44%. Neny also should have a strong initiative for IG coming off a 3.3 KDA finish last season against opposing top-laner xioa7 who finished with a 1.5 KDA.

Weibo Gaming (WBG) v.s. Team WE (WE) (6:00 AM EST) (-225 WBG)

WBG will make their debut this season as a fairly new team against a team WE squad that was in the middle of the pack last season (8th most winning team in the LPL). Huanfeng will most likely be pressured to carry the slaying for the WBG squad coming off a 5.25 K/D from last season in the bot-lane. Stay may be at a disadvantage here for WE having to fill the role Elk had last season, and since Stay finished with a 2.7 KDA. Therefore, WBG will have to capitalize off that early in order to increase their chances of pulling off an upset. Beishang would be WE’s best hope as the jungler for WE and it also helps that he had the highest kill-participation (72.4%), but coming off a 4.6 KDA season should make the matchup a really close one.

DWG KIA (DK) v.s. KT Rolster (KT) (6:00 AM EST) (-360 DK)

The champions in DWG will be looking to start off the season strong and face off with a KT squad that was on the bottom half of the standings last season. ShowMaker will be the biggest threat to KT coming off a 7.4 KDA World’s performance in the mid-lane. In addition, one of KT’s biggest flaws during last season was their mid-lane (which had a rating of -3.4). This should make battles easier for ShowMaker and a chance of an upset very difficult for KT. Aiming would also be taking the place of one of KT’s strongest slayers last season in 5kid who had a 5.1 KDA at the attack-damage-carry position. Unfortunately, Aiming was not as efficient, but not too far off with a 4.71 KDA. The only problem is that Aiming began to regress as playoffs arrived and finished with a 2.13 KDA. Therefore, if Aiming is unable to slowdown ShowMaker there should be no surprise if DWG dominates this matchup.


(12k / 94.170)
(15.3k / 94.170)
(6.8k / 50.50)
(7.9k / 50.50)
(7k / 59.46)
(9.2k / 59.46)
(7.8k / 63.31)
(10.1k / 63.31)
(8k / 62.78)
(10.2k / 62.78)
(5.4k / 50.69)
(7.2k / 50.69)
(5.6k / 56.69)
( / 56.69)
(11.4k / 106.380)
(14.85k / 106.380)
(6.6k / 55.70)
(7.4k / 55.70)
(7.6k / 70.92)
(9.9k / 70.92)
(5.2k / 46.79)
(6.7k / 46.79)
Invictus Gaming
(5.4k / 49.03)
(7.7k / 49.03)
(6.4k / 46.50)
(9.8k / 46.50)
(7k / 63.97)
(9.4k / 63.97)
Weibo Gaming
(5.2k / 47.24)
(7.3k / 47.24)
(6.6k / 46.37)
(9.3k / 46.37)
(5.6k / 36.50)
(9.5k / 36.50)
(4.2k / 23.27)
(6.6k / 23.27)
Hanwha Life Esports
(4.2k / 26.48)
(7.4k / 26.48)

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