DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – January, 12 2022

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (LCK-LPL) – January, 12 2022

DRX (DRX) v.s. Liiv SANDBOX (LSB) (3:00 AM EST) (-185 DRX)

DRX is coming off a season that did not end as well as they wanted, and as one of the worst teams in the region but face off with a LSB team that only had one win total in the regional finals. FATE finished off the regional finals as the most efficient slayer for LSB in the middle-lane with a 3.7 KDA but he is no longer on the team. However, DRX’s second to least efficient slayer was their mid-laner in Kingen which can still be a flaw worth targeting for LSB. In addition, DRX also finished with the lowest middle-lane rating of -21.4 so LSB more than likely will try to exploit that first with Clozer. DRX’s best chances to put up a fight may be through the jungle lane where they tied with LSB at a 48.7% rating. Although BeryL should give DRX a slight upgrade it will be difficult for him to carry at the support role especially with newer teammates.

Rare Atom (RA) v.s. Top Esports (TES) (4:00 AM EST) (-488 TES)

RA is also coming off a winless regional final and will be looking to start off the season strong against a TES squad that just came up short in playoffs (one win behind RA). TES may have a slight edge here since momentum has been on their side with a 50% first-blood rate compared to RA’s 20%. Knight may end up being the main contributor for that momentum if anyone from TES as the most relied on slayer/mid-laner with at 6.3 KDA. FoFo would’ve been RA’s best hope to counter knight as the opposing mid-laner with a 6 KDA during the last season, but now Strive will have to fill that spot for RA. Regardless, RA can’t enter this match with a similar performance to their regional final. Even if Strive were to perform well for RA, everyone else would need to contribute efficiently. FoFo was the only player with a KDA above 1.1 during RA’s regional final.

LNG Esports (LNG) v.s. Ultra Prime (UP) (6:00 AM EST) (-483 LNG)

LNG was one of the strongest teams during the playoffs last season and finished the regional finals with the most wins, but were unable to make it to the finish line. Unfortunately, UP will have to perform way better than they finished last season (third worst in the standings) in order to have a chance against LNG. The plus about UP is that their slaying was even across the board and not relied on mainly from one person, but the two most efficient slayers aren’t in the lineup. This would put the most pressure on H4cker at the jungle position for UP who was the third most efficient slayer and had a 70.8% kill-participation. On the other hand, Tarzan has been a stronger slayer with a 4.5 KDA to finish the season and a dominant 42.5 KDA in the regional finals. This may end up being too much for UP to handle especially if they get dominated in the jungle lane, unless they’re able to continue their collaborative efforts and focus on shutting down Tarzan first then the rest of LNG.

Kwangdong Freecs (KDF) v.s. T1 Esports (T1) (6:00 AM EST) (-278 T1)

Both teams that were in the middle of the pack (standings-wise) last season now face off and both tied at 25 wins. KDF may have the slight edge in the middle lane though with a 1.2 rating over T1’s -2.0 based off last season. This should benefit FATE in the middle-lane for KDF who played a large role in his position for his previous team last season. However, this battle may go the distance with Gumayusi finishing off the season as T1’s second most efficient slayer and now at the top position. Kiin is also one of the few left from the KDF team from last season and finished the season with a 3.3 KDA which may put him at a disadvantage in the top-lane against Gumayusi if he enters with the same momentum as his 5.0 KDA season. All in all, the objective play will play a large part in the success for either team and KDF was slightly better in that regard with a 61% first-tower rate compared to T1’s 59%.

(10.8k / 100.320)
(12.75k / 100.320)
(7k / 59.94)
(8.3k / 59.94)
(7.2k / 64.65)
(8.9k / 64.65)
(7.8k / 79.16)
(10.1k / 79.16)
(8k / 72.83)
(9.4k / 72.83)
(6.2k / 53.73)
(7.3k / 53.73)
Top Esports
(5.8k / 52.46)
(7.8k / 52.46)
(10.8k / 96.975)
(13.35k / 96.975)
(6.6k / 54.73)
(8.2k / 54.73)
(7.8k / 82.72)
(9.3k / 82.72)
LNG Esports
(5.6k / 49.76)
(7.9k / 49.76)
(9.3k / 35.505)
(13.2k / 35.505)
(6k / 22.91)
(7.7k / 22.91)
(7.2k / 66.88)
(8.5k / 66.88)
(5.2k / 40.71)
(7k / 40.71)
(5k / 34.66)
(7.4k / 34.66)
(7k / 26.72)
(9.6k / 26.72)
(6k / 26.12)
(8.5k / 26.12)
(6.2k / 23.67)
(8.8k / 23.67)
Kwangdong Freecs
(4.8k / 34.07)
( / 34.07)
(5.8k / 37.89)
(8.3k / 37.89)

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