DraftKings CS:GO Esports DFS Rundown (ESL) – November 23, 2021

DraftKings CS:GO Esports DFS Rundown (ESL) – November 22, 2021

SPROUT (SPT) v.s. Extra Salt (XSLT) (10:15 AM EST)

The strongest streaking team starts off the slate looking to extend their seven-game win streak against a higher ranked team in XSLT (26th) while SPT is currently ranked 53rd. KEi and faveN have been the highest damage dealers as of late for their SPT squad and despite faveN being the more consistent with a 1.20 K/D compared to KEi’s 1.11, KEi is coming off a positive kill-death differential game while faveN had an off-game. Also, KEi is currently dealing the most damage with 87.4 per round so more than likely he may be the one to step up again in this match. As for XSLT, their anchor the majority of the time and player to likely cause chaos for other teams has been oSee as of late with a 1.42 K/D which is higher than any player on either team. Also, oSee will be looking to bounce back from a -7 kill-death differential game, but the fact he is the main sniper for his team and can create opening for his teammates should be a worry for SPT. The main sniper for SPT in slaxz- may find himself in a disadvantage here due to him dealing less damage per round at 72.3 compared to oSee’s 82.8. However, if SPT can somehow slowdown/stop oSee from dominating they may have a chance to continue their streak since they have two players capable of dealing 80+ damage while XSLT had had one lately.

Wisla Krakow (WK) v.s. GODSENT (GDSNT) (10:15 AM EST)

Both teams in this matchup will be looking to rebound from two-game losing streaks. Fortunately, for WK they have defeated GDSNT previously this year in a sweep (2-0). The most dominant player in that series was hades with a +19 kill-death differential while jedqr was not too far behind him in kills. Luckily, for GDSNT hades is no longer in the lineup for WK but jedqr is still there. In addition, jedqr is the most efficient player for his WK squad with a 1.11 K/D and most likely will be looking to repeat if not improve from his last performance against GDSNT. On the other hand, GDSNT has a more consistent player in felps with a 1.12 K/D and 87.4 damage per round. However, felps was the only player last matchup with a positive kill-death differential for his team so he will definitely need more help from his teammates this time around. This match may come down to the wire this time though with WK losing one of their dominant slayers from the last matchup and the key duel between jedqr and felps may help their teams’ chances of winning.

Eternal Fire (EF) v.s. ENDPOINT (ENPT) (1:15 PM EST)

EF’s emergence as a new team has been up and down as of late but they get a chance to rebound here against an ENPT team that’s been on quite the drought (five-game losing streak). XANTARES has been dealing the most damage by far at 90.1 per round and assisting his teammates at the higher end (0.15 assists per round) but with XANTARES coming off a -6 kill-death differential game ENPT will need to hope that he repeats a performance similar to that if not worse. The fact that ENPT was able to out-slay their opponent last match but still lose is disheartening but if the objective is the most of their problems, they may have a chance against EF. It will have to be a collaborative effort though because their highest damage dealer in BOROS (83.1 per round) has been streaky and currently has had his kill-death ratio dip below 1 to show for that. That being said if ENPT can’t somehow stop XANTARES they may end up being in danger of being dominated here.

RBG (RBG) v.s. Movistar Riders (MR) (1:15 PM EST)

Another team on the slate will be looking to defend their win-streak of three at the moment (RBG) and will face off with a higher-ranked team in MR (currently 17th versus RBG’s 59th). The slaying for RBG have been even across the board as of late with HexT leading the way in damage at 79.8 per round and coming off a +11 kill-death differential game which may likely cause him to continue leading the way in kill efficiency for his team. However, RBG will have to be concerned with the most efficient slayer of both teams in SunPayus with a 1.26 K/D at the moment as MR’s main sniper/anchor. The opposing sniper in wiz does have a more accurate shot though with a 31.4% headshot rate compared to SunPayus’ 27.9% so that may help in sniper duels and the same assist rate of 0.11. The only downfall is that wiz has been dealing less damage as of late with 71.1 per round versus SunPayus’ 76.7 which could give MR the edge they need to put RBG’s win streak to a halt. Regardless, this match has potential to go down to the wire with both teams’ overall K/D’s being close with MR having the slight advantage with a 1.04 compared to RBG’s 1.03.

(14.7k / 7.500)
(10.4k / 5.00)
(13.2k / 7.500)
(9.8k / 5.00)
(9k / 5.00)
(8.8k / 5.00)
(12.3k / 7.500)
(8.2k / 5.00)
(7.8k / 5.00)

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