Draftkings VALORANT Esports DFS Rundown (Game Changers) – November, 18, 2021

Draftkings VALORANT Esports DFS Rundown (Game Changers) – November, 18, 2021

Guild X (GUILD) v.s. SMARCIS eSports (SES) (12:00 PM EST) (-433 GUILD)

To start the slate both of these teams have been on a strong win-streak with GUILD winning their last nine games against SES who have won their last three games. GUILD may also have the upper hand after defeating SES the last time they met. Smurfette was the most efficient slayer for GUILD as the duelist for her team (Jett mnainly) with a +10 kill-death differential along with klaudia leading the way as the other duelist in kills. The slaying has also been balanced up to this point with the whole GUILD squad and Smurfette has been leading the way in average damage per round (168) alongside klaudia so there’s likely scenario’s where Smurfette continues to get heavy engagements in gunfights. No one on the SES squad has been averaging the amount of damage Smurfette and klaudia have as of late which may result in SES struggling in this matchup once again.

Futbolist Female (FUTB) v.s. Oxygen Esports (OXX) (12:00 PM EST)

The number one team in the ESA Open Fire Rebels in OXX now faceoff with a lower ranked 9th-16th ranked EMEA Series 2 team in FUTB. Ness has had a kill-death ratio on the higher end with 1.56 as the Jett main and duelist for OXX but pressure will be on here to perform well since whenever she underperforms the team tends to struggle a bit more. Fortunately for OXX, ness has the highest early success rate at 67% which should result in her initiating the majority of gunfights. Also, the closest player to averaging somewhat close damage to ness (176.2) per round is Kuripuuya. However, with Kuripuuya also being a duelist more than likely she may run into ness in most of her gunfights but with less early success rate (57%) the battle may go in ness’ favor. That being said there may not be surprise here if FUTB end up victorious.

TENSTAR Nova (TEN) v.s. Rix.GG Lighting (RIX) (12:00 PM EST)

TEN and RIX face off here in a rematch in which RIX won last time in a series 1-0. With TEN improving since then and with an 8-2 record in their past ten matches they’ll definitely look to continue that momentum against RIX who has had a 7-3 record in their past ten. RIX’s slaying was led by the intel agent main in jupi which could be problematic for TEN since she can continue taking advantage of her abilities to help spot people early on the maps. Padge has been the most efficient slayer for RIX as of late though with a 1.39 K/D so TEN will have a chance to possibly slow down jupi. However, TEN now have two players that have slaying as close to the consistency Padge has but with 1.28 and 1.26 K/D’s from Nelo and Cla. Cla tends to play the intel role along with duelist (Cypher/Raze) so it’ll definitely boost her team’s chances more to pull off an upset if she continues to perform well. The average damage per round between Cla and Padge is also extremely close with Cla dealing 164 per round while Padge deals 166.4 per round. This may result in this match coming down to the wire and can go either way.

Chat Banned (CHAT) v.s. G2 Gozen (G2) (3:00 PM EST) (-138 G2)

G2 will also be getting a rematch against a CHAT squad they lost to previously in a series 1-0.  Last time these teams met the slaying was led by the main duelist in Danah (Raze) and smoker/initiator Pinkalie (Astra) with +11 kill-death differentials. Pinkalie has been more efficient as of late though with a 1.25 KD so she may continue to perform well if any do of the two. As the smoker of the team the ability to create diversions while slaying may cause havoc for G2 since kills may become easier for the rest of the CHAT players. The player that has potential to counter Pinkalie though is juliano of G2 with a slightly higher 1.29 KD. Juliano also averages more damage per round (156.5) which can cause her to succeed in most gunfights. In addition, since Pinkalie is a smoker for the team she may not get the chance to engage in duels right away with juliano due to setting up abilities beforehand for her teammates. This may be the opening juliano needs in order to out-slay other CHAT players and help her team slow down Pinkalie that way. If juliano is able to execute quick engagements and win most of her duels then G2 may have a good chance at revenge here.

(15.3k / 7.500)
(10.2k / 5.00)
(15k / 7.500)
(10k / 5.00)
(9.8k / 5.00)
(8k / 5.00)
(6.2k / 5.00)
(5.6k / 5.00)
(5.2k / 5.00)

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