DraftKings CS:GO Esports DFS Rundown (Pinnacle) – November 18, 2021

DraftKings CS:GO Esports DFS Rundown (Pinnacle) – November 18, 2021

777 (777) v.s. 00Nation (00N) (6:00 AM EST)

Both teams are entering this match looking to extend their winning streaks (777- two games, 00N- one game). The win-rates for both sides are mediocre but 777 has the slight edge in that regard with a 39.4% rate over 00N’s 26.3%. 00N’s only player above a 1 K/D and most efficient is currently kNgV- with a 1.05 K/D and after coming off a series with a +8 kill-death differential there’s more than likely a chance he contributes the most for his team again as the main sniper. Fortunately, kNgV- should have the edge in sniper battles with the opposing sniper being Marcelious who has been dealing less damage than him as of late (68.7) compared to kNgV-‘s 73.9. The success for 00N wouldn’t end there though because H4RR3 of 777 has been averaging the most damage (82) out of any player on both sides. Also, H4RR3 has a higher assist rate per round of 0.15 which may allow him to help his teammates more in battle and probably just enough to win. 00N has had games before where kNgV- has performed decently/neutral and still lost so other players will still have to step up this match.

1WIN (1WIN) v.s. Unique (UNIQ) (6:00 AM EST)

1WIN was unable to win against a lower ranked opponent in their last match and now get a chance to redeem themselves against another lower ranked team in UNIQ that is also ranked lower than them at the moment 44th to 1WIN’s 28th ranking. Fortunately for 1WIN, they’ve defeated UNIQ all three times they faced off previously this year. Deko has been one of the more key players to 1WIN’s success in those past matches resulting in a least top two in kills along with a +64 kill-death differential. More than likely deko may cause havoc once again for UNIQ due to him being the most efficient slayer with a 1.41 K/D as of late. Since smiley (who happens to be the main sniper for UNIQ) has been less efficient and has less accurate of a shot compared to deko (27% versus deko’s 40.9%), UNIQ could find themselves in a tough spot to win once again.

Marten (MG) v.s. ECLOT (ECL) (8:30 AM EST)

As both these teams make their rise up the rankings MG will get another tough matchup against an opponent ranked higher than them once again in ECL (133rd rank for MG against ECL’s 83rd). In addition, there are two players on MG who have been relied on mostly for their slayings with K/D’s at or above 1 while ECL has three players. CapseN of ECL has been the most consistent lately with a 1.30 K/D but the damage is neck and neck with the opposing sniper in Katalic (77.3 versus capseN’s 76.9), and Katalic has the higher headshot rate at 39.3% compared to capseN’s 25.8% which should bode well for Katalic’s accuracy during their sniper duels. With the possibility of that duel to go back and forth there would have to be another player to step up and help their team win. This would be the perfect opportunity for Valencio to slow down Maki who happens to be the next most reliable slayer for MG. Valencio is currently dealing the most damage out of both sides (79.8) with the same assist rate as Maki (0.12), which may be just enough to get ECLOT the victory because once Maki struggles MG tend to have a difficult time winning.

Nexus (NEX) v.s. AGF (AGF) (8:30 AM EST)

This matchup could end up as one of the more one-sided ones on the slate as NEX enters with a current 54.5% win-rate compared to AGF’s 20%. Nodios has still been AGF’s most efficient player but has been streaky as of late with another negative kill-death differential series (although it has been slightly increasing again). Therefore, with XELLOW being the more consistent slayer (1.21 K/D) compared to Nodios’ 1.01 there’s a good chance AGF may struggle again, especially if XELLOW has his way with the sniper throughout the match. Kristou also may have trouble stopping XELLOW as the main sniper for AGF due to him assisting his teammates slightly less per round (0.09 compared to 0.10 by XELLOW) and dealing less damage (68.2 to XELLOW’s 76.9). In other words, AGF may find themselves in a deep hole early in this match and possibly another loss.

(14.1k / 7.500)
(9.4k / 5.00)
(13.8k / 7.500)
(9.2k / 5.00)
(7.8k / 5.00)
(7.6k / 5.00)
(7.4k / 5.00)
(7.2k / 5.00)



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