DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (NEST) – November 17, 2021

DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (NEST) – November 17, 2021

Rogue Warriors (RW) v.s. OMG Gaming (OMG) (1:00 AM EST) (-168 RW)

RW is now the last standing undefeated team and face the worst team in Group A as of now in OMG. Kelin has continued to cause havoc in the bot-lane position which OMG may end up struggling to handle with their bot-laner in Eric having 26.3 less kill-participation than him. The initial start for momentum will be OMG’s biggest edge they have in order to attempt keeping the game close (80 rate compared to 75). However, if OMG is unable to do so they are at a disadvantage in regards to the objective so this match can potentially get bad for OMG quickly.

LGD Gaming (LGD) v.s. Bilibili Gaming (BLG) (1:50 AM EST) (-185 BLG)

LGD have yet to receive their first win of the tournament and unfortunately will face the second-best team in their group in BLG. The last matchup these teams had went down to the wire with BLG winning. The slaying was balanced for the most part for BLG while the majority of it came from Chance for LGD. Regardless with the kills going back and forth the objective will be crucial here. BLG has double the tower rate of LGD’s (6.2 versus 3.2) which bodes well for BLG’s chances to succeed. Chance’s kill-participation has remained the highest on his team though which may result in him continuing to do so but BLG has shown they can win regardless of that last time so the rest of LGD will have more pressure on them to help their support main in Chance if he’s performing well.

JD Gaming (JDG) v.s. Victory Five (V5) (2:40 AM EST) (-115 JDG)

The fight for the second-place standing will continue here as JDG gets a chance at revenge against V5 after losing to them previously. Fortunately, for JDG they happen to be on a higher win streak (two games to V5’s one) which may cause JDG to enter this matchup with a little more confidence. Invincible was the highest contributor for V5 previously and luckily for JDG he has slightly regressed and is coming off a game with one of the lower kill-participations on his team at 50% compared to the 82.4% kill-participation game he had last time. Therefore, this gives 705 the perfect opportunity to take over in the top-lane for JDG. And if that is done JDG should have a really good chance due to them having more dragon and tower control as of late. Ye is also coming off an improved game of a 6 KDA compared to 1.7 for JDG which will help him dominate the mid-lane if translated into this match.

LNG Esports (LNG) v.s. Invictus Gaming (IG) (3:30 AM EST) (-145 IG)

LNG went to one of the strongest starting teams in the tournament to one of the teams struggling most and on a current three-game losing streak. They may have some luck here against IG who just lost their previous game and with the standings being extremely close in Group C. IG did win the previous matchup though which could give them some edge. One of LNG’s most relied on slayers in the top position in M1kuya has been slightly struggling in slaying which could give IG the edge in initiating that lane specifically. Neny could thrive here for IG and has the highest csm on the team at an 8 rate which will allow Xun to have an easier role in jungle, especially against minions/monsters. In other words, with LNG and IG both being neck and neck with first-bloods at an 80 rate anything could happen at the start but with LNG’s best players not performing his best it would be surprising if they were able to get their revenge here.

TT Gaming (TT) v.s. WE Gaming (WE) (4:20 AM EST) (-700 WE)

Team WE finally got their first loss of the tournament but may have a chance to redeem themselves against the worst team in their group in TT who are currently still winless. WE dominated in the slaying category last time and Missing played a large part in his team’s success with a 17 KDA and in the support role. TT definitely can’t have more than one player with no kills this time around if they want a chance at redemption. TT have improved their slaying slightly since then but still at less than double than WE’s (0.56 team overall K/D) compared to WE’s 1.75. This should give WE as massive edge in kills which could result in another possible ugly outcome for TT. The fact that WE also have close to six times the tower rate of TT gives WE even more reason to dominate.

(10.8k / 45.255)
(6.6k / 21.21)
(7.4k / 22.61)
(7.8k / 27.72)
(7.4k / 49.13)
(6.2k / 24.89)
Team WE.n
(6k / 19.35)
(7.2k / 32.79)
(7.2k / 15.62)
(5.6k / 12.76)
Invictus Gaming.n
(5.8k / 14.35)
(6.8k / 15.53)
Bilibili Gaming.n
(5.6k / 15.70)
(8.4k / 19.140)
(6.2k / 14.38)
(7.2k / 30.17)
Rogue Warriors.n
(5k / 14.18)
JD Gaming.n
(4.8k / 13.72)
(7.8k / 24.420)
(5.2k / 16.28)

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