DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (NEST) – November 16, 2021

DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (NEST) – November 16, 2021

JD Gaming (JDG) v.s. Invictus Gaming (IG) (1:00 AM EST) (-175 IG)

JDG was finally able to get their first win but now have to clash with the best team in the group at the moment in IG who is currently on a three-game winning streak. With IG having double the first tower rate and first-blood rate than JDG early momentum will play a large part in which team is more likely to succeed. Neny is coming off a very dominant game at the top position for IG with a 12 KDA which should worry JDG due to his ability to initiate the battle in his lane. On the other hand, Ye of JDG may have an edge in the mid lane if he continues to build off his last game and a higher csm rate (minions/monsters killed) of 9.4 than all of IG’s player’s last game. This should lessen the stress of the objective for JDG but the slaying struggles overall this season is likely to haunt them.

Ultra Prime (UP) v.s. Rogue Warriors (RW) (1:50 AM EST) (-129 RW)

RW are one of the two last remaining undefeated teams in the tournament and will now face an UP squad that’s trying to continue their win-streak past one game. Both of these teams are even this year series wise (1-1) but RW has defeated UP in this tournament already in a series 1-0. Kelin dominated in the bot-lane for RW previously with a 1.7 KDA which regressed slightly in the match after but due to a high assist count (13) there’s more than likely a scenario where his involvements in battle will be high. Xiaocaoboa would have to perform well once again but he wouldn’t be able to do it alone efficiently for his UP team to succeed.  RW has also slain more dragons as of late with a 3.0 rate compared to UP’s 2.0 rate which may also help RW dominate the objective more successfully.

LNG Esports (LNG) v.s. Victory Five (V5) (2:40 AM EST) (-174 LNG)

Both teams in this matchup will look to rebound off their recent losses (LNG– two games, V5- one game). LNG’s objective focus has been regressing as of late despite their strong start which could be a great opportunity for V5 to capitalize off of. The tower rates are currently in favor of V5 with a 6.3 rate compared to LNG’s 5.8 rate. Kepler’s performance for V5 will be key here as he looks to continue his slaying consistency in the bot-lane (attack damage carry) and double-digit csm rating (10.1) which should finally ease the responsibilities for his teammate Pzx who hasn’t had favorable matchups in their past games in the jungle lane. Both team over kill-death ratios are also on the lower end with LNG having the slight edge of 0.85 versus V5’s 0.74. Therefore, V5 may have a shot of getting their revenge and evening out the series 1-1 against LNG.

FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) v.s. Suning Gaming (SN) (3:30 AM EST) (-225 SN)

This may arguably one of the closest matchups of the slate of two with both teams looking to extend their winning streaks (SN maintaining the longest in the tournament thus far at four games). Fortunately, for FPX they have defeated SN previously so they do know what it takes to defeat them. However, huanfeng was the most efficient slayer in the previous matchup for SN and has continued to maintain a high KDA of 18.3 in bot-lane which won’t make the task easy for FPX to achieve. Therefore, FPX will have to collectively come up with a way to slow him down and/or pursue the objective as quickly as possible. FPX has already proven they could win even when getting out-slayed and the fact they have a higher first tower rate compared to SN’s (50 versus 20) up to this point, bodes well for there chances to succeed once again.

WE Gaming (WE) v.s. Rare Atom (RA) (4:20 AM EST) (-260 WE)

Another close match will also go underway with another set of teams looking to continue their winning streaks. The WE team is also the second of two undefeated teams left in this tournament and will have to defeat RA once again to prove they belong at the top of the group. WE’s aggression to start matches with a 100 first-blood rate should go well in their favor against RA who has been slightly more conservative with a 33.3 rate. Shanks has solidified himself as one of the most dominant mid-laners in this tournament with a 28 KDA which can cause havoc for RA. In addition, RA needs to worry about the fact the WE team also has a top support slayer in Missing who also has a high KDA up to this point (30). RA’s only edge at this point is their dragon rate of 2.3 compared to WE’s 2.0. Since this is barely by much RA may end up getting dominated if they don’t start the match strong and try to keep momentum.

(11.7k / 34.110)
(6.4k / 23.11)
(7k / 26.83)
(7.8k / 22.74)
(8k / 30.54)
(6.2k / 19.83)
Team WE.n
(6k / 16.97)
(10.2k / 34.755)
(7.2k / 19.37)
(5.8k / 16.23)
LNG Esports.n
(5.6k / 14.75)
Invictus Gaming.n
(5.4k / 14.90)
(9.6k / 34.665)
(5.8k / 16.60)
(6k / 26.88)
(7k / 30.21)
(5.2k / 16.17)
Rogue Warriors.n
(5k / 13.27)
(6.8k / 23.17)
(6.2k / 13.69)
(6.2k / 12.65)
FunPlus Phoenix.n
(4.4k / 11.42)

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