DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (NEST) – November 15, 2021

DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (NEST) – November 15, 2021

Invictus Gaming (IG) v.s. Victory Five (V5) (-168 IG)

Two teams on a winning streak collide with IG on a two-game winning streak while V5 is on a one-game winning streak. IG also sits in the top of the standings for the group so this match will be crucial for them to keep it since there’s currently a three-way tie at 2-1 with V5 being one of those three teams. XUN continues to lead the way in slaying for his IG squad and maintaining a high KDA of 25.5 in the jungle position. Fortunately, for IG, XUN has also continued to have a high csm (minions/monsters killed) of 7 which should give him an advantage against the opposing jungle-laner in Pzx. With pzx being one of the more reliable players for V5 and being in a disadvantage V5 may have to focus on the objective even more.  The rates in regard to the objective such as the tower rates are dead even at 7.7 so whoever starts the match with more momentum may have a better shot. IG has a first blood rate of 66.7 compared to V5’s 33.3 which should give them the edge in starting stronger and possibly winning.

JD Gaming (JDG) v.s. LNG Esports (LNG) (1:50 AM EST) (-163 LNG)

LNG were finally given their first loss of the tournament and now face the worst team in their group currently in JDG which may be a great opportunity for LNG to rebound. The tower rates are heavily in LNG’s favor as well at a rate of 6.7 compared to JDG’s 2.0 which may cause this match to go quicker than expected. Mikuya’s latest contributions in kills with an 85 kill-participation in the top lane wasn’t enough for his team to get the win in their previous matchup but he gets a possibly easier matchup against the opposing top-laner in the majority of their duels in 705 (who currently has a less than 1 KDA). Due to the lack of slaying ability as a team for JDG they may end up getting dominated especially when they haven’t been as great at winning the objective throughout recent matches as well.

 TT Gaming (TT) v.s. Rare Atom (RA) (2:40 AM EST) (-280 RA)

TT came up short in their last match and now get a rematch against a RA that shut them out in a series 1-0. Ahn was dominant for RA in their previous matchup with a 13 KDA as the attack-damage carry which could definitely benefit RA especially if the opposing bot-laner in Guigui who wasn’t able to contain him. TT also has been struggling with the objective as of late which does not bode well for them because the tower rate currently is six times more in favor of RA. That being said TT’s best chances may to slow down Ahn who out-slayed them last match. However, with a team overall kill-death ratio of 0.45 as of now for TT compared to RA’s 0.80 completing that task may become a struggle. TT does have a first-blood rate 50 compared to RA’s 0 though which may be their best chance of getting a head start but even then, keeping up with slaying may get gritty for them since they’re at a disadvantage.

EDward Gaming (EDG) v.s. OMG Gaming (OMG) (3:30 AM EST) (-145 EDG)

Both of these teams have not been off to the best start this tournament with EDG having a 1-3 record (two-game losing streak), and OMG having a 1-2 record but on a 1 game winning streak. Munian will also be coming off a game as the top slayer for his OMG squad in the top lane position with zero deaths. This will also complement the fact OMG has a better chance of starting off the match stronger with a 66.7 first-blood rate compared to EDG’s 25 rating. The dragon rate for both teams are even at 1.5 though which should make the duel for the objective close. Therefore, this may end up coming down to the wire and the team that can slay more efficiently is more likely to prevail due to the objective rates being neck and neck. EDG has the edge in the slaying category with a team overall K/D of 1.01 versus OMG’s 0.85. In other words, this would be EDG’s best chance to turn their tournament status around for the better.

LGD Gaming (LGD) v.s. FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) (4:20 AM EST) (-260 FPX)

LGD have been on the longest drought (losing wise) so far this tournament and now have to face off with FPX once again after losing to them previously 1-0. FPX will also be entering this match with more momentum as they try to continue their two-game winning streak. Shenyi came out that game with double digit assists and one death which could become problematic for LGD if they can’t stop the slaying of a support player. The battle of the jungle mains may contribute greatly to how the result for either team ends up since they’re both the most consistent slayers as of late. Kui has had the slight upper hand though with a 2.6 KDA over Beichuan’s 2.1. Also, Kui has had the higher csm (minions/monsters killed) which should create openings for LGD objectively. This would be needed drastically since LGD has more than twice less the tower rate as FPX and if successfully done there may be an upset.

Bilibili Gaming (BLG) v.s. Suning Gaming (SN) (5:10 AM EST) (-238 SN)

To end the slate the two top teams in Group B face off and with winning streaks (SN- three wins, BLG– two wins). BLG has also lost to SN the last time they met so this would be a chance for revenge. The majority of the SN squad was able to dominate throughout the match while having zero deaths (with the exception of one player) which can’t happen again if BLG wishes to have a chance. On the other hand, the support of BLG in Kwei has a KDA in the same range as the support player of SN in ON. This match may come down to the wire this time around with slaying slightly more closer and with SN having the dragon/tower rate edge (7.5/3.5 versus 7/3.3) they have a good chance of maintaining their positive record against BLG.

(11.1k / 35.130)
(6.6k / 12.94)
(7.4k / 23.42)
(8k / 26.54)
(7.8k / 15.25)
(6.2k / 14.62)
Rare Atom.n
(5.6k / 16.80)
(10.8k / 37.125)
(7.2k / 24.75)
(7.4k / 30.24)
(6k / 12.16)
FunPlus Phoenix.n
(5.4k / 16.22)
(5.6k / 18.70)
EDward Gaming.n
(5.2k / 14.74)
(5k / 15.85)
(7k / 27.49)
Invictus Gaming.n
(4.8k / 14.75)
LNG Esports.n
(4.6k / 14.51)
(7.5k / 17.175)
(5k / 11.45)
(5.6k / 15.72)
(6.2k / 11.83)
(5.8k / 21.08)



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