DraftKings CS:GO Esports DFS Rundown (BLAST) – October 15, 2021

DraftKings CS:GO Esports DFS Rundown (BLAST) – October 15, 2021

MAD Lions (MAD) v.s. Evil Genuises (EG) (6:30 AM EST) (-115 MAD)

Both teams in this matchup enter on four-game winning streaks and with extremely close rankings with MAD at 32nd and EG at 35th. EG seem to be finding their groove again as they try to build on their four-game win streak. However, MAD is also on a four-game win streak with a higher win-rate of 73.3% compared to EG’s 33.3%. The emergence of CeRq again has helped EG tremendously with a +34 kill-death differential across those games. This recent performance is significant for EG since he is the main sniper/anchor of the team. On the other hand, Woro2k will give CeRq a challenge at the position with a 1.31 K/D as of late and 0.10 assist rate compared to CeRq’s 1.10 K/D/0.08 assist average per round. Last time EG lost CeRq went neutral which is not a good look for them right now if CeRq ends up regressing. The fact that TMB is dealing damage within the same range (80+) as Woro2k can potentially make gunfights difficult for EG as well. That being said this may end up resulting in EG losing their win streak.

Heroic (HERO) v.s. Dignitas (DIG) (9:00 AM EST) (-250 HERO)

Entering this match HERO has a decent gap ranking wise at 7th as they face off with DIG who is currently 30th. The win-rate is also in favor of HERO at 64.7% compared to DIG’s 62.5% which could give HERO the slight edge in this matchup. After the bounce back game from cadiaN of HERO against an inexperienced team on the rise with a +20 kill-death differential he now has a tougher opposing sniper to deal with in hallzerk who has been averaging more damage per round than him as of late at 77.5 compared to his 70.9. This should allow other players on the DIG squad to take advantage in potentially easier kills due to hallzerk having the sniper advantage. This may lead to the highest damage dealer on DIG in f0rest to continue thriving especially coming off a +25 kill-differential series. The closest player to f0rest’s contributions as of late for HERO is stavn but with damage just below him at 81.6. Therefore, DIG may have a chance at pulling off an upset here.

OG (OG) v.s. Complexity (CMPLX) (12:00 PM EST) (-138 OG)

A rematch between the 10th ranked team in OG versus the 21st ranked team in CMPLX will now go underway and CMPLX has had their number this year with a 2-1 series advantage in previous matchups. Sadly, for CMPLX, they no longer have their top slayer in those past matchups so it would be up to blameF to step up once again after having a +38 in kill-death differential across those games. However, blameF has been one of the more relied upon slayers for his team and the fact he’s been dealing the most damage as of late (83.8), there’s a good chance he may end up contributing heavily. No one on OG is averaging close to that amount of damage so they will have to prioritize shutting down blameF in a collaborative effort. Mantuu of OG would be the biggest chance for OG to put up a good fight due to him being the most efficient slayer right now with a 1.28 K/D which is higher than his opposing sniper main in poizon at the moment (1.0 K/D). Even though that is the case blameF has been assisting his team more (0.16 per round) which is double the amount mantuu helps his team so that alone may increase CMPLX’s chances of maintaining their series wins over this OG squad.

(12.9k / 7.500)
(9.6k / 5.00)
(12.6k / 7.500)
(8.6k / 5.00)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(7.4k / 5.00)
(7k / 5.00)
(6.8k / 5.00)

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